Bag Making Materials in Nigeria and Prices (2024)

Bag-making materials are needed whether you make bags for fun or as a business. There are some materials that are meant for bag making and these materials will enable you to achieve the goals of the bag. Apparently, without bag materials, making bags seems unachievable. 

This article is centered on explaining the essential bag materials and the prices in Nigeria. 

Bag Making Materials in Nigeria

Bag Making has surpassed being the job function of women. Most men now engage in bag-making for sales in bulk or personal use. Also, bag-making is now a necessity for every home because we need bags to perform one or two functions in our homes. 

This segment is centered on explaining the necessary bag making materials.

Bag Fabric

To make the bag itself, we need a bag Fabric because without it every other material used in making the bag becomes void. Your choice of bag materials depends on what you want. Some bag materials you can use are jeans, leather, cotton, or local Ankara material

Also, it isn’t enough to use colorful bag material. You should be in the know that the material you use determines the longevity of your bag. After all, you don’t want a bag that wouldn’t last long. Prioritize getting quality bag materials to colorful ones. 

Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is an important piece of equipment that’s highly needed in the making of a bag. Without the sewing machine, no bag would be achieved. Although, the sewing machine cannot be termed a bag-making material. It is a necessity in the making of a bag. 

Machines come in varieties depending on your financial capabilities. You can choose a manual sewing machine or an electric sewing machine. Of course, the electric sewing machine works faster and smarter. It is the best choice if you’re producing bags for commercial purposes. 

However, both machines are good and they’ll give you great rewards. You just have to choose a sewing machine that’ll work effectively for you. 


Zippers are also an important element in bag-making. You’ll need the zipper for bags and purses, the reason being that the content of the bag needs to be secured or protected. 

There are varieties of zippers in the market. Some of these are bag zippers, pants zippers, water repellent zippers, invisible zippers, metal teeth zippers, nylon could zippers, separating zippers, exposed zippers, fly zippers, lapped zippers, etc. 


Webbing is the material used in making bag handles. In some cases, the bag materials are being used as webbings but to make sure the handle is strong enough, you make use of webbing. Webbing makes the bag easier to carry everywhere because they’re made of cotton or nylon material. 

Webbings come in a variety of colours and sizes and they add sturdiness to your bag due to their neatly finished edges.

D Rings and Other Rings

The D Ring is used to handle the strap of a bag. Other types of Rings available are Rectangle Rings, Oval-shaped Rings, Square Rings, etc. 

Bag Making Materials in Nigeria and Prices ([year])
Bag Making Materials

Purse Chains

Purse Chains are a metal chain that is used for bag handles. It beautifies the bag and also serves as a bag carriage.


Embellishments are decorative elements to decorate and personalize your bags. It also gives your bag a professional look.

Prices of Bag Making Materials

Prices of bag making Materials are dependent on the type of fabric you intend to use and the type of embellishment you want to add to it. The following include the prices of the common materials used in making bags:

  • Bag Fabric: The price begins from N700 depending on the fabric or material.
  • Webbing: The price begins from N300
  • Zippers: The price begins from N100
  • Magnetic Snaps: The price begins from N250
  • Purse Locks: The price begins from N300 and upward depending on the quality
  • Bag bottoms and feet: The price begins from N1000 per pack of four. 

It is pertinent to note that the prices vary depending on the quality, demand, location, government policies, etc. 

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