What To Wear Hiking: Hiking Outfit Ideas For Ladies

Whether you’ve got some special clothes that hit the right spots each time you’re on a hike, or you throw on any outfits that come to mind for your adventure, there are lots of practical hiking outfit ideas for ladies to explore that go beyond the basic leggings and jackets. All the selections we made below are tailored to the weather considerations and the location you’re headed for, so you don’t need to worry if your hiking outfit would be practical after all.

Looking good has a way of stepping up your moods, and undoubtedly, you have greater chances of hitting your targets when your hiking outfits have a great kick to them. With just a few awesome ideas, you can level up your hiking-style game and become a diva on a hike.

What is the Best Outfit for Hiking?

hiking outfit ideas for ladies

You could be on a casual hike – just taking a leisure walk around the streets, a good ol’ adventure with a heavy backpack strap on your back and an awesome destination to reach, a walk in the woods with your significant other and taking snapshots for Insta, or trying to reach the top of the mountain to photograph that beautiful view. A cute sporty outfit or a stylish hiking number can make all the difference in getting to your destination.

The best hiking outfit would be one that you feel comfortable and confident wearing, that sets the tone for your scenic experiences and is adapted to the environmental and weather conditions.

Hiking clothes don’t end at thick cozy jackets, layers of pants, and comfy boots. There’s much more to your hiking outfits than you’ve probably been wearing. Over here, we will walk you through the best hiking outfits for women that can gear up your experiences and create lovely memories you will cherish in years to come.

What To Wear Hiking

Choosing Women’s Hiking Outfit Based on Seasons

Got a hike all planned out for the season, but not sure if the hiking outfit ideas you have in your wardrobe can work? We’ve got some stunning tips for you to keep in mind when making your selections. 

If there are some specific hiking clothes you’re looking out for to know if they can work for your next explorations, we’ve also got you covered. From the fun layering pieces and sporty bases to the cool footwear picks and activewear, there are lots of options for you to check out in this section.

Fall Hiking Outfit

  1. Warmup Leggings + Black Sweater + Beanie
Cute Hiking Outfits

In Autumn, you would be excited to wear all the cool neutrals and cozy layers that you can get your hands on. Warm leggings, a black sweater layered over a graphic tee, and a beanie are cute hiking outfits that you should consider if you’re heading out on a hike with friends.

  1. Wool Sweater + Track Joggers
Cozy hiking outfit

When you’re experiencing nature all by yourself, loose outfits would be ideal for when the heights get colder. Hiking on a mountain helps with your mental health and comfy clothes can help you get to your destination without giving up easily. If you’re wondering what to wear when strolling through the woods but it’s late, you can wear this outfit as it is very practical.

  1. Jacket + Cargo Pants
best hiking outfits

An awesome hiking number for an avid hiker would be a comfy zip-up jacket and loose cargo pants. You can throw it on when it feels chilly and loosen up your zippers when it starts getting hot. Plus, the swishy sounds from the jacket and lightweight cargo can feel comforting on a hike alone. 

  1. Button-Down Shirt + Denim Pants + Tank Top
Hiking outfit

To wear a few colors on your hike, try on a loose button-down shirt, and blue fitted denim pants. A few color schemes can be a bold outfit and it looks great for lots of settings aside from your hiking experiences.

  1. Girl’s Guide Hike
Hiking outfit for ladies

Planning a hiking experience with your girl’s guide crew? Uniformed khaki shorts and an army green shirt can define your experience without discounting comfort or style. You can choose to wear a sun hat or not, whichever way you choose to style your outfit, you’re sure to create awesome hiking gear.

Summer Hiking Outfit

Your summer hiking outfits can be a monochromatic look such as beige, white, or cream, an athletic bodysuit or playsuit, a cute sports bra, and comfy joggers, or high-rise leggings with a cropped sweatshirt or jacket. To complete your look, you should opt for a pair of sneakers, beanies, or a baseball cap.

  1. Oversized Tee + Cargo Shorts + Bucket Hat
Womens hiking outfits

When going out for a hike in summer, an oversized tee, cargo shorts, and a bucket hat can be comfy and stylish for the season. The bucket hat offers so much protection from the sun and the outfit makes it easier for you to explore some awesome trails around your block.

  1. Neutral Tank Top + Relaxed Pants + Casual Trainer
Hiking outfits for ladies

Your outdoor hiking choices don’t have to be basic or boring. Want to look so deep into your hike? This cute hiking outfit can be super chic. The gray sneakers can fully accessorize your look, and the sun hat can offer some protection from the sun’s rays. If you want to dive into the chunky boot trend, you’re free to make a switch.

  1. Baseball Cap + Cotton Tank Top + Short Shorts + Pastel Sneakers
Hiking outfit summer

A casual t-shirt matched with some short shorts or striped Yoga leggings can look super cute and exciting to wear on your hiking trails. To take your nature’s fit inspo up a notch, try on a pair of black or white Nike sneakers, a baseball cap, and some chic sunglasses. To alternate the top, try on a beige sports bra.

