How To Be Fashionable In 10 Simple Steps

How to be fashionable is one of the common questions in the minds of teenage girls. Believe it or not, how you look greatly impacts your self-esteem.

I guess we’ve all had those moments when we’re pushing for self-love and not giving a damn about what others think of us.

Sometimes it’s not about developing yourself. Have you tried looking at the scenario from a different angle? Well, I have, and what I found out was that I was being defensive over my insecurities.

Can looking unfashionable pull down my morale?

Yes, it sure can and the real fact about this is that you may block off all pointers directing you to it with a view of “Keeping off the bad energies”

Looking attractive has this easy way of improving a person’s confidence and I’m guessing that since you’re on this page, you want that for yourself too.

Whether you’re trying to learn how to look more fashionable or you just want to step up your fashion taste, I can assure you that this article is for you.

Before we get started, I want you to understand that a good fashion taste doesn’t mean you’d have to break your savings to wear the latest celebrity outfits or put on the most expensive fashion accessories.

That cleared, let’s dive right in

10 Simple Tips On How You Can Look More Fashionable

1. Get to Know the Fashion Styles You Prefer

How to look more fashionable
Look More Fashionable On the Styles You Prefer

Are you the kind of person that likes to flaunt trendy and expensive clothes? Is your style vintage or do you wear whatever plops from your wardrobe each time?

If you fall into the last category, then you have to pick a fashion style for yourself if you’re learning how to be fashionable.

Confidence is one of the keys to unlocking your fashion taste. Becoming fashionable doesn’t mean you have to fake it till you make it.

Believe in the style you like and rock it painlessly. If you go for styles you don’t like just because every other person has it on, you might find it hard to keep up with that fashion style.

2. How to Buy Fashionable Outfits

How to be fashionable
How to be fashionable on a budget

When it comes to buying clothes you have the choice to buy cheap and fast fashion wear or budget-friendly and quality outfits. If you want to buy clothes for a particular event such as weddings or anniversaries, you need to buy quality clothes so you can wear them to other similar occasions.

Also when buying clothes you may find out that some of the outfits they sell are way too cheap. Now, I would advise that you don’t buy these clothes because most of them are either made with low-quality fabrics or they’ve lasted ages in the store without a buyer. The giveaway price that shop owners tag on these clothes is just a marketing strategy to get the cloth out of stock.

Though you may be in luck sometimes and get good clothing through this, other times you’ll be losing a lot of money on sub-standard clothes.

Going for fast fashion outfits would be a waste of money as they easily get ragged out and has serious impacts on your personality.

3. Wearing Clothes That are Fit to Your Body Size

How to be fashionable
Lady trying to put on an overgrown dress

Your clothes should be tailored to size; not oversized or undersized. Clothes that are not well put together make you uncomfortable even without another person telling you that.

If you buy a dress that is not exactly your size, you can get a good tailor to amend it so it doesn’t look sloppy.

When you’re not buying a new dress and just picking out clothes from your wardrobe always have a critical look at the dresses to make sure that they’re still properly fit for you before the D-Day.

If you’re in a habit of piling clothes in your wardrobe, you should do well to arrange them as that can ruin your clothes easily.

4. Finding and Matching Your Outfits the Right Way

Look stylish on outfits
Look More Fashionable With The Clothes in Your Wardrobe

When you know what’s in your wardrobe, you’d be able to organise your outfits better. You can select some routine wears to be easily accessible on your wardrobe shelves and hangers while the clothes you wear rarely can take the comfort of your box.

This way, you’d cut down the stress of searching for the right outfit each time. If you organise your wardrobe frequently, you may not need to buy any new clothes.

Your day-to-day outfit should both fit your current lifestyle and be fashionable. They should be easy to fish out should in case you need to dress hastily and yet look elegant.

Plain tees, shorts, and light dresses are staple wears you can put on a number of times.

If you like following the trends you can stay relevant by bringing in a sense of identity to your clothing selection as against blindly following the trends.

5. Look More Fashionable With Color Coordination

Color combinations
Colour combinations for stylish outfits

To combine plain colours, you can go with two to three colours where one of the colours can be shouty while the second and third would be calm colours. Never select two to three bright colours at a go except one of the bright colours you’re matching is black. However, you can do that for warm colours.

Colour combos like Neon green and Black, Beige and Grey, Off-white and Purple, Yellow and Orange (for a girlie look), and Pink and Royal Blue are just perfect.

Matching outfits make you look fashionable, especially the two-piece clothes like blazers and suit skirts or pants, sweatshirts and joggers, vintage tops and knickers, knit sets, and every other clothing with a matching set.

You can mix a variety of colours, patterns, and textures when matching your outfits to look more fashionable. Dressing up with matching accessories like bags, shoes, and belts is now a fashion faux and you wouldn’t want to be found guilty of that.

6. Pattern Making For Your Outfits

Look fashionable
Look fashionable on polka dots

You can pattern polka dots, checks, floral, or stripes with monochrome clothes ti look more fashionable. This gives you a unique and bold look exactly the way it matches your body. As you advance in your fashion style, you can start combining polka dots with stripes without looking like a clown.

Mixing fabric textures like ribbed knit, lace, snakeskin print, tigerskin print, suede, cotton, silk, lycra, leather, and polyester also makes you look fashionable.

7. How To be Fashionable With Casual or Corporate Wears

Look fashionable
Look fashionable on blazers and jeans

You can make your casual outfits look corporate and also interesting. Corporate wears edges on blazers while casuals are best tagged to jeans. Now a graphic tee with a luxe blazer hanging on your shoulders over a boyfriend jeans can be worn to work and the park.

8. Put On the Right Footwear

How to be fashionable
How to be fashionable with footwear

Though I don’t know how true this is, there was this “Did you know” I popped into some time ago that claimed that the first thing people unintentionally notice about you is your footwear.

After then, I started paying more attention to the kind of footwear people wore. Soon after that, I became aware that I take sneaky looks at people’s shoes or heels unconsciously.

If this is true, and not my unconscious trying to align with what I’ve seen online, then you should pair your footwear appropriately.

If high heels would better match the outfit you’re wearing but you don’t want to be uncomfortable on that platform, then go for a lesser height of heels. Since you’re learning how to be fashionable, you would also have to learn to put up with the discipline it comes with.

9. How You Wear Your Clothes Matters

Look fashionable
Great fashion taste is necessary to look fashionable

Asides from avoiding wardrobe malfunctions, when you’re not wearing a tie, don’t tuck in the full length of your shirt. Leaving some buttons open makes you look less of a nerd.

Layers of outfits over another present you as a fashion goddess that commands her terrain. Peep this lady wearing her comfy coat over a dress, tights, and boots for the winter.

Look more fashionable

10. Accessorize Your Outfits

How to look stylish
Accessories for your outfits

The baddie living down the street knows she looks all peng when she slaps on her sunglasses with a hat over her head. Beads and luxury accessories are not casual but are the best fit for occasions where you want to slay effortlessly.

Closing Notes

You don’t need to spend hours trying to look fashionable when you can match the right clothes and accessories in a few minutes. The ten steps I’ve given above are all you need to look top-notch on a budget.

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