How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly in 15 Easy Ways

Boyfriend jeans are one of the denim trend styles that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. If you’re still new to the style and learning how to wear boyfriend jeans in the most fashionable way you can, then warm up those bennies cos we’re about to get your fashion sense right.

Boyfriend jeans, baggy jeans, mom jeans, upcycled denim, loose jeans, or whatever other names you know these jeans as are not like other denim types that require so much maintenance and do not give you breathing space when for long.

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly

1. Tie-dye T-Shirt on Black Boyfriend Jeans

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly
How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans with Sneakers

Comfy tie-dye sweaters are the fit options for the winter seasons. If you want to switch skinny jeans from your wardrobe for baggy jeans, then pairing the pants with loose-fitting shirts is a win-win.

2. Mexican Poncho over Boyfriend Jeans and Chunky Booties

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly
How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans with Boots

The brille (glasses), seidentuch (scarf), and tasche (handbag) add more elegance to the already glamorous pair of poncho and jeans.

The accessories added here are all Instagram-worthy boyfriend jeans accessories if you want to steal the glances from the crowd.

3. Mickey Mouse Top with Distressed Mom Jean

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly
How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Casually

Anyone can rock this baby-tee-inspired combo with vintage loafers or boots. When shopping for boyfriend jeans, look for denim that hugs around the waist for the perfect curve but also feels loose at the thigh area.

4. Denim on Denim Fashion inspo

Mom jeans
How to Style your Mom Jeans with Oversized Denim Jacket

You can double up Denim with an oversized jacket layered over a bralette-sheer and black slides. The jeans and jacket make for a sleek signature

5. Rolled up Mom Jeans and Lace Blouse

Baggy jeans
How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans for Grannies

Lovely outfits are worn over and over again. You don’t need clothes when you reform your old jeans into something more interesting.

Get ready to turn the most grandma item in your closet into the most hyped fashion trend on Instagram overnight.

6. How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans as a Corporate Outfit

Baggy jeans
Corporate Styles for Baggy Jeans

This style is the perfect look for cool girl’s attendance to a board meetings

If you feel uncomfortable wearing skinny jeans for corporate events, then you can go for these high-waist boyfriend jeans. A blazer can be added to spice up the looks.

7. Muslima-inspired Branded Jeans

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly
How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Decently

Going for the high-rise jeans with plaid tees, turtleneck undervest and a hijab is an unofficial way to take the skinny jeans out of view. Skip the too-tight skinny jeans and make boyfriend denim your comfiest blues.

The matching fabric colour pops at different angles of the mom jeans making it tempting for all-winter wear.

8. Baby Pink Shirt on High-rise Jeans

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly
Cute Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

A vintage-inspired breezy outfit and loose footwear are what anyone can rock with their mom’s jean. Statement bell sleeves make the looks of your boyfriend’s jeans even more interesting and most likely to spot you as the centre of attention.

Colourful and extra girly jeans make wearing boyfriend jeans less boring and help build contrast in your style.

9. Cozy-Girl Chic Ripped Jeans

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly in 15 Easy Ways
Street Fashion Styles for Ripped Baggy Jeans

Glitzy winter styles in shredded boyfriend jeans, a warm comfy overall coat and NIKE Air Force 1 Platform Sneakers would leave your fashion style unmatched.

10. Triangle Bralette and Plus-Size Mom Jeans

Mom jeans
How to Wear Mom Jeans in Summer

Your go-to jeans if you’re strapped for time and looking for a low-maintenance outfit. The high-fashion fit flirty bralette-sheer crop may look intimidating, but you can balance it out with the slouchy pants and platform sneakers

11. Subtle Street Fashion Denim

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly
Wear Your Crop Top with Boyfriend Jeans

The totally wearable retro styles with matching white pumps. I’m really feeling the 90s vibe that the ripped baggy jeans are giving plus the Square sunglasses and shoulder bag.

You can never go wrong with a solid pair of mom jeans and a cropped top.

12. Boyfriend Dungarees

Baggy jeans
Outdoor Baggy Jeans Style

Jeans lovers understand the importance of this denim as workwear. Darned roll neck and mini cardigans are fast replacing crop tops because of their cool chic looks.

13. Vintage Coat Paired with Classic Boyfriend Jeans

Baggy jeans
How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans with a Coat

Sure to stir up the perfect drama levels is the tailored jacket. One of the classic ways to wear boyfriend jeans is the paired-up coat. You can recreate the style with a Fur, Faux, or Vintage coat.

14. Corset Top with Distressed Mom Jeans and High Platform Heels

Ripped jeans
How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans With a Corset Top

This style will convince you to ditch your skinnies and always go for the boyfriend jeans. A true wardrobe essential for every fashion girl’s wardrobe is the corset top. It truly deserves the hype because you can wear them with lots of outfits and they never go out of style.

15. Tomboy Boyfriend Jean Style

Tomboy styles can have a spice of both genders when you fashion them the right way. A roll-it-up ripped jeans with a men’s shirt is a definite buy-in here.

Conclusion: How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly

You can’t get enough ways to wear boyfriend jeans outfits but most importantly, you should make sure your outfit compliments your fashion style and gives you a comfy feel.

Don’t be pressured to think that your Mom jeans must be ripped for them to be fashionable, you can keep up the pace with the fashion trends and yet do your thingy the way you like it.

Restyling and not always shopping can help you maintain order with your wardrobe essentials. The upcycled jeans make provisions for stocking key pieces in your wardrobe. A tip to take to heart here is, “the fewer the better”.

For instance, if you have ripped jean that now feels uncomfortable to wear, maybe because of excess ripping and shrink lines, you can cut the jeans into shorts.

Hope you found how you can wear your boyfriend’s jeans to taste

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