Top 10 Best Wedding Blogs in Nigeria [2022 Updated]

We’ve listed the best wedding blogs in Nigeria to take your wedding event on a different dimension through souvenirs, styles, bridal wears, pictures, food & drinks, suitable halls, and many more just to make it the talk of the town.

The colour of the day, wedding invitation, types of Aso Ebi, foods and drinks, cameraman, cars to use, event planners and many more are details the bride, groom and family members should know about.

Top 10 Best Wedding Blogs in Nigeria

For those who are on the lookout for a glamorous wedding, we have taken our time to carefully select the best Nigerian wedding blogs for you to make that dream of yours come through. Mind you, they are the best you can ever find so we do not place them on hierarchy or rate one over the other.

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To make your wedding event go viral on every social media, online website or through every media medium these sites got you covered, it also works well for wedding anniversaries.

The 10 Best Wedding Blogs and Websites In Nigeria

#1. Bella Naija Wedding Blog

Who doesn’t know Bella Naija blog? It is weird if you do not know this blog but no worries, in case you’ve never heard of Bella Naija, Bella Naija is one of the best wedding blogs in Nigeria which has been publishing different wedding-related content over the years.

Going from one wedding event to the other, Bella Naija Wedding blog captures all the glamour and glitz of bride and groom special day, tagging along interested targeted audience through their various social media accounts which boasts of millions of followers.

Bella Naija is a leading entertainment, fashion and style, lifestyle blog well popular for its Aso Ebi, recommendation and sales of Aso Ebi Bella uniform dresses.

Most of the time you see Television stations showing wedding events Bella Naija is usually referenced, you can get more information about the best wedding occasions or events through Bella Naija Official website at also, you will never be disappointed here.

#2. My Wedding Nigeria

This is another top wedding website in Nigeria known for publicity and they also offer wedding tips for couples, halls and locations, pictures, vendors, souvenirs, motivation, styles inspiration and many more for about to wed lovers, you also get tips on how to spice up your marriage.

If all you need is a memorable wedding that will always ring in the heart of every party lover then you want to make My Wedding Nigeria your favorite.

Before starting your wedding preparations you need to visit this website and spend some time on some of the web pages, their official website is

#3. Wedding Digest Naija Blog

The third on our list is Wedding Digest Naija Blog, this blog is one of the most popular wedding blogs in Nigeria as they do visit and cover celebrity weddings, they keep you glued to the screen as you are checking on the latest in the couple’s world, glamours that comes with the event and notable moments of the event.

If you are the fashionista type you definitely will be on the look for the best wedding dress, styles, pictures and many other things to slay and draw inspiration from. They also sell wedding outfits for both the bride and groom right on their official website at

#4. Wedding Feferity

If you are from the Yoruba tribe you can easily tell what this wedding blog is capable of mere looking at the name “Wedding Feferity”, they are unique in their way to the extent that they even organize wedding seminars for about to wed couples, professional wedding and pre-wedding shoot.

Aside from that, you will get a wide range of wedding trends, fashion trends, wedding dresses, wedding pictures, albums, gowns, cakes and many more just to stay updated and give yourself a memorable wedding. You can visit this blog via

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#5. Nigeria Wedding Blog

This top Naija wedding blog is deeply into cake inspiration, event vendors, pre-wedding plans, fashion, bridal train outfits, beauty, planning, trending fashion outfits, Aso Ebi, pre-wedding photoshoot and so many more.

You can visit their website and see for yourself via

#6. Naija Glam Wedding Blog

This is a professional wedding planning blog that mainly focuses on weddings in Nigeria, here we have experts that will present you classic and unique wedding planning tips, wedding templates to make selections from, planning through a particular budget e.t.c.

After gathering every information from this blog you can always make good wedding shopping, get the perfect halls, rentals and many more for whichever budget you’ve made. Here is their official website

#7. Sugar Weddings Blog

The top 10 list of wedding blogs in Nigeria will never be complete without mentioning Sugar Wedding Blog, this is an exceptional blog that is filled with important content archives that are focused on wedding preparations and wedding events.

Sugar Wedding Blog provides you with all you need as far as wedding is concerned, you get the latest fashion trends, wedding trends, bridal styles e.t.c. You can also contact them to make your wedding a glamourous one. Visit Sugar Weddings Blog via

#8. All About Naija Weddings Blog

This is a unique website that gives its platform to marriage-bound men and women to directly connect to vendors. You have every information about each vendor displayed even with reviews and ratings so you can select a perfect vendor.

There are other resources that will give you the idea of what you plan on doing and how to best do it like your wedding planning, traditional and white wedding, celebration, and many more, their official website is

#9. Jide Odukoya Photography

Jide Odukoya is a famous professional photographer who knows how to handle your pre-wedding photoshoots, wedding photoshoot and even give you the best wedding frames. He is an expert in the production of breath-taking photos which will keep you wowed.

He is very active on the popular social media blog Instagram and you can see the collections of his works, you can visit his Instagram handle via @jideodukoya.

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#10. Rose Blossom Bridal Blog

Last but not least on our top 10 best wedding blogs in Nigeria is Rose Blossom Bridal Blog, this is a blog that was made specifically for anything wedding-related, be it wedding preparations, pre-wedding shoot, wedding anniversaries, couples tips, just name it.

You can view this blog via Instagram @roseblossombridal and also on Twitter @WeddingsbyRBB.

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