How To Start T-shirt Printing Business In Nigeria

There are countless businesses in Nigeria that are quite profitable and scalable. Nevertheless, if you intend to start up a business in Nigeria, you should venture into a business that does not require too much capital such as a T-shirt printing business, and here we will provide you with all you need on how to Start T-shirt Printing Business In Nigeria.

The T-shirt printing business is one profitable venture that does not require you to invest a huge chunk of money. But in as much as you don’t need to invest too much money, there are certain prerequisites you must meet in order to successfully operate the business.

Hence, the essence of this article. We are about to educate you on the right steps you are to take if you want to venture into the T-shirt printing business.

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How To Start T-shirt Printing Business In Nigeria

Even though you are completely clueless about how to start, the information provided here is a perfect guideline you need to get started:

#1. Market Research

The first thing to do is your due diligence. That is, you have to set aside time to diligently conduct market research, which will help you to fully understand the type of business you want to run. Now, since you intend to start a T-shirt printing business, you must understand how T-shirt printing companies can thrive in Nigeria. You need to understand the cost involve and the kind of profit you’d yield after sales.

More importantly, you might still need to dig deep to understand the kind of materials that you should print on. Imagine printing on an inferior material and by the time you deliver it to your client, the person gets disappointed. This would be very bad for your business.

Lastly, you must familiarize yourself with all the high-quality printing companies around you, which you would be working with until you have enough money to purchase your own printing machine. There are numerous printing companies in the country. You need to find the ones that offer a high-quality printing service.

#2. Develop Your T-shirt Designs

Aside from the fact that you would be printing T-shirts for brands, it’s best you make your own T-shirts. By doing this, you won’t be dependent on other brands to patronize you before you make money. You could sell your own T-shirts and generate good income for your business. This is why you must develop your own T-shirt designs. You could create your own collection of beautiful T-shirts. This alone would place your business in the fashion industry, which is very profitable.

Now, you are probably wondering how you can craft your own T-shirt designs. It’s not difficult at all.

There are several apps online that have countless T-shirt designs. All you need to do is download these apps, check out the designs, and then edit the designs to what you want. Remember your T-shirt designs must be unique and attractive in order to stand out. You must have this in mind when developing the T-shirt designs.

Moreover, aside from apps, there are many websites that offer free tools to make T-shirt designs. If you have a good laptop, just sign up with any of these websites and leverage their free tools to design your T-shirt.

#3. Validate your T-shirt designs

Validating your T-shirt designs simply means getting reviews from potential customers to know if the designs are sellable. You may think your T-shirt designs are amazing, but by the time you put them out for sale, people may not like them. This is why it’s important to validate your T-shirt designs before you spend money printing them.

You could do this by showing your T-shirt designs to friends and family, demanding their thoughts concerning the designs. If you are active on social media, you can share your designs there and find out what your followers think.

#4. Get Your Plain T-shirts

This is the next thing to do after getting your designs ready. Your plain T-shirts are what you’d take to the printing company to make the beautifully-designed ready-made T-shirts.

Now, to get your plain T-shirt, there are a few things you must consider. The first thing you should have in mind is the wholesaler selling the shirts to you. Ensure you buy from a reliable wholesaler that would sell high-quality materials to you. Remember you want to offer the best service, and that begins with the quality of your T-shirts.

Another thing you must consider is the price of the plain T-shirts. Ensure you look for affordable materials that won’t break your bank. If you spend too much money on the plain T-shirts, you won’t realize enough profit by the time you are done printing.

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Notwithstanding, in as much you are looking for affordable plain T-shirts, don’t ever buy inferior materials that are not of high quality. Go for something that is pocket-friendly and affordable at the same time.

#5. Build Your Online Presence

The last and most important thing that should be done when venturing into a T-shirt printing business in Nigeria is to set up your online presence. Whether you like it or not, the majority of your customers are online. And if you must sell your products and services to them, you have to connect with them online. This is why you need to properly set up and build your brand presence online. This mainly includes gaining a presence on social media; Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter.

One good reason why your brand must be active on social media is the fact that you can easily run paid Ads and reach out to thousands of potential customers.  Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful means to grab customers online.

On the other hand, setting up a website is another effective way to gain online presence. It also makes you look more professional. Your website is like an online showroom, where you would display all your beautiful T-shirt designs.


The T-shirt printing business in Nigeria is not only profitable but easy to run. You don’t even need to employ anyone, have a physical office or a large building. All you need is a strong online presence and an effective marketing strategy.

Each time a customer needs your service, simply get your plain T-shirts and head to your reliable printer. Apparently, this is not a complex process.

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