How To Register For Fashion Shows in Nigeria (2024)

This article is centered on explaining how to register for fashion shows in Nigeria. Fashion exceeds clothes, shoes, and bags. The industry is huge and it has experienced drastic growth since decades ago. 

Fashion shows are a gathering even put together by fashion designers to showcase their talents and accessories during fashion week celebrations. In fashion shows, people get to know the kind of fashion that’s presently in trend. 

How To Register For Fashion Shows in Nigeria

This list consists of the popular and fashion shows in Nigeria. We’ll also take you through the registration process

African Fashion Week

African Fashion Week is a fashion show in Nigeria that showcases press conferences, dress, and garment-making conferences show from top fashion designers, and the latest hair styling, make-up, shoe, and so many others. This show usually takes place in Lagos State and also, the date for this year’s event isn’t scheduled yet. 

The event is very helpful for bringing up young and growing designers in the fashion industry. The show promotes designers in Nigeria and Africa at large. This event or show supports education and creates job opportunities for some designers. 

Also, through this fashion show, the country came to understand the potential of its grooming fashion intellects. The main address for the event is Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island.

This event is sponsored by Cantu, Studio24, and DaViva. It’s absolutely free for participants; you don’t have to pay a dime. 

Cosmetics and Beuty Africa Expo

Cosmetics and Beauty Africa Expo is a fashion show in Nigeria aimed at bringing together businesses and industries engaged in producing Beauty products, Beauty services, and personal care products. This program is beneficial to Cosmetologists and the like because ut. Creates a form of networking for those in the same business. 

Individuals can build business relationships and meet their customers through this event and show. The event is usually organized at the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island. The body responsible for organizing this event is BKG Exhibitions Limited. 

Made in Nigeria Shoe Expo

This fashion show and exhibition are organized by Logsanes Limited. This fashion show in Nigeria is in place to serve the purpose of networking. The set of people required to bring their products for a show at this event are footwear and leather manufacturers, shoe dealers and designers, shoe equipment manufacturers, etc. 

The participants who are required to be present for this event could be footwear enthusiasts, students, foreign embassy delegates, NYSC corp members, and many more people who love creativity.  The event is free.

Lagos Fashion and Ready-to-wear Garment Exhibition in Nigeria

This fashion exhibition is usually held for two consecutive days at Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos Island. The main aim of the event is to bring together fashion enthusiasts, fashion designers, tailors, and fashion creatives to benefit from the Nigerian professionals in the garment industry. The organizer of the event is Atlantic Exhibition Nigeria Limited. 

Individuals or participants of these events are open to the opportunity to meet local and foreign investors. They could also gain more clients through this show.

Nigeria BhExpo

Nigeria BhExpo is one of the fashion shows in Nigeria. The cost bent us an international one and it takes place at Landmark Center, Lagos. This company also serves as a platform for exhibitors to present their natural care products and beauty care products in a bid to attract suppliers and distributors. 

Also, the producers who come to showcase their products do get in touch with their target audience through this promotion or event. This program allows for direct contact between the producer and consumers. Lovers of beauty are expected to turn out in numbers for this exhibition. The organizers of this event are Elanexpo.


We hope we satisfy your quest through our list. The date when these fashion shows in Nigeria are coming up hasn’t been released yet. You can get in touch with them through the contact we provided. Before you go, check out the Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Nigeria.

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