How to Wear Joggers Like A Fashionista In 10 Ways

Have you been wondering how to wear joggers besides sweatpants or workout wear? Some people don’t put much effort into looking stylish because they are a little too comfortable. What they don’t know is that there are numerous ways to wear your best joggers which I would be showing you in this guide.

Before we dive right into discussing how to wear joggers, let’s first understand what joggers are.

What Are Joggers?

Joggers are modern sweatpants. They are stylish outfits with an elastic waistband and slim fit appeal that tapers down the leg to end at another elastic band at the ankle. Unlike sweatpants, Joggers are slimmer, lighter, and more body-hugging than sweatpants.

Joggers are majorly worn with fashion hoodies and sports bras as luxury clothing but like a fashionista do you know how to wear joggers in other ways?

Though they are the most versatile athleisure wear, they can become challenging to wear if you try to recreate the jogger styles worn by your favourite celebrities.

How to Wear Joggers For Your Body Shape

If you get very creative with jogger styles, you can make them flatter your body shape. If you have curvy hips and thick thighs, you may want to draw attention to that area by angling the joggers from the waist to the ankle.

For a straight figure, you can buy joggers that are loose and lightweight so your hip and thigh areas would not look unflattering.

Best Joggers Outfit Ideas

1. How to Wear Cropped Tank Top with Heathered Pocket Joggers

How to Wear Joggers Casually
How to Wear Joggers Casually

Casual jogger outfits are appropriate for work or play. You can pair the joggers with a cropped t-shirt and sneakers. A loose t-shirt or sports bra can suffice but if you want to make it dressier, then pair the pants up with heels and jewels.

I know you might be wondering if it’s a fashion faux to wear cotton clothes with heels but the main idea is to be creative with the style. If you still feel uncomfortable with this, leather joggers or polyester pants would do the job perfectly.

2. Black Joggers With A Plain White T-Shirt

Best Joggers Outfit Ideas

Black joggers with a monochrome white vest or white joggers with a black top are both great ways to style your joggers. Casual shoes go well with the combo by keeping it simple and subtle

3. Plain White Jogger Outfit Ideas

How to Wear Joggers
How to wear complete white joggers

The sporty jogger look can be played with different colours but this plain white sportswear beats them all. While running shoes are the best fit for this outfit, you can make your joggers look more stylish with a baseball cap.

4. Ways to Style Denim Joggers

Best Joggers Outfit Ideas

Denim joggers and a loose t-shirt are great options to try but you may want to consider the occasion. Highlight the style with sneaks, ankle boots, or pointed-toe heels. Jean outfits can be worn in a couple of ways asides from leisure wears

5. Jogger Scrubs For Medics

Clinical wear isn’t meant to be boring and you can choose to ace your joggers game with your scrubs and the right pair of sneaks.

6. Joggers with an Oversized Kimono Jacket

Best Joggers Outfit Ideas

The best joggers outfit ideas are the ones you wear with full confidence. The statement heels give a more formal jogger look. Pointy heels and strappy sandals among other feminine shoes can be alternated with closed-toe heels.

7. Joggers Women’s Sweatpants – Natures Green All Over Print

How to Wear Joggers Casually
Patterned athleisure joggers

Patterned joggers are premium quality and perfect for a wide range of events. You can add them to your activewear and streetwear collections for a stylish look. Tons of people on Instagram are wearing their joggers with crop tops and I’m sure you can pull that off too.

8. Vegan Leather Joggers and Boots

How to Wear Joggers

Leather joggers are great options to add to your wardrobe collections. Boots are complementary to leather wear so you can fit the style.

9. ASOS Tall Lounge Jogger

Tall Lounge Jogger,

Instead of going for matching tops that look like sweatsuits and pyjamas, select tops that have a contrasting colour to match the heavy cotton of the standard jogger. You can also half-tuck long tops instead of a full tuck-in at the waistline.

10. How to Wear Joggers – Ripped Fashion Styles

distressed joggers
High-waist distressed joggers with blazers

Distressed joggers can be worn with converse shoes for a chic look, leather boots for an Edgy style, heels for a classy look, or flats for a grunge appeal. Whichever you choose to go for, always ensure that the top compliments the joggers.

Now we’ve reached the end of this article, which of these styles are you going for?

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