The Ultimate Guide to Headscarves

Headscarves might seem like a simple accessory, but do you know that there are lots of surprisingly versatile ways that you can style your scarves?

Whether you are looking for something to add some shine to your hair or a way to make sure your hair stays out of your face, this ultimate guide to headscarves would be an essential tool for you.

The Ultimate Guide To Headscarves

How to tie a headscarf
How to tie a headscarf

Let’s face it. Headscarves are trendy, which makes them very popular. Whether you like it or not, in the current fashion world they’re the newest accessory to pique interest.

In this guide, we’ll answer the following questions: Is it okay to wear a headscarf? Why do people wear headscarves? What are the different ways to wear headscarves? And most importantly – How do you put on a headscarf?

Is it Okay to Wear a Headscarf?

How to style a head scarf
How to style a head scarf

In your first start at wearing a headscarf, it may look intimidating and complicated. But once you understand the different styles and brands, it’s easy to fall in love with the way that you look wearing one.

And best of all, there are many reasons why this accessory is making a comeback; even though it used to be an option for only some Muslim women (the hijabi).

You’ve probably seen lots of styles for headscarves, and I bet you pretty much know some things about how they can be styled. As you continue to read through, we’d Detail the guide on how to style a headscarf.

Why Do People Wear Headscarves?

Even with the dominance of headbands, headscarves have become an essential item for women more than the bands. It’s as much a part of fashion as a pair of jeans is. But just like denim outfits, everyone has their approach to wearing headscarves.

Some people use headscarves to keep their hair out of their face or off their shoulders. Others use them just so that they can hang on to more than one ponytail for a stylish look. And some women just like to wear them because it makes them look elegant and adorable.

Some wear headscarves every day, others only in certain outfits, and others for religious purposes.

The Different Ways To Wear Headscarves

1. Tying a Headscarf Under Your Chin: The Classic Hollywood Look

You’ve probably seen it many times in the movies, on TV. This is the classic Hollywood look. As the name suggests, back in the late 2000s, movie stars like Gwyneth Paltrow were popular for wearing this particular headscarf look. It was a great way to catch the attention of the audience and gave them a media sensation.

How to Style this Look

Recreating the Classic Hollywood Look

Fold a square scarf halfway diagonally, then the way you have a triangular-shaped scarf. Take the two folded ends of the triangle, and place them around your head to drop down under your chin, where you would now form a knot. Then flaunt the retro-chic vibe the way you feel.

2. Tying a Headscarf Behind Your Head

This is the look you can pull off with big sunglasses to replace your big white hat alternatives because it looks way too cool and comfortable

To corral your hair, tie a headscarf at the top of your head and keep it interesting.

Headtie Looks

How to Tie a Headscarf Behind Your Head

Holding the opposing ends of a triangular scarf, place the widest side on your forehead, then take the tips behind your head. Allow the pointed tip of the triangular to fall free on your head then form a knot over that loose end behind your head.

You can choose to tie the scarf on top of your ears or below it.

3. Tying a Headscarf at the Nape of the Neck

We all love a simple look of trendy hair accessories. Draping your headscarf at the nape of your neck creates the ideal look for summer. This look allows you to feel feminine and powerful at the same time.

Style the Headtie Fashion Look

How to Tie a Headscarf at the Nape of the Neck

Just like in the classic look, fold the scarf diagonally into halves then pull the opposing ends to pass behind your hair and down to the back of your neck. You don’t want the scarf to go so low there, so you should knot the scarf tips just at the base of the skull.

4. Tying a scarf at the Top of Your Head

A scarf on top of your head is a perfect summer look, beach outfits, and street-style looks. This style can be made with a bandana however, it can cause a headache if they are too tight on your head and ears.

Fashion Scarves

How to Style a Headscarf at the Top of Your Head

Fold a soft scarf diagonally then make a 2-inch fold from the widest end. Continue with this folding till you get down to the pointed end. For a rectangular scarf, simply fold the scarf with a 2-inch gap from one end to the other.

Once you’ve formed your headband, place the scarf on your head from the back of your skull then work it upwards to the top of your head.

Alternatively, you can start from the top and move downwards with your headband.

Tying a Headscarf
Tying a Headscarf


As we’ve come to the end of this article, I want to highlight a common question in the minds of many concerning the ways to wear headscarves.

Can Wearing A Headscarf Cause Hair Loss?

Some people don’t wear scarves because they think that putting one on can cause hair loss. As opposed to this thought, it has not been proven that wearing headscarves makes your hair fall out. A remedy to this is to invest in good hair care products

Therefore, there is nothing to worry about so go ahead and wear your best styles of head scarves.

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