Stunning Isiagu Styles For Men

Traditional activities, coronations, weddings, special events, and reunions have never been more colourful for the Igbos than when they wear the Isi-agu attires. In contrast, the isiagu styles for men are not restricted to the Igbo people. Anyone can wear the attire and still look good. At Eucarlwears, we don’t aim for good, we look the best. Ready to style these stunning numbers with us? Get in!

What is Isi-Agu & What Does It Symbolise?

Isi-Agu is an Igbo traditional fabric and in Igbo language, it means lion’s head. The Igbos are densely populated in the south-eastern states of Nigeria including Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Imo, and Ebonyi states. Isi-Agu fabrics are in different colours but the original print is in red. The fabric is usually made from cotton or velvet.

Who Can Wear Isiagu In Igboland?

Isiagu Styles For Men

Isiagu outfit is worn traditional as a Chieftaincy attire. It is a symbol of royalty. Any man in Igbo land with a chieftaincy title is very likely to own at least one fabric with the lion’s head prints. This fabric he can sew into a short or long-sleeved pullover tunic shirt.

Before the tunic shirt became very common, the coronation garment and even the king’s apparel which he uses to preside over his people used to be a long red robe with lion prints embroidered on it.

To complement the fit, he also wears a red fez hat known as Okpu Agu in the Igbo language which translates to Igbo leopard cap in English. A nice fitting sandal or shoe is also worn. A traditional hand fan, walking stick, eagle feather, or charm may be held to identify the royalty of the wearer.

What Does Isi-Agu Symbolise?

Isiagu Outifts For African Men

Historically and even up until today, the rich Igbo culture is shown by wearing the lion print fabric. Kings and Chiefs in Igbo land are given much prestige any time they wear this symbolic fabric. The lion print on the fabric shows the strength and bravery of the wearer.

Formerly, Igbo warriors wear lion skin and hide to show that they have conquered a great battle or killed a lion or any big land animal.

Since these natural hides are no longer available, the Igbos began fashioning the heads of lions on fabrics. The velvet material is commonly used to represent the hairy skin of the lion. The very common style of the isiagu attire is when is fashioned like a Dashiki with a breast pocket and gold buttons.

Just as it has always been, the isiagu attire remains a symbol of power, high social status and royalty. It is not worn conventionally like a casual fit but for special occasions like chieftaincy instalments, weddings, and the burial of a chief, among others.

The Isi-Agu outfit for men is a shirt and a trouser attire can be long or short sleeve wear matched with a traditional cap and beads. There are various ways to fashion native wear both for men and women. In this post, we have detailed the latest isiagu styles for men that will get you looking stunning for any occasion.

Gorgeous Isiagu Styles For Men

The latest Isi-agu styles and fabrics come in different colours and patterns which we have illustrated below:

Ways To Wear Isiagu Stylishly For the Men
African wear, Traditional outfits

Isi Agu

Isiagu men wear
African attire
African attire - Red Isi Agu


Isiagu Igbo Traditional Top
Nigerian native attire styles - Isiagu men wear
African men clothing -  groom suit

Isiagu traditional attire for children
Men Fashion Design - Isiagu attire

Isiagu styles for men
Men in Chieftaincy attire
Traditional outfits for Igbo men
Igbo men attires
Isi agu wears for men
White isiagu for males

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