  1. Relaxed Top + Yoga High-Waist Leggings + Platform Black Boots
Cute hiking outfits summer

Climbing a mountain for a hike but not sure what footwear to wear? Try investing in a  good pair of hiking boots cos there’s no better time to do that than now. They are great for finishing off your hiking outfits for ladies and pairing them with all your hiking pinks.

  1. Sports Bra + Matching Shorts + Running Shoes
Hiking outfits women’s

Not sure how to put together a solid hiking outfit? You can pair a cute sports bra with practical bike shorts, and a pair of white or pastel Nike sneakers. This ensemble looks great for jogging around the city or into the woods.

Winter Hiking Outfit

Knowing how much of a journey your hike can be, you should opt for really comfortable clothes for your winter experiences. Regardless of how many miles your hike would be, your hiking outfits should offer enough coverage to keep you going throughout your experience. Here are some breathable yet cozy options that you might want to give a try:

  1. Windbreaker Jacket
Hiking outfit ideas

When the temperature drops down, but you still want to go on a hike, a cozy windbreaker can be of great help. The jacket is quite functional when it gets chilly and you can’t go wrong with it.

  1. Red Sweats + Loose Cargo Pants + Hiking Boots
Best hiking outfit

What better way to stay comfy than in some loose cargo pants and thick sweaters? You can throw on a beanie for extra warmth, then step into hiking boots to look stylish and put together.

  1. Hoodie + Overshirt + Linen Pants
Women hiking outfits

If you know how hiking can be, then you sure want to hit the trails with your tribe. If you love throwing on a sporty look but it’s winter, hoodies, and linen or denim pants are perfect examples of what you can wear. They are breathable and comfortable. Plus, no matter how many miles your hike may be, these hiking clothes will remain stylish yet still practical.

  1. Waterproof Jacket + Wide-Legged Waterproof Pants
Womens hiking outfit

If you’re a huge fan of skateboarding, then the snow won’t be a hindrance to your adventures. We don’t want you coming back with a cold after a hike, that is why we advise you double up on coziness when it’s snowing. Under your waterproof outwear, you wear a sports bra, a solid oversized crewneck top, perfectly practical cargo pants, thick long socks, and a pair of rain boots.

  1. Cozy Athleisure Two-Piece
Women's hiking outfit

If you’re into monochromatic outfits, these cute outfits for hiking aren’t far-fetched from what you would normally choose. They are comfy, practical, breathable, and ideal for the cold seasons. Some comfy sneakers will help complete the look and if you feel you need more layers on, then why not?

Cute Hiking Outfit in Spring

  1. Puffer Jacket + Dark Pants + Knitted Sneakers
Hiking outfits for women

Spring calls for equal parts of style and comfort, and a puffer jacket paired with some dark pants, and knit sneakers would be your perfect hiking companions. 

  1. Blue Long Sleeve Jacket + Athletic Joggers + Combat Boots
Cute hiking outfits women

Very similar to the hiking outfit above is this creative masterpiece. Instead of a puffer jacket, opt for a long-sleeved waterproof jacket. To alternate the dark wash jeans, choose athletic joggers, and to switch from your knit sneakers, go for some sturdy combat boots. They are functional if you’re leisurely strolling through a desert or climbing the mountains on a cloudy day. 

  1. Long Sleeve Sweater + Ribbed Leggings + Puffed Pull-Over Jacket
Hiking outfits women

Leggings are practical outfits for any hike and with just the right pairs, they can be suitable for any hike. Opt for a long-sleeved sweater or cardigan, then layer a pullover jacket over it, and complete the look with leather combat boots or some technical sandals. 

  1. Hoodie + Mini Skirt + Brown Hiking Boots
Cute hiking outfits

Sweaters are always great options since they go with everything. If you want to tune into a cute and warm vibe on your hike, pair your sweater with a neutral denim mini skirt, then wear some thick socks and hiking boots to make the perfect definition.

  1. Flannel Shirt + Shorts
Hiking outfit women

Looking for a hiking date outfit to go spend some time at the seaside or mountain plains with your bestie? Opt for some short shorts with a flannel shirt or a navy cardigan. You can choose to wear a cute ruched sports bra under your top, then accessorize with a casual baseball cap. Sneakers in a solid neutral hue are always ideal for these settings.

Conclusion: Hiking Outfit Ideas For Ladies

Cargo pants, denim, skirts, linen pants, and joggers which are practical bottoms for hiking. Sweaters, tees, jackets, cardigans, pullovers, and sports bras are also great tops to wear for hiking. To accessorize your outfit, you may want to try out a sun hat, a baseball cap, beanies, a bucket hat, sneakers, boots, sandals, socks, or slip-ons. You can always mix and match any of these to create your own hiking staples, just the way you like them.

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