How to Style Abayas: 30+ Stylish Photos For Every Hijabi

How To Style Abayas: 30+ Stylish Photos For Every Hijabi

You don’t need to be a hijabi to know how to style abayas to taste.

Though the abaya is worn mainly by Muslims, no rule restricts non-Muslims from wearing them. The particular spec of abaya styles is that they are modest and still give the whole vibes that a hot outfit would normally give.

Whether the code is Jalabi, Abaya, or bubu gown you want to wear an outfit that would be giving rich aunty vibes and that is what these unusual but elegant ways to wear an abaya are here to show you

One point I want to make clear before I proceed to display the styles is that an abaya without a hijab is incomplete and there is no style in this article that is without a hijab or turban.

Sorry but not sorry if you’re disappointed. To look elegant and stylish you need to wear the cloth styles correctly. It is a fashion faux to wear abayas without headgear even if you are not styling the outfit for religious purposes.

You can pair the clothing with luxurious accessories such as handbags, sunglasses, and slides but you want to also make sure that you’re not going overboard with them.

That settled, let’s get right into the main gist of the post – How to style abayas

Pictures of the Stylish Ways to Wear an Abaya

How To Style Abayas

Closed abaya

How To Style Abayas

This full-length body size view gives the perfect description of what elegant abaya designs mean

New abaya style

Ways To Wear An Abaya

Same style as the one above but with different embroidery patterns

Arabian abaya in flat style

Ways To Wear An Abaya

If you are not feeling very confident wearing the abaya loose as the one in the picture above, you can go in with a strap belt from the abaya material

Pleated classy abaya

How To Style Abayas

When the straight and flat styles feel too straight adding some pleats at the downsides is one of the ways to wear an abaya for more fascinating features.

Islamic female apparel

Ways To Wear An Abaya

Abaya colour combo

How To Style Abayas

Yellow and black is a simple and warm colour combination for your abaya. Here, the style would have been plain and like a Jalabiya worn as easy wear but with the black undervest and Hijab that are complementary to the abaya clothing, you can go for any event with this.

Abaya clothing for Arabic Muslim

How To Style Abayas

Black silk abaya style

Ways To Wear An Abaya

Earth tone colour abaya

How To Style Abayas

When you’re not in the mood for the closed styles and hijab, the open abaya can subside with a cute turban wrap.

Stylish abaya wears

Classic Jalabiya With A Custom Turban

When you have a long line of outfits in your closet to wear for the Eid celebrations, close your eyes and pick the abaya. You won’t regret that decision

How to wear under abaya with a red hijab

How To Look Stylish In Hijab

Red is a bespoke colour; before you select red clothes make sure you are ready to deal with the attention that comes with it.

Open abaya and hijab fashion

Hijab And Abaya Fashion Trends

I know I mentioned just slides earlier but to wear cultural heritage abayas as a wedding guest, you need to wear heels or Platform sandals

Simple abaya fashion designs

Ways To Wear An Abaya

White and pink abayas

Luxury Stoned Abaya

Modern Arabian abaya dress styles

This is how every hijabi should wear abayas – sleek head wrap and a cute handbag

Ways To Wear An Abaya

Side pleated Ilesha collection of abayas

Ways To Wear An Abaya

Latest wedding abaya designs

How To Style Abayas

Classic Jalabiya with a custom turban

Hijab and abaya fashion trends

How To Style Abayas

Layering abayas underneath a body con dress or makes them even comfortable

How to style abayas with pleats

How To Style Abayas

Different ways to wear an abaya

How To Style Abayas
How To Style Abayas
How To Style Abayas

How to wear abayas made with ankara

How To Wear Under Abaya

Luxury stoned abaya

Ways To Wear An Abaya
Ways To Wear An Abaya

Well beaded 2-piece Abaya

Ways To Wear An Abaya


Stylish ways to wear abaya are inexhaustible as new styles emerge every day and you can’t get your hands on all of them. Be creative and work with the few styles you come across.


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