10 Best Fashion Schools In Canada (2024)

Fashion in this modern world has come to be our daily activity. Fashion is a business on its own and fashionistas are influential people. This article centers on explaining the best fashion schools in Canada. For people who are passionate about fashion, their questions have always been about where to study fashion. 

Attending a fashion school gives you an avenue to earn a degree and with such a degree, you can become a fashion designer or fashion blogger, and many industries will certainly need your services. Also, your earnings are now huge because you have learned all the skills in fashion schools. 

Why is it Important to Study at Fashion Schools in Canada?

The renowned places in the world for fashion are London, New York, and Paris. Due to the need for fashion across the globe, Canada is also grabbing fashion in its fistfuls hence the numerous fashion schools in Canada. Fashion isn’t new to Canada because it has been in existence for economic gains.

The integral importance of studying fashion in Canada is that some famous fashion award winners are from Montreal or Canada. There are many top schools in Canada that offer fashion courses and students are utilizing this opportunity so as not to be left out in the pursuit of excellence.

In Canada’s fashion upgrade, fashion schools in Canada are not left out. 

Best Fashion Schools in Canada

The following entails the top and best fashion schools in Canada. This school has all it takes to train students in their best practices in the fashion industry. 

Lasalle College

Lasalle College is an international school of Fashion, Art, and design. The school offers DEC fashion programs that include: fashion design, fashion marketing, fashion design for costumes for cinema, and television. 

The school also offers AEC programs that include: interior design, fashion styling, and technical clothing design. There are also DEO programs that include: computer graphics, hairdressing, and aesthetics. The school is no doubt one of the best and they take their time judiciously in training students’ best practices. 

Fanshawe College

Fashion College offers course programs and higher education programs in fashion. The college offers two diploma programs and a part-time program. 

This fashion college is well known in Canada because it trains fashion enthusiasts who are forward-thinking and innovative and can market their fashion products to heterogeneous consumers. The school is affordable and they don’t collect exorbitant fees from their students. 

Sheridan College Fashion

This school provides a program that works in accordance with international standards. Although fashion programs aren’t so popular in this school, they are absolutely one of the best fashion schools. Another art program this school offers is animation. 

This college enables you to master the creation of an interactive retail environment. 

Olds College Fashion

Olds College fashion was in existence in 1913 and as such, it has been one of the oldest fashion schools in Canada. The school offers a diploma in fashion making. Their diploma is called the Apparel Technological Diploma. It lasts for a duration of two years. 

This school enables you to turn concepts into high-end apparel. 

Robert Robinson Fashion Design Academy

This school offers full-time, part-time, and summer fashion designing programs which are cheap and affordable. The full-time program is a two-year diploma course although you can continue the Courtier program for an additional year to be a qualified professional in fashion designing. 

The part-time program centers on varieties of skills and it spans a duration of four months. 

Humber College

Humber College offers a variety of fashion programs. The school is a business-oriented institution in Canada. The school is ranked as one of Canada’s best fashion schools. You can acquire a bachelor’s degree in Fashion management; this course provides students who are skillful in the business path of fashion.

The school offers 3 diploma courses as well as a postgraduate course. Studying at Humber College will equip you with the necessary management skills and as such, you can manage your own fashion firm effectively. 

George Brown College

George Brown College is one of the top fashion schools in Canada. If you need a detailed fashion education in Canada, then you should choose this college because it has all it takes to develop your fashion skills. 

This school trains you in everything that concerns fashion from design to management. This school is one of the fashion schools that offers cheap programs. 

Ryerson University School of Fashion

This school is one of the leading schools in Canada and it offers two bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree program in fashion design. The bachelor’s programs are fashion communication and fashion design programs. Their master’s program is one of its kind in Canada. 

Their program enables you to transform fabrics, colors, and fashion into elegant and innovative clothing. 

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Thus the school is also a good choice to look out for if you want to engage yourself in fashion design. This school offers one of the best bachelor’s programs and a diploma program. The bachelor’s program is in fashion design and technology while the diploma program is in fashion marketing. 

Their degree program builds future fashion leaders who are equipped with design skills, business skills, and marketing skills. The school allows you to turn your talent for design into an enabling career. 

Seneca College

Seneca College offers programs in all art specializations. The school offers two advanced diploma programs and two diploma programs. Through their programs, they groom you to be a good fashionista. The school is ranked as the top fashion center in Canada. 


Now if you decide to study fashion design in Canada, look out for these schools because they have all it takes to train you to be a better student.  Before you go, check out

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