Super Stylish Cornrow Braids To Try Out

Cornrows are stylish weaves where the braiding is done close to the scalp. Cornrow braids can be made in different patterns including straight and curvy styles. To make longer lengths and thick braids, hair extensions are added either at the start of the braids or fed in gradually as the braid lengthens.

Cornrow hairstyles originated from among the warriors and rulers in primitive West Africa, Sudan, and countries that make up the Horn of Africa such as Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. These traditional styles were recognised as symbols of self-expression, class, wealth status, age, kinship, and religion.

With recent developments in the region, more geometric styles have evolved and been spotted among hair trends worldwide. We have pictured some of these voguish braid styles that are showstoppers everywhere. Continue reading to explore our elaborate styles and designs.

40+ Pictures Of Trendy Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

1. Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids became popular from Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. In most scenes of the album, Beyoncé was seen rocking the side-swept cornrows and fans couldn’t help but fall in love with them. And even though the female artist flaunted her hair effortlessly in those braids, other hair stylists didn’t fail to add creativity to their lemonade braids.

Lemonade braids
Side-swept cornrow braids
Lemonade braid styles
Lemonade braid hairstyles
Lemonade all back braids

2. Side-swept Cornrow Braids For Kids

Beyoncé’s iconic album which she released in 2016, also inspired cute hairstyles for little girls. When next you’re going for your kid’s hair appointment, here are some lovely side-swept braids inspired by Beyoncé. They are low-maintenance styles and last longer than four weeks. You can have the stylist make the braids with beads. The length can end just below the shoulder and around the chest area.

Cornrow braids with beads
Cornrow hairstyles for girls
Cornrow styles for little girls
Cornrows for girl child
Best side swept cornrows for females

3. All Back Braids Without Extensions

Cornrows are essentially all back braids but can be made with or without hair extensions. Natural hair all back braids are healthy for growing long hair without causing any irritations to your hair root and scalp. Most ladies make these braids so they can comfortably put on their wigs or just relax on low hair. Crotchet and locs extensions styles are also made on these braids so they don’t slip off easily.

Stunning hairstyles
Cornrow braids
Female cornrow styles
Two sided cornrow braids styles
All back cornrows

4. Goddess Cornrow Braids

Goddess cornrows are a type of cornrows where the braids are thick and high above the scalp, causing a goddess effect. Contrary to what some people think, Goddess cornrow braids are not goddess braids. In Goddess Cornrow styles, the braids are thicker in size and can be made straight or in curvilinear patterns. For the goddess braids also known as granny braids, they are box braids where some strands of the braids are pulled out, curled just around the scalp and left to hang freely with the braids.

Two cornrow braids
Cornrow braids
Cornrow braid  styles
Cornrow braids
All back braids

5. Pop Smoke Braids

Pop smoke braids for women are a feminine version of the tribal braids worn by popular media socialite and musician ‘Pop Smoke’. The braids which have a notable middle part style from which the braids are pulled to the sides like in a basket weave are also worn by ladies to make an edgy statement look.

Pop smoke braids
Cornrow braid hairstyles
Celebrity cornrow braids
Pop smoke braid for baby girls

6. Men Stitch Cornrows

Men stitch braids are most commonly made into the distinctive braids styles worn by Pop Smoke. They are both stylish and protective, lasting between six to eight weeks depending on your hair texture and the maintenance offered to the braids.

Pop smoke braids for men
Men Stitch cornrows
Men's stitch cornrows
Men Stitch braids
Cornrows for men

7. Stitch Bun

Feed-in stitch bun braids are perfect for all occasions and are very long-lasting.

Red stitch cornrows in a bum
Stylish stitch bun
Best stitch cornrow bun
Stitch braids
Stitch cornrow braid styles

8. Stitch Shuku Braids

Stitch shuku braids are different from the Ghana weaving shuku styles as in the former, the middle and index finger is used to control the braids so that their ultimate looks can be achieved. In the regular Ghana weaves, the braids are done into an updo pattern and can be freestyled.

Braided updo
Stitch shuku
Stitch shuku hairstyles
Shuku updo
Blunt cut ponytail

9. Stitch All Back

In stitch all back braids, the hair is sectioned into rows and then braided into a cornrow using a feed in process. That is, more hair is added from the sides of the scalp as you keep braiding the hair.

Stich all back
Stitch all back
Stitch cornrows
Stitch Cornrow hairstyles
Stitch cornrow weaves

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