Top 10 Best Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Fashion in Nigeria has taken a new dimension and now we have professional fashion designers making waves beyond the shores of Nigeria thereby competing with their counterparts globally. This feat was made possible by some individuals and today we will be talking about the top 10 fashion designers in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country blessed with a lot of talent and coupled with the fact that the country is the most populated country in Africa there is constant competition among various brands of which the fashion industry isn’t an exception.

Also, those on this list also top the list of best fashion designers in Africa as we all know that Nigeria leads in almost every profession in Africa.

There are numerous top-rated fashion designers in Nigeria but we cannot shy away from those who are exceptional and this is why we will be listing the best fashion designers in Nigeria based on their achievements, awards, and their recognition.

10 Best Fashion Designers in Nigeria

1. Folake Folarin-Coker

The first fashion designer on our list is Folake Folarin-Coker the founder of Tiffany Amber which is one of the best fashion brands in Nigeria. Folake had her education in Europe from England to Scotland and also Switzerland.

Folake Folarin-Coker

At an early age, Folake had the opportunity to engage with people of various cultures and traditions and this has really helped her in her profession.

Funny enough she is a Master’s Degree holder in Petroleum Law and she end up being a fashion designer due to her growing passion for the profession with her experience in the culture of many countries she was able to craft the design that tallies with women of various cultures.

Folake Folarin-Coker’s fashion sense and skill have helped her progress in the fashion industry and even in the global fashion world which makes her the first African fashion designer to display her talent at the New York Mercedes Fashion Week in two consecutive years.

Leading media corporations like CNN, BBC, and many more have interviewed her, she also has numerous awards and all this success was reviewed by Forbes Magazine.

2. Deola Sagoe

We have once talked about Deola Sagoe on this website and you must have heard about her. Deola Sagoe is one of the best fashion designers in Nigeria and also in Africa, hails from Ondo State, and owns her own fashion school.

Top 10 Best Fashion Designers in Nigeria

For over 25 years Deola Sagoe has actively been in the Nigerian fashion industry, she had her tertiary education at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and is well exposed to the latest fashion trends all over the world.

She actually started her fashion career at a tender age with her mother who happens to be the founder of Odua Creations. When it comes to African hand-woven materials Deola Sagoe is the best. Her love for arts and culture has seen her through her career as she can craft any African style which will leave you drooling.

Deola Sagoe is from a notable Nigerian family, the family which owns Elizade Group, her love for fashion and unrelenting spirit has helped her achieve whatever is there for a fashion designer to achieve in Nigeria and even in Africa.

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3. Duro Olowu

Another of the most respected fashion designer in Nigeria is Duro Olowu, he is a London-based Nigerian with roots in Nigeria and Jamaica, and he was able to carve a good name for himself in the Nigerian Fashion Industry likewise globally.

Duro Olowu - Best Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Duro Olowu is very good with colours, patterns, and general fashion designs. His talent is questionable as this seems abnormal, he can make any design be it African style or western style.

His love for fashion design started at the early age of 6 and this has fetched him fame and recognition all over the world, some of his celebrity clients are; Michelle Obama, Linda Evangelista, Uma Thurman, Solange Knowles, and many others.

It will shock you to know that Duro Olowu is a professional lawyer but he is making waves with fashion designing which has been his first love.

For someone who has designed various wears for celebrities, it is certain he will always be awarded based on his designs seen on those celebrities.

Most of his works are seen on models and are always displayed in various London Fashion week, he also got named the New Designer of the Year without staging a catwalk show, isn’t that exceptional?

Also, in 2009 he was named the Best International Designer and he also made it on the list of the Swiss Textile Federation top prize.

4. Adediwura Adegboyega

Adediwura Adegboyega is the founder and C.E.O of Degold Fashion House Limited, one of the best fashion brands in Nigeria. It’s without a doubt that the brand “Degold” has been proven to be strong and influential in the Nigerian outfits and fashion industry.

Adediwura Adegboyega

With professionalism, Degold has been able to deliver quality content for outfits over the years. With charming African designs at hand, Degold has been promoting African culture and traditional values.

The fashion brand is poised to set new standards in the Nigerian fashion industry packed with highly creative and exciting designs making it one of the most sought-after fashion brands in Nigeria.

