10 Best Shoes to Wear With Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are also known as wide-leg pants and you need the best shoes to wear with palazzo pants. These trousers fit different people with different body shapes and it looks like a maxi skirt because it is wide from the waist downwards. Palazzo pants reach ankle length and it doesn’t necessarily mean they should drag below your ankle. 

This article covers the Best Shoes to Wear with palazzo pants. These shoes are ideal because they give your palazzo pants a perfect look. 

Best Shoes To Wear With Palazzo Pants

The following entails the best shoes that fit your palazzo pants. These pants affect any function you want to attend either a casual outing or formal gathering.


Wedges are shoes that have a thick sole. These shoes look well and perfect with palazzo pants and it gives you a kind of formal look. Lightweight materials like silk or satin are used to make palazzo trousers fit well when you wear them with wedges.

These shoes are comfortable and they add more to your weight. These shoes are the best to wear with palazzo pants.

Flat Shoes

Flat shoes also look good with palazzo trousers. Although, it might pose a problem when the wide hem of the trouser gets stuck underneath your shoes. When you have to wear flat shoes with palazzo trousers, choose a stylish pair and you should also go with less flowy fabric. 

Also, if you’re tall and you don’t want an added height, then you should go for this shoe. Flat shoes give you a stylish and deliberate look. 


Sneakers are a very popular shoe because it fits palazzo trousers best. These match; sneakers and palazzo pants give a casual aesthetic. This dress sense is good for running errands with your friends. The main thing about wearing sneakers with palazzo pants is that it makes you more comfortable. 

Palazzo pants with sneakers are also good for beach outings and it definitely gives you ease all day long.

Flip-flops or Slippers

Flip-flops are one of the best shoes to wear with palazzo pants, the reason being that they do not require extra styling before you can look good in them. They are usually hidden beneath your palazzo pants so there is a tendency that many people won’t see what you wear on your feet. 

The purpose of wear and the type of wear determines the rule of show you wear to match your palazzo pants. 

High-heeled Sandals

High-heeled Sandals give you a graceful and beautiful look to any outfit and the palazzo pants are also an exception. When you want to wear high-heeled Sandals with palazzo pants, you shouldn’t make the pants too long. It shouldn’t exceed your ankle length. 

Also, you should use a thicker strap when you have a thinner ankle and use a thinner strap when you have a bigger ankle. This gives you a balanced look and makes you comfortable all day long.

Block Heels

Block Heels usually give you a glam look and it’s one of the best shoes to wear with palazzo pants. These pants are good for ladies who want a dated look. You look good when you wear a tank top, chunky heels, and jewelry with your palazzo pants. 

These heels are comfortable and stable to wear. The look and dress sense serves both formal and informal occasions. These shoe styles are available in every market and store.


Brogues serve best for formal events. This shoe style is also regarded as men’s fashion for women. This shoe when worn with palazzo pants brings out a sense of professionalism in you. This combination when worn to work spice up your appearance at your workplace. 

Pencil Heels

Pencil Heels is another show style that looks good on you when you rock it with your palazzo pants. It is one of the best shoes to wear with palazzo pants and you are at the cynosure of all eyes when you wear this shoe with palazzo pants.


The stiletto shoe also fits perfectly when you wear them with your palazzo pant. These shoes make your legs look a bit longer and make you have a classy look from a casual look. You can combine stiletto with your palazzo pants to attend your workplaces and offices.

Half Shoe

Half Shoe is a kind of slipper-shoe. This shoe looks like a shoe from the front and at the back, it looks like a slipper at the back. It can be worn for informal occasions and you can rock it effortlessly with your palazzo pants. 


There you have it, the best shoes to wear with palazzo pants. Palazzo trousers are better when rocked with nice shoes as outlined above.

Do we hope this article is helpful? 

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