How to Start A Clothing Business in Nigeria

Have you been thinking about a profitable business you can do in Nigeria, do you want to start a clothing business in Nigeria? This article is focused on how to start a clothing business in Nigeria, you get every detail on what you need to start, tips and guides, and also how to scale up your income.

Having one’s own business is the best thing that you could ever wish for as currently with the level of unemployment in Nigeria you do not want to stay jobless. Also, having a huge sum of money that ought to be generating stable revenue for you can be so painful when you can’t think of what to do with such money as the economy of the country is dwindling coupled with the fact that the currency is losing value day by day.

How to Start Selling of Clothes Business in Nigeria
Start A Clothing Business in Nigeria

There are numerous profitable businesses in Nigeria you can venture into as long as you have a starting capital. Another interesting part is that you don’t necessarily need capital to start a clothing business in Nigeria can kickstart once you can show some downloaded designs you’ve downloaded online to your potential customers/buyers and they pay you then you use the money to purchase the clothes.

You just need to know how to approach those who need such and at the right time, it will be convenient for them to give you a listening ear.

The textile industry is moving massively even with all the negative policies of the government and also with the bad economy.

We have a large demand for clothes and this demand grows every day yet is not being met, why not venture into such a profitable business?

If you are ready to give this a try then continue reading this article as we reveal all you need to know to start an online clothing business in Nigeria and also extend this to physical customers if you wish.

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Reason Why You Should Start A Clothing Business In Nigeria

1. High Demand For Clothes

There is an unbelievable high demand for quality clothes in Nigeria as Nigerians are classy people who love dressing nice to their places of work and also to parties or other events. Though there is hunger in the land but the urge for clothes isn’t affected by this, some prefer going empty stomach while looking good, remember the saying “Looking Good Is A Good Business.

This is true though, when you look attractive you can attract opportunities.

2. Continuous Demand For Clothes

There will always be a continuous demand for clothes as we have people giving birth every minute and the population of the world increases every day so your guess is as good as mine. With this increasing demand, it creates opportunities for clothes sellers and you too can take advantage of this.

3. Importation

One thing we should be thankful for is the opportunity to import and export, with technology we can easily import anything we want from abroad with our quality standard of choice. We have a lot of people that are into importation of clothes and they are earning big from this.

4. Making New Friends

This may sound funny to you as you wonder what relationship selling clothes have to do with making friends. Well, the reason why this is very important is that you will be able to build a good relationship with your customers, make them your friends.

It is always easy for one to introduce a friend to something and aside from that who knows the opportunity, you will get in the future? The friend you have made will be the ones to patronize you in case you want to bring in other types of businesses, they also help you advertise so you have nothing to lose in short you have more to gain.

How to Start A Clothing Business in Nigeria

If you have been thinking of how to start a clothing business in Nigeria but don’t know the safe steps to take we have provided you with the best business plan to start your clothing business in Nigeria.

#1. Stick With a Cloth Type

This is usually the first step to consider to successfully start a clothing business in Nigeria, you need to decide the type of clothes you want to venture into, maybe men’s top, office clothes, women’s only clothes, unisex wear, or even kids wears, you then need to stick with whichever obe you are cool with.

#2. Make a Survey

Just like every other business you need to take your clothing business seriously and handle it as if it’s a normal corporate business because that’s what it is. You need to do a survey, inquire from those who are into the business, or even go online to gather the pros and cons, best location, class of people you sell to, e.t.c. Though you can never go wrong with a clothing business as long as you take it seriously.

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3. Raise a Capital

For your business to start and grow at a steady speed you need a starting capital, this is just like every other business. The introduction of this article we made mentioned not necessarily needing a start-up capital to begin your clothing business, that is true and remains so but when you have a starting capital you buy huge and you do not need to wait long to deliver to your buyers as you have your house stocked up already.

Challenges of Starting a Clothing Business in Nigeria

Every business has its own challenges and the clothing business can’t be an exception. What are the challenges encountered when starting a clothing business?

  • High Start-Up Cost — Clothes are expensive and the more expensive they are the more income you get but the burden here is that getting a start-up capital for such a business can be difficult, although how cheap or expensive it is depends on the type of clothing business you are venturing into.
  • Marketing — Marketing your already stocked clothes could be an issue and this depends on your personality, some people are bold in approaching customers while some are not so social. Nevertheless, there is space for everyone to sell be you social or non-social, you can make use of the internet and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others to sell your stuff. You can also run adverts on the social media platforms mentioned above.
  • Suppliers — It is a difficult thing sourcing for credible suppliers, some are there to reap you off while some sell substandard to you. Getting the right source with the right quality is something you need to research well.
  • Keeping Up with Trends — You do not want to invest in clothes that are out of trend, you need to subscribe to clothing line accounts on social media to follow up with what’s trending.
  • Competition — Though there is high demand for clothes in Nigeria that doesn’t rule out the competition in this line of business. There are many people generating huge profits from this business weekly and such people will go the extra length to attract more customers to themselves, you need to learn how to cope with this and also make yourself a pillar in this business.

Tips To Scale Up Your Clothing Business In Nigeria

It is certain you definitely want to scale up your clothing business, below are the important tips to help you through that:

i. Get An Online Store

You can get your business that online presence it needs to scale up and this is done by owning an e-commerce website where all your clothes will be categorized, displayed, shared, and also monitor your sales.

The most interesting part of this is that you can receive payment right on the website but owning an online store can be expensive. To get yourself an online store for your clothing business EucarlMedia have a subsidized amount for you.

ii. Online Marketing Campaign

You can reach more potential buyers by taking advantage of online platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Advert (Business Page), Instagram, and many more, this will require you to pay some amount of money and your campaign will be run based on your targeted audience and the amount you placed on it.

iii. Social Media Presence/Engagement

You need a social media presence to stay relevant in this business- not just having a presence on social media platforms but you want to engage your followers or subscribers, chat with them, respond to their comments and also recommend new product arrivals to them.

Best Websites To Import Clothes From China

You have learned how to start selling clothes business in Nigeria, if you have made up your mind to start the clothing business in Nigeria you may be disturbed about the right places to purchase your wear from.

Here are the best China websites to import your clothes from:

  2. AliExpress
  3. DHgate
  4. DealExtreme
  5. Chinabrands
  7. Zaful
  8. Banggoog


To operate a clothing business in Nigeria you will definitely make a good income from it but to make a huge income and stay relevant in business you need to scale up your business by having a stable online presence. Mind you, you can also sell your clothes in, Jumia, Konga, and other free store websites in case you can’t afford a website for your business.

I hope you enjoy reading about how to start a clothing business in Nigeria and that I have been of help one way or the other in helping you start a clothing business or for you as someone who is already into the business to help you scale up your business.

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