Current Prices of Wedding Gowns in Nigeria

As a prospective bride you must be wondering about the current prices of wedding gowns in Nigeria, isn’t it? This article has varieties of bridal gowns for you to choose from and we’ve also included their prices.

Even with the fact that the economy isn’t smiling at Nigerians wedding events seems not to be affected as there is a massive increase in the number of wedding ceremonies, go to the registry you see the high statistics of newly registered husbands and wives to be.

The wedding day is a special day in the life of every couple and will also be in those who are about to wed so it deserves all the spendings one is capable of.

With the popularity of wedding gowns nowadays choosing a classic one will always be a priority. Mind you, the fact that it looks classic, beautiful, and modern doesn’t really mean it will be expensive so don’t be afraid of the word “Classic” as it doesn’t define the price. You can get a beautiful and classic gown at a cheap price likewise the expensive ones this solely depends on where you are buying or renting your gown from. Check the link below if you intend to rent or hire.

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As a prospective bride looking for the cost of wedding dress in Nigeria then on this page you will be acquainted with the prices of brand new wedding gowns in Nigeria.

Without further ado, before we delve into the prices of wedding dresses in Nigeria we will give you information about the types of wedding gowns likewise the accessories that determine the price of a wedding gown.

Types Of Wedding Gowns

There are various types of wedding gowns and each one has a unique feature(s) that differentiates it from the others.
Normally, the popular ones are the Greek, Mermaid, and the Ball style but not limited to the three, a lot of materials are used to make these gowns e.g lace, organza, tulle fabrics.

The lace is one you will love to opt for as it is very popular and beautiful, we have them in different types like the Alencon, Schiffli, Guipure, Eyelet, Venetian, and also the Chantilly lace.

Current Prices of Wedding Gowns in Nigeria

You may like to reveal your shoulders or arm also you may need all to be cover up, this is where open shoulder or deflated sleeves comes in, whichever type you intend to go with is suitable with the gowns on this post.

What Determines The Cost Of Wedding Gowns?

Below are the factors that determine how costly your wedding gown will be.


You definitely want to lace your wedding gown with hand-placed lace, floating appliques, beadings and many more. Just having a gown dress isn’t enough to bring out that beauty and the more embellishments the costlier the gown will be.


The type of fabric you choose to use determines the cost of wedding gowns, fabrics are mostly used in clothing and we have some cheap ones likewise some are expensive. Some examples of fabrics are excessive lace, tulle, silk, charmeuse e.t.c.


There is no doubt that choosing a designer dress will cost you more as in this present day we have a very high demand for designer clothes so you need to check your budget and probably opt for a cheaper designer.


Even after all has been settled concerning your wedding gown you still can’t make use of it without accessories so if you are getting your wedding gown from a dressmaker it usually comes with suitable accessories, this will glisten your gown giving you that attractiveness you clamor for.

Prices of Wedding Gown In Nigeria (2022 Updated)

Nigerians are known to prefer two styles of wedding gown, although you see other types being used too but the higher percentage of Nigerians prefer the two which are the ball gown and mermaid gown. They are the most demanded in the market and believe me they seem to be the best wedding gown style you could ever wish for.

Price of Mermaid Gown In Nigeria

This is a beautiful gown adorned with beads and most times you find the bead along with the gown but nevertheless, you can use any beads of your choice. You can get the mermaid gown in the Nigerian market for as low as ₦25,000 and at the high side of around ₦60,000 depending on where you are getting it from.

Should in case you want to have different options of mermaid gowns to go for below are some;

  • The Beaded-top mermaid gown — ₦25,000 – ₦60,000
  • The Beautiful Mermaid gown + Deteachable skirt —₦60,000
  • The Trumpet turtle neck Mermaid gown — ₦88,000

Price of Ball Gown In Nigeria

You can get this in different varieties, we have the off-shoulder, beaded and applique bodice types for you to choose from, and the applique embroidery could be placed at the upper or lower part of the gown. Though some do apply it on both, you can always get this for around ₦60,000 up to around ₦80,000.

Here are some other styles including their prices.

  • Beaded high neck ball gown — ₦70,000
  • Beaded off-shoulder ball gown with floral tail — ₦95,000
  • V-neck ball wedding gown — ₦45,000
  • Sleeved ball gown — ₦50,000 – ₦85,000
  • Off-shoulder ball wedding gown with corsets — ₦150,000
  • Full flowery ball tailed wedding dress — ₦92,000
  • Ruffle vintage lace ball gown — ₦50,000

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With this, it is left to you to choose whichever based on your budget, you don’t want to exceed the budget as this could affect you after the wedding ceremony. If you can’t buy the ready-made you can have it made at a cheaper price for you by dressmakers.

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