A Guide to Wearing Crochet Top (2024)

Crochet Clothes are amazing to wear be it a top, skirt, dress, and what have you. They look stunning when perfectly paired in summer and dapper when layered appropriately in the colder temps. A guide to wearing crochet tops will be a great way to learn a few tips you should take note of each time you want to don your crochet staples. Keep reading!

Guide To Wearing Crochet Tops

1. Selecting Your Undergarments

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The first and most important part of wearing a crotchet top is choosing the undergarments. Crochet tops can be too exposing and choosing an appropriate undergarment is very necessary.

You may choose to wear a nude-colored tank top or camisole under the crochet fit. Nude and most neutral clothes easily blend with skin color, hence, it would not create a distracting look with the crochet top. You also need not worry about looking inappropriate because the neutral tone readily seals up the look.

Bralettes and bandeaus are also great undergarments that can be worn under your crochet outfits, especially if you want to leave your stomach exposed.

Bralettes are more comfortable than bras because they don’t have form-fitting underwires. Bandeaus also similarly cover the chest as tube tops. You can try bralettes and bandeaus in different colors and patterns to go creative on your styling.

To highlight your crochet fit, you can layer colorful undergarments underneath. This look focuses the attention on your top since the colors underneath are visually appealing. For the bottoms and some of the accessories, it would be best to go neutral instead of bright colors since they would create a distracted look.

2. Choosing Pairs for Your Crotchet Outfit

 Double Tap-Worthy Ways to Wear Trendy Crochet Tops

Jeans are a great pair for crochet tops especially when it is in a cropped fashion. Black denim looks sleeker with the top than light-wash jeans. They fit well with any crochet style.

Blue denim with a white crochet top and pink bandeau underneath creates an appealing look. For a dark crotchet look, a pop of bright red, blue, or any neon color would easily elevate the outfit.

When you want to tune in to the casual vibes, opt for shorts with a loose bohemian crotchet top. The pair is perfect on sunny days and when you want to hang around the beach.

Bright top patterns can be paired with pants or a maxi skirt to embrace the hippie fashion style. You would easily make a statement in your attire when the top is vibrant and fun-looking.

For white crochet tops and neutral patterns, floral wide-legged pants or tie-dyed skirts make good complements. A more structured crochet top would need tailored pants to get into the casual moments.

For your little crochet top, a high-waisted long flowy skirt strikes a perfect balance between modest and sexy. If the top is flowy, then a maxi strapless or thin-strapped gown worn underneath would be a better match.

The most important thing in pairing your crochet top is balance. This is crucial for when you want to appear modest in the fit or you are in a professional setting.

Once you’ve got the right balance between skin-fitting and loose-fitting attires, then you can create a great pair. An easy way to do this – if the top is loose, go for skin-fitted or tailored bottoms and if the top is to your skin, loose bottoms would do. This must not always be your choicest option since some fitted tops can also go with fitted pants and skirts.

3. Accessories That Go Well With Crochet Clothes

Tips on How to Style and Wear Crochet Clothes

Colorful jewelry pieces such as chunky necklaces, dainty earrings, and bangle sets are some of the best accessories you can wear with crochet clothes. In all, the jewelry should only serve as an accessory and not a distraction from the main focus which should be your top. Take a purse or bag along with you to contain your essentials.

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