List of Top Tailoring Fashion Centers in Lekki (2024)

Have you been searching for Tailoring fashion Centers in Lekki? We’ve compiled a list of Tailoring fashion Centers in Lekki, Lagos state. We provided this list of Tailoring fashion Centers based on the quality of education and training these fashion schools provide. 

Top 10 Tailoring Fashion Centers in Lekki

There are several top-notch tailoring fashion Centers in Lekki so you don’t need to stress yourself out looking for them if you reside on the Island. For the purpose of this publication, we’re addressing 10 lists of Tailoring Fashion Centers in Lekki. 

Abvee Fashion Academy

Abvee Fashion Academy is one of the best fashion entities in Lekki, Lagos state. This fashion academy caters to every stratum of people or society be it secondary school students, tertiary institution students, fashion enthusiasts who want to up their fashion designing game, graduates, etc. The list is endless. 

Their training cibera pattern drafting, sewing, cutting, color combinations, bags, and shoemaking. The classes also vary with respect to your experience. Their classes are beginners classes, intermediate classes, and advanced classes. For students who reside farther to Lekki, there is an accommodation offer. 


The Bodice is one of the best favorite tailoring fashion centers in Lekki that builds your skills in the fashion industry, bridal setup, make-up, and beauty therapy. Bodice Fashion Academy gives you the necessary training needed for cutting, pattern drafting, and garment sewing. 

This fashion entity also has makeup or beauty therapy. This segment trains students to become approved cosmetologists and dermatologists. Bodice Fashion Training Center also teaches students the arts of interior decorations. Students grow to become wonderful interior decorators. 

Makadel Fashion School

Makadel Fashion School teaches students the arts of sewing and the fashion entity is situated at the heart of Lekki. A new student without prior knowledge at Makadel will be able to deliver a practical cloth sewn by herself. The school adopts Italian teaching methods and freehand cutting and sewing. 

The classes are taken on weekdays as well as during weekends. Students are taught the nitty-gritty of pattern drafting, fashion photography, the business of fashion, leather bag making, etc. Summer classes are also available for teens. 

Zapron School

At Zapron School, students are taught design, fashion illustration, and bag making. This is one of the tailoring fashion Centers in Lekki that uses the United Kingdom teaching methodology. This school has first-class equipment that allows students to learn at a faster rate.

Their training is scheduled for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. This school has a core value that stands for excellence, creativity, and core values. 

COC Fashion School

This is one of the tailoring fashion Centers in Lekki that came to be as a result of requests from clients, partners, and stylists. Thus fashion school is a training institute for the brand Color of CUE. Their training program includes tailoring, pattern drafting, fashion illustration, and tailoring finishing. 

The training facility in this fashion school is exclusive, flexible, and highly functional and as such, it suits every student’s needs. After the completion of your program,  COC fashion school organizes Exhibitions and fashion shows to enable you to launch your style and design to prospective clients. 

Naomi and Sire

Naomi and Sire are well-known fashion entities in Lekki. They are experienced in making bespoke outfits and ready-to-wear clothes. You don’t have issues with any clothes sewn by this fashion entity because they’re very good at what they do. 

Rosemary Okeke Couture

Rosemary Okeke Couture is a fashion and clothing design expert in Lekki. The main focus of this fashion entity is producing or seeing female traditional wear. They offer training sections for students at all levels of expertise be it beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. 

This fashion center is situated at Ni 2, Prince Christopher Obi Close, Thomas Estate, Lekki Ajah Expressway, Ajah, Lagos state.

Imol Designs Limited

This is a fashion entity that offers native outfits and designs. Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority and as such, they strive to satisfy their customers. They also engage in pattern drafting.

Attire Quest

Attire Quest is a fashion place in Lekki that specializes in men’s attire. They make classy and first-class men’s clothes. The clothes made by this fashion institute are always at the cynosure of all eyes. You can contact them at [email protected].

Tresor House

This fashion institute in Lekki is known for sewing traditional attire. You have nothing to regret by contacting this fashion entity.

Steps to Take Before Choosing Tailoring Fashion Centers in Lekki

Before you can choose a fashion center in Lekki, it is pertinent to take some precautionary steps. These steps serve as safety tips in choosing a Fashion Center in Lekki.

  • Location: Any location you want to learn should be calm and conducive and a fashion center in Lekki isn’t an exception. You can go as far as observing the environment before finally going to learn at the place. 
  • Get Information from the School’s Graduate: The school’s graduate can hunt you and give you information about the fashion center and you shouldn’t miss this. Find out if the fashion center has produced fashion CEOs or top-position designers. 
  • Accreditation: Make sure the fashion center you want to learn from in Lekki is fully accredited. It should be registered under the law and that is to vouch for their loyalty and competence in their field.

Hope you got value. You can share your experience or views in the comment section. 

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