12 Stunning Braided Bob Styles

90s-Inspired hairdos are now in vogue. It’s more of history repeating itself with the most fashionable styles. From the pixie hair cut to the Fulani braids and the braided bob styles, we have met trend cycles turning over each season.

After you read this short article, you would find exclusive and latest hairstyles for your next hairdo.

Pictures Of The Latest Braided Bob Styles

braided bob styles
Jungle Bob Braids

Jungle braids became trendy recently and are now made into braided bob styles.

These braids are one of the chic bob braids you should definitely try out.

braided bob styles
Fulani Bob Braids With Beads

This is a cute short braids style that you can flaunt effortlessly.

The chin-length of the braids added more elegance to the design. The bold white beads are also a plus.

This is one of the braided bob styles that you can never go wrong with.

braided bob styles
Jumbo Braided Bob Hairstyle

This is another one of the Braided Bob Styles that you can wear at your convenience.

The steel beads at the tip allowed for more creativity in the style. The box braids of this braided bob style accentuated the beauty of the hairstyle.

braided bob styles
Medium Sized Braided Bob

If you feel the Jumbo braided bob styles would get so much in your face, or the thin ones would be much of a stress to style, then you can go in between.

I’m sure you would like the diamond cut pattern of the braids.

braided bob styles
Fulani Cornrow Braided Bob

Cornrows are some of the protective hairstyles that you can make.

You don’t need to worry about your scalp or front hair, because these braided bob styles would leave you looking pretty and unique.

braided bob styles
Side Pat Braided Bob Styles

For a perfect weave on a braided bob Style, you should try the side pat.

To get the curved nature of the hair tips, you should burn the edges of the attachment or wool that you would be used to make the style, then the braids would fold in automatically.

The reason why this beautiful braided bob is kept short most of the time is that they tend to ruin the clothes and pull hairs on woolen fabric.

Braided Bob Styles
Colorful Braided Bob Styles

This can’t be said enough, but this is the best braided bob style to try this weekend.

I mean, look at the picture though, the style is similar to the Ghana weaving, but instead, it drops down into pretty Braided Bob Styles.

Ultra-stylish is the word for this classy braided bob style.

braided bob styles
Short Twisted Box Braids

I know this article was just supposed to be on braided bob styles, but when I saw this hairdo, I just couldn’t leave it out.

Black is simple, black is class. My favorite part about this braided bob is that you can accessorize it with tiny hair clips, cowries, or beads. The lady in the picture went for simple and I can bet, it sure looks great this way.

braided bob styles
Chin-Length Basket Braided Bob Styles

This style is known as basketweave because of the way it looks like an overturned basket on the head.

The beads on the flowing braids of these Bob Braids make you stand out in the crowd.

Watercolor beads are perfect for short Hairstyles, while Ghana beads or African hair clips look better on long braids.

braided bob styles
Classic Braided Bob Styles

These box braids in a bob were styled with Brazilian wool but you can recreate the design with attachments or Bobby wool.

Box braids bob are one of the simplest braided bob hairstyles that would make you look beautiful this weekend. It is made as low maintenance hairstyles for busy moms.

braided bob styles
Chin-length Braided Bob Styles

Cute and sassy that is what this style depicts. The side patting and under-cut added more style to the fashionable hairdo.

If you wish to grow healthy and long hair, then you should try out this hairdo.

braided bob styles
Shoulder-Length Braided Bob Styles With Burnt Edges

Shoulder-Length braided bob styles are modern and with minimal designs. These laid-back box braids bob is your call if you don’t want to go for anything too dramatic.


Did you picture yourself in any of these hairstyles? If so let us know in the comments section below.

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