50+ Best Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire

Yoruba traditional wedding attire is usually sleek, colourful, and eventful to catch lots of glances at the Owambe. The outfits are made to match the colour of the day, so a seamless aesthetic correlation can be made.

Family, friends and well-wishers, but most especially the mothers of the couple appear in their most stylish apparel to look chic and gorgeous for their children’s big day.

You would hardly see any Owambe in Yoruba land where the bride’s mother’s outfits are not bespoke fashioned outfits. The groom and his Squad do not fail to make the wedding event feastful with their million-dollar entrance dances.

Yoruba Traditional Attire For Introduction

Yoruba attire for couple

Introductory rites take place before the formal wedding ceremony. It is in this introduction that the couples and their families get to know each other better. Learn about their culture, especially if both the bride and groom are not from Yoruba Land, learn about their norms and traditions if they both are from Yoruba but not the same village, and also communicate better as potential family members.

The introduction outfit for Yoruba couples is very similar to the outfits worn for the main wedding event. Just like in the wedding, the bride can wear a vintage look while the groom puts on matching dashiki with short sleeves and jumper trousers.

Accessories for the bride are coral beads, Gele, and bangles. The groom may wear a cap fashioned with the same material as the outfit.

n place of the vintage Asoke and dashiki worn by the couples, the bride may opt for lace gown styles while the husband can wear agbada or kaftan and fitting trousers

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Colors

Yoruba attire for male and female

Picking the right colour that best suits you can instantly set you in the mood for your big day. There are no rules to the colours you can go for, as such there are no limits to the creations you can think of.

Colours like gold, white, royal blue, green, wine red, silver and orange are very common in Yoruba Traditional wedding attires. Despite this, you can still go for colour combinations such as white and black for a monochrome and luxurious appeal, wine red or burgundy and black for bold and elegant statements, or black and orange which best suits light-skinned couples.

Outfit Inspiration for Yoruba Groom

Royal Yoruba Traditional Wedding attire for groom

The Yoruba men’s attire for traditional weddings is usually agbada styles made with a hand-woven fabric known as Aso oke. Asides from agbada wear made from Aso oke, there are lots of options for the groom to elevate his fashion statement. These include hats, neck beads, hand beads and also walking sticks.

Outfit Inspiration For Yoruba Bride

Yoruba attire for female

Yoruba brides can wear a Buba or blouse with Skirt or wrapper for the traditional wedding. These styles can be made from textiles like Aso oke, Lace, or George. Gele is the most important accessory for the bride. The looks can be spiced up with beaded necklaces, wrist bangles, purses and hand fan.

Pictures Of The Latest Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire

Yoruba attire for ladies
Yoruba attire for traditional marriage
Yoruba tired for the family on traditional marriage day
Yoruba Traditional Wedding dress for bride
Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire For couple
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Yoruba Traditional wear for bride and groom
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Yoruba Traditional beads for female
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Yoruba Traditional wedding clothing for bride to be
Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire styles for ladies
Red yoruba Traditional wedding attire for bride
White traditional yoruba attire for bride and groom
Blue traditional marriage clothes
Gold traditional marriage attire for yoruba couples
Grey traditional Yoruba wedding attire
Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire styles
Yoruba bride and groom wear
Yoruba Traditional wedding pictures
Asooke styles for couples at Nigerian wedding
Wine red and pink yoruba traditional wedding attire
Yoruba bride and bride's mother traditional wedding attire
White and black asooke for yoruba Traditional wedding
Purple and pink themed Yoruba Traditional wedding attire
Gold and Red yoruba Traditional wedding attire
Turquoise yoruba Traditional wedding attire
Black and gold Yoruba Traditional female attire for wedding
African traditional wedding attire
Yoruba wedding attire - Lace and Kaftan
Nigerian bride attire
Yoruba bride and groom - White and orange
Cream coloured yoruba Traditional wedding attire for bride and groom
Traditional yoruba attire for bride and groom
White Yoruba Traditional outfit
Traditional asooke attire for Nigerian family
Yoruba Traditional wedding outfits for brides
Pink asooke for bride with blue and black kaftan for groom
George attire for wedding
Asooke and lace for Yoruba weddings
Nigerian traditional wedding attire
Male Yoruba wedding attire
Yoruba bride getting married to Yoruba groom in aso oke outfit
Yoruba Traditional attire for female
Wedding pictures in Nigeria
Orange traditional wedding attire
Iro and Buba for Yoruba brides
Traditional Yoruba weddings
Green traditional yoruba wedding attire
Yoruba styles for traditional marriage

Closing Notes

Hope you had fun reading. Let us know what other tribal introductory outfits you would love to see by dropping a comment below.

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