How to Become a Fashion Stylist in Nigeria

This post is centered on explaining how to become a fashion stylist in Nigeria. The question about being a fashion stylist is important because the world of fashion is fast growing and we need people who are interested and passionate about it. 

What is a Fashion Stylist?

Before we proceed to explaining the steps in being a fashion enthusiast, we need to understand who a fashion stylist is. A fashion stylist is a professional that coordinates all aspects of a person’s visual aesthetic to make them look appealing and fashionable. 

Stylists work with people who are interested in their looks. They work with different strata of individuals in society as much as they want to look their best. Some of them work with high profile individuals as well as musicians or any celebrity at all. A fashion stylist performs varieties of functions which include:

  • They research the fashions of old eras to design a new aesthetic. They do their research through magazines, old books etc. 
  • They attend shows to keep themselves updated with the latest designs and trends. 
  • They source clothing from different manufacturers and brands. 
  • They assist clothing buyers 
  • They work with public figures to craft a visual aesthetic. They serve this role of a personal stylist. 
  • They consult models, photographers and a substantial number of creatives. 

Fashion Stylist works on professional photoshoots, on the set of musical videos, print advertisements or televised commercials, in a TV newsroom, advising a costume designer and developing a personal style for a public figure. 

How to Become a Fashion Stylist 

To be a stylist is not an easy task and it requires your commitment and hard work. Follow the following essential tips on how to be a fashion stylist. 

Develop Networking Skills

Networking is an important skill to develop in any field at all. It’s a great idea to reach out to people that have made it in that line you admire and maybe work with them. 

Discover people whose goals and aspirations align with yours and learn from them.

Develop Personal and Professional Relationship

You need to engage in personal relationship because it assists you in attaining new style clients. Most businesses will come from a friend of their existing clients, so try to develop a professional relationship with your clients. 

Stay up to Date

If you’re passionate about being a stylist in the fashion world, then you need to be familiar with fashion trends and have strong communication skills. 

Be Experienced

Your experience level determines how far you’ll go as a fashion stylist. Your years of experience will open more doors for you than a certificate. 

Your education level isn’t a criterion provided you have the necessary skills and experience. 

Work in a Local Boutique

Working in a Local Boutique will enable you to familiarize yourself with other brands and styling. Also, you’ll be opportune to build a client base in your community.

Use Social Media

In the world today, social media plays a crucial role because it fits more people into your work, it helps you to brand yourself, it helps you to develop a client base. 

Using social media can lead a stylist to becoming an influencer. 


Having learnt about being a fashion enthusiast, then you’ll discover that the skill is more about networking, being experienced and up to date. You shouldn’t have any issues being a fashion stylist. Hope you got value? Share your views, comments, suggestions in the comment section. 

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