40+ Stylish Dreadlock Styles For Women

Stylish Dreadlock Styles For Women

Stylish Dreadlock Styles For Women – Dreadlocks are stylish hairstyles known to have originated from the word “Jata” of the ancient Vedic scriptures. This was used to refer to the twisted locks on Lord Shiva’s hair. The word is “Jatamukuta” in full which means “crown of matted hair”.

Dreadlock hairstyles are worn both for sacred and fashion purposes. Below are some beautiful pictures of dreadlock hairstyles for women.

Pictures of Dreadlock Styles For Women

Dreadlocks For Women
Short thin monochrome dreadlock styles for women
Dreadlock Styles For Women
Short dreadlocks on natural hair

This is one of the common types of dreadlocks worn by ladies. One interesting thing about making this loc style is that it is convenient and doesn’t require much maintenance. You just need to keep your sprays for dreadlocks handy.

Hairstyles For Ladies
Locs extension hairstyles
Dreads For Women
Dreads that are easy to make and comfortable to carry
Dread Styles For Women
Thin long twisted locs extension
Dreads For Women
Jamaican Locs for the stylish lady
Locs Styles For Women
Long Dreadlocks for women
Dreads For Women
Short dread styles with ponytail
Locs Hairstyles For Ladies
Chic locs hairstyles for ladies

If you are tired of making braided bob hairstyles, you can go for this Bob locs

Locs Hairstyles For Women
Multi-Colored beaded locs
Side-Swept Braided Locks For Women
Side-Swept Braided Locks

This involves flat twists at the front of the head and hanging dreadlocks at the back.

Dreads For Women
Twisted dreads for women
Dreadlock Hairstyles For Ladies
Jumbo locs hair extension

This hairstyle is known to be very simple to make.

Dreadlock Styles For Women
White dreadlock styles for women

Neat dreadlocks that require minimal effort to maintain.

Dreadlock Hairstyles
Doughnut packing styles with dreadlocks
Curly Dreadlocks
Curly Dreadlocks

Curly dreadlocks are fashionable ways to style your locs.

Dreadlock Styles For Women
Long curly dreadlocks

Dreadlock Styles for women that looks both modern and fashionable.

Braid For Thin Dread
Braid for thin dread
Mohawk Hairstyles
Dreadlocked Mohawk
Short Thick Dreadlocks
Short Thick Dreadlocks

Short dreadlock styles for women take off the burden of having to pack up and arrange your hair all the time.

Dreadlocks For Ladies
Side-swept locs

A simple packing for your loc styles that keeps you looking chic and beau.

The reason for this is due to its simplicity, in styling. It is known to be very easy and straightforward during styling.

Braided Dreadlocks
Braided Dreadlocks

Obviously, twists and dreadlocks are two different things. Twists are two different strands of dreadlock lines twisted together while on the other hand, dreadlocks are simply referred to as the ropes of the hair. Twists can be opted for if felt the dreadlock is too casual and requires something unique.

Dreadlocks For Women
Dreadlocks were worn by Massai Warriors

Dreadlocks used to be worn by African fighters to signify courage. When worn by the Massai warriors, it is made to be long and beautified with beads.

Pulled Back Knot
Pulled back knot
Crisscross Dreadlock
Crisscross dreadlock with high ponytail
Dreadlocks For Women
Dreadlock styles for women
Short Locs
Short loose locs
Bold Mohawk With Dreads
Bold Mohawk with Dreads

The sides of the head could be trimmed down completely or could be turned into a high fade. For this dreadlock style, it’s necessary to ensure goes down your body length to maintain a classic mohawk look.

Bohemian Rhapsody Dreadlocks
Bohemian rhapsody dreadlocks
Basket-Weave Dreadlocks
Basket-Weave Dreadlocks

This is a style that requires special attention. The basketweave dreadlocks work with any length of hair.

Medium Dreadlock Style
Medium dreadlock style
Low Ponytail Dreadlocks
Low Ponytail Dreadlocks

It is said that only a band, a hair tie, or a rope-like object is needed to pull off this hairstyle. It’s a great way to pack one’s hair to prevent the contact of the hair with the face, especially for those who have very long and beautiful hair.

Locs Hairstyles
Long dreadlocks style
Dreadlocks For Women
Dreadlocked Rows

There are several types of rows you can put into the dreadlock style. Based on your preference, rows could be twisted or braided into the size you want, maybe thick maybe thin along the scalp.

Dreadlock Hairstyles For Ladies
Dreadlocks in a Bun

This type of dreadlock is known to be classy, neat also, and very straightforward. It can be worn to cooperate events, ceremonial occasions, and even to carpet events.

Locs For Women
Short butterfly locs
Classic Dreadlocks For Women
Classic Dreadlocks
Low Ponytail Dreadlock
Low ponytail dreadlock

These are the easiest to pull off when you want to make a dreadlock style. They are very easy to make and achieve and it requires fewer efforts to carry this classical deadlock.

Twist And Shout Dreadlock
Twist and shout dreadlocks for women
Wavy Dreadlocks
Wavy dreadlocks

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