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Adediwura Adegboyega has crafted numerous designs for top celebrities in Nigeria, the likes of Gbenga Titiloye, and MC Tagwaye just to mention a few.

5. Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo is a force to reckon with as far as fashion designing is concerned in Nigeria, she is a self-made fashion designer known for her notable designs and creativity in traditional West African fabrics likewise with trending modern techniques.

Lisa Folawiyo - Best Fashion Designers in Nigeria

She is the founder of Jewel by Lisa which was launched in the year 2005, through decades of practicing she was able to make a name for herself in the Nigerian fashion industry. Aside from fashion designing she also produces jewelry purses and other fashion-related accessories.

Lisa can craft any design with the use of Ankara and her designs are unique to the extent you will know within yourself that they are superb.

She is also globally known as she has been showcased n the UK, US, and even in South Africa, her works have gone far and wide and she has participated in Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week with numerous awards.

6. Frank Oshodi

Among those that are bold to showcase Nigerian cultural diversity anywhere in the world is Frank Oshodi. He is a professional fashion designer with numerous awards to show for it.

Frank Oshodi

Frank Oshodi is exceptional in the fashion world, this can’t be questioned as he has been in the fashion industry for over 25 years and still balling.

He actually started his career in modeling and this propelled him making him the top choice of most fashion houses like Nikki Africana, Dakova and many more.

Aside from modeling, Frank Oshodi also worked on popular TV Commercials like Macleans, he owns a makeup label, he was also hired by Silverbird to become the makeup artist and designer of Agbani Darego who was the winner of Miss World in 2001.

#7. Yemi Osunkoya

Yemi Osunkoya

This is another fashion designer making waves in the global fashion designing space, he is the founder of Kosibah Fashion Brand which is based in London and has been operating for over three decades. When it comes to elegant couture and contemporary couture then Yemi Osunkoya is your best bet.

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#8. Yomi Makun

Yomi Makun - best fashion designers in Nigeria

You must have heard about the name but in case you have not Yomi Makun is the brother to the popular comedian AY Makun. He is a top-rated fashion designer based in Nigeria, he owns the fashion brand Yomi Casual which has been the best choice for celebrities who are well-exposed fashionistas. He has made glamorous designs for celebrities like Desmond Elliot, Aki and Pawpaw, AY Makun, and other notable male celebrities.

#9. Ituen Basi

Ituen Basi is a fashion designer that has been so unique and exceptional in her line of profession, she studied Theatre Arts at the University of Ife and this was where she started practicing.

Ituen Basi

She started by designing costumes for live plays on campus and also the school beauty pageants and after this, she decided to further her studies in the fashion line.

She attended American College in London where she studied fashion and also majored in Tailoring and Clothing at the London College of Fashion.

She launched her fashion brand in Lagos Nigeria in 2009 and now she is a force to reckon with in the Nigerian Fashion Industry giving out the best Akara Designs, Ankara Bags, beads, and many fashion-related accessories.

#10. Zizi Cardow

Zizi Cardows is the founder of Zizi Industrial Clothing Company in the year 2000, she is originally from Abia State and she is one of the most respected fashion designers in Nigeria.

Zizi Cardow

She has her tentacles spread across Nigeria and over to other African countries, Zizi is an expert when it comes to African fabrics and designs and this made her the right choice for most celebrities and first ladies.

Aside from the fact that Zizi is well known in Nigeria to be one of the best fashion designers she has also gained recognition globally with numerous awards.

Zizi has been featured in interviews with CNN, SABC, Channel O, FTV just to mention a few. Some of the awards won by Zizi are; The Prestigious Designer of the Year 2001, conferred Ada Ejiga Mba1 of Isuikwuato, and also Zizi has featured in many Fashion Week in London and in other countries of the world.

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All the top best fashion designers that made it on this list are able to achieve this feat through years of practice and they were able to think out of the box coupled with their skill and talent. There are some other fashion designers who deserve to be mentioned, the likes of; Lola Faturoti, Soares Anthony, Kola Kuddus, Clement Mudiaga Enajemo, Abiodun Folashade Tokunbo, Kunbi Oyelese, Toju Foyeh e.t.c.

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