Latest Nigerian Bridesmaid Dresses

These images of the trending bridesmaid dresses style in Nigeria clearly illustrate the creativity of Nigerian tailoring fashion centers and clothing lines.

Below is a collection picturing the latest Nigerian bridesmaid dresses, Nigerian chief bridesmaid dresses, and Ankara bridesmaid dress styles. These latest Nigerian bridesmaid dresses should inspire you on how you can style your dress for your next Owambe or wedding event.

What Should A Bridesmaid Wear At The Wedding Party?

Classic Chief Bridesmaid dresses - Bridesmaid dresses styles

If you don’t want to go for English wear as your bridesmaids’ dress designs, you can also opt-in for Nigerian traditional bridesmaid dresses. You can trend your bridal train with the latest traditional Ankara bridal dresses in Nigeria.

When styling your outfit for your bridesmaid dress, you should place an order at bridal shops or with the fashion designers, in advance about 1-2 months before the main occasion. In that way, you are sure that the time for styling your bridesmaid dresses is covered.

Also, if there are changes to be made, you can implement them on time and still have additional time before the wedding. For your bridesmaid dresses, it is not usually advised that you order them online, because of the uncertainties in measurements and occasions of “What I ordered versus What I got”.

Nothing gets a wedding even more colorful than bridal train dresses in stunning outfits and bridal accessories. Beautiful bridesmaids capture the gaze of the audience when they step out in mass, in carefully styled clothing designs. If you are in a fashion frenzy, then these latest trends in Nigerian bridesmaid dresses would appeal to you.

Chief bridesmaid dresses in Lagos

These are the latest fashion wears for women and what Nigerian bridesmaids wear for weddings. The chief bridesmaid or maid of honor may put on a different color or style of dress from the other dresses of the bridesmaids. This is not compulsory and depends entirely on the preferences of the intending couple and the bridal train. Nigerian chief bridesmaid dresses are usually upbeat and second in line with the most gorgeous outfits on the bridal train. This post pictures some of the Nigerian chief bridesmaid dresses.

The styles and designs of most Nigerian bridal trains are chosen by the bride, but it is also advised that the clothing styles that are picked for the bridal train, should be clothes that can be worn to other events and occasions outside wedding ceremonies. This is very important especially if the bridesmaids are the ones to pay for the outfits themselves.

We gathered some of the bridesmaid gowns in Nigeria to rock for Weddings and the latest fashionable Nigerian bridal train dresses. You can glance through this post, to make a pick on some amazing designs for your pretty bridesmaids

Nigerian bridesmaid outfits are expected to be warm but also with a bit of sparkle, enough to compel attention, but not to cause distractions. These most colorful bridesmaid attires are best for your big day because they beautify your wedding

Latest Bridesmaid Styles In Nigeria

Latest Nigerian bridesmaid dresses - Maid of Honour dresses

Turquoise Blue Long Bridesmaid Gown

Latest bridesmaid dresses

Peach Coloured Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Latest chief bridesmaid dresses in Nigeria - White chief bridesmaid dresses

White Long Bridesmaid Gowns

Latest chief bridesmaid dresses

Purple Bridesmaid Dress Color

Best lady dresses for wedding in Nigeria - White chief bridesmaid dresses

White Long Gown Bridesmaid Dress Designs

Long bridesmaid dresses

Fuschia Pink Chief Bridesmaid Styles

Chief bridesmaid dresses in Lagos
Latest Chief Bridesmaid Gown - Best bridesmaid dress styles

Turquoise Blue Long Bridesmaid Gown

Latest bridesmaid dresses - Bridesmaid dresses photo gallery

Sequin Long Bridesmaid Dress

Chief bridesmaid dresses

Blue Long Bridal Dresses

Latest chief bridesmaid styles

Onion Colored Bridesmaid Gowns

Chief bridesmaid dresses
Latest bridesmaid dresses in Nigeria
Latest bridesmaid dresses in Nigeria

Green Long Bridal Dresses In Nigeria

Bridesmaid Dresses In Nigeria

Purple Long Bridal Dresses

Nigerian Bridesmaid Dresses For Weddings and Events


After going through this photo gallery of the dresses for bridesmaids in Nigeria, you should have captured one or more clothing designs and brands that caught your attention. You can still rock your bridesmaid dresses even after the wedding if the bridal dress has been styled by top fashion stylists and fashionpreneurs.

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