How to Start Ankara Business In Nigeria (2024)

Are you looking for a simple approach to make money selling Ankara fabrics but don’t know where or how to begin? You’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn just How to Start Ankara Business In Nigeria, how to scale up your income, how to attract new customers, and everything else you need to know about running an Ankara business in Nigeria in this article.

What is Ankara?

Many people, particularly tourists unfamiliar with African culture, may mistake Ankara for Turkey’s capital, a country in Western Asia, some even call it Kaftan which is totally different.

How to Start Ankara Business In Nigeria

Ankara is a ubiquitous and widely used fabric for garments in Africa, particularly in West Africa. They’re bright cotton garments with batik-inspired patterning that were mass-produced in factories. In Nigeria, Ankara is usually worn on unofficial days, particularly Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The majority of people wear Ankara clothing to several ceremonies or for a number of occasions.

Because Nigeria is Africa’s behemoth, it is believed that such an outfit will flourish there. With an ever-increasing population, there will undoubtedly be a need to dress unofficially for a specific occasion, as well as the requirement to attend an unofficial occasion. At a wedding ceremony, you don’t want to dress formally. In such circumstances, even you would feel absurd.

Seventy percent of Nigerian individuals wear Ankara clothing for a variety of reasons, necessitating the necessity for Ankara traders. Although some already exist, they are insufficient to match the growing demand for this cloth. More Ankara merchants are needed, which is why this article is written for you, yes, you. To advise you on how to start your business properly and to provide you with important ideas that you may require as you strive to expand it.

What is the Ankara Fabric Used For?

Ankara material

Quite a large number of people think Ankara fabrics are limited only to making attires. Gone are those days. With so much attention drawn into the fashion industry these modern days, people have learned to start making other things out of Ankara fabrics except clothes. You cannot go into any boutique without seeing an Ankara bag or shoe. That’s more like the Ankara trend these days and these products sell very fast.

Without taking too much of your time, let’s dive into the main purpose of the existence of this piece. That is, how to start Ankara business in Nigeria.

What are the Advantages of Starting Ankara Business in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, starting a fashion boutique in the Ankara business can be quite successful, especially if you are in the fashion industry. Of course, this type of clothing is the most desired because this fabric is only worn on special occasions, and as a result, the prestige it bestows on its wearer is one-of-a-kind. The following are the advantages of starting an Ankara business in Nigeria:

Never-Ending Demands for Special Occasions

Ankara fabric

There will always be occasions when you must wear Ankara apparel, one way or another. People marry, have children, retire, and celebrate their accomplishments in a variety of ways. They throw parties, which are usually not sanctioned.

The bulk of individuals in such gatherings dresses in Ankara. Ankara is almost a need for any formal or informal affair. A wedding ceremony cannot be attended in either casual or formal attire. In such situations, Ankara attires speak volumes.

Increased Demand for Clothes

The first advantage is linked with this. Of course, when there’s a party you have to attend, you’d definitely look for where to get your Ankara fabric.

People cannot wear one particular Ankara attire for three different occasions, you know? This is why they need alternatives and this is why it was stated earlier in this article that traders of this fabric already exist but they aren’t enough to meet the rising demands for the fabric.

Increased Demands for other Miscellaneous

Ankara fabric is not only employed in the sewing of costumes or attires. In modern days, people use Ankara fabric for a variety of things. Amongst them are shoes, bags, and hats. We have Ankara bags that look so beautiful and people are buying these bags.

In fact, products from Ankara always sell so fast before not a lot of people think outside the box. Very few people have only thought about how creative they can be with an Ankara fabric.

How Much Capital Does One Need to Start Ankara Business In Nigeria?

Ankara fabric

One may start an Ankara business for as low as ten thousand Naira (₦10,000) depending on which niche of the business you’re venturing into. However, it is advised that one starts at a very small scale and see how it goes before expanding. You need to be capable before starting such a business because it demands a lot, especially attention.

Step by Step Procedures to Start Ankara Business In Nigeria

Certain procedures are required in starting such a business as Ankara business. One cannot just say he is starting an Ankara business and deciding to buy the fabrics without getting anything done with it. The following procedures are necessary for starting such a business:

#1. Get Necessary Information About the Business

Before venturing into anything, not just Ankara business, you need to know the trends in the market. You have to get adequate information regarding the business you’re venturing into. For instance, if one chooses to start making shoes with Ankara fabrics, you might as well need to know the rate of demand for this product.

You can’t start making Ankara-printed shoes when they do not sell in the market. Likewise, you cannot make your Ankara shoes and choose to sell them in an area that isn’t recognized by the category of people that buy those types of shoes the most.

#2. Choose a Niche for your Business

Like I said before, not having a niche is like wasting your already established capital. You need to know which part of the business you want to venture into. You need to know what you are capable of doing. Can you make Ankara shoes or you’re better at making African wax bags instead? Or would you rather become a trader of this fabric or would you rather sew these fabrics into clothes? These questions arise when choosing a business niche.

#3. Start your Ankara Business

After gathering the required information and choosing an appropriate specialty for yourself, you may then start your business. Buy these Ankara fabrics from top performing textile companies and start making products you can out of them. Also, choosing the right place matters. Market your products in the right place and at the right time.

#4. Spread the Word

Ankara Business In Nigeria

After starting your business and seeing how it goes, you might as well then decide if you want to continue with it or not. If you have chosen to continue with it, it would then be the perfect time for you to showcase your products to the public.

Advertise your products using different methods and even through your customers. Also, do not forget that reviews are important. In the modern-day, people work with reviews. Get your customers to say one or two things about the product they’ve obtained from you. Never be afraid of a bad review as it only makes you better. Learn to relate well with your customers and accord them the respects they deserve.


Ankara Business In Nigeria

You may even choose to partner with companies involved in your type of business. For instance, if you’re an Ankara shoemaker, you may choose to partner with any of the top shoe-making companies in Nigeria as it’ll be a better opportunity to get your products known to the public. If you’ve chosen to sew attires with Ankara, you may as well choose to partner with any of the top fashion institutes in Nigeria.

You have several opportunities open to you as an Ankara businessman or woman. It is left to you to develop yourself and grow your business.

This piece has discussed all you need to do as a soon-to-be Ankara businessman or woman. If there are any questions, please utilize the comment section below for that.

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