40+ Unique Braids For Black Women

Not everyone is gifted with the superpowers of creating new braid styles, but with these Unique braids for black women, you are sure to wear confidence in your race and culture. Braids are quite easy to make and comfortable to wear.

Black women’s unique braids are one of the major African braiding styles that are currently dominating the Gram trends. You won’t find braids for black women in different sections and foolproof detailing as we already did in this post. Do well to read through to find out more lovely braid styles

Gallery Of The Stylish Braids For Black Women

1. Butterfly Braids For Black People

Butterfly braids can be either of two kinds of braids. In the first instance, two large braids are made on the sides of the head, then fed into a single larger braid at the tail part of the head. This tail braid is continued till it becomes a very long large braid that usually ends at the waist part of the back. In the second instance, butterfly braids can be made from regular box braids whereby each section of the braid is pulled out to give a Ruffled appearance.

When maintained properly, you can wear your butterfly braids hairstyles for four to six weeks. Keeping the braids longer than this period can be unhealthy for your hair.

Long butterfly braids
butterfly braids with attachment
butterfly braids short
butterfly braids with curly ends
Two butterfly braids

2. Tree Braids

To make tree braids, install the hair extensions then weave a little part of the hair root. Extend upwards and continue the extensions as free-falling curls instead of braids. You just made some gorgeous tree braids. This tree effect works well on any kind of human hair; be it straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair, it looks just fine.

Tree braids
Tree braids hairstyles
Tree braids styles
Tree braids with human hair
Tree braids with cornrows

3. Natural Hair Braids For Black Women

Natural Hair Braids are the best protective hairstyles for black women. You don’t need any extensions to recreate the braids and they are so convenient to wear. Some of the simple styles you can try are: medium box braids, braided bob, crisscrossed cornrows, box braid bun, side-parted double chunky twists, double halo braids, Bantu knots, flat twists, twisted styles, double bun braids, classic braids, pineapple braids, pineapple updo, Ghana braid swirl, headband flat twist updo, and twisted layered bangs updo.

Natural Hair Braids For Black women
Natural Hair Braids Styles
Natural Hair Braids with beads
Natural Hair Braids without attachment
Natural Hair Braids without extension

4. Natural Hair Braids For Black Girls

Just like with the natural braids for black women, you can style your girl child’s hair with any of the styles already listed. Make sure to keep it a bit loose so it doesn’t hurt her hair.

Natural Hair Braids For Black people
Natural Hair Braids For Black little girls
Natural Hair Braids For Black kids
Natural braids for black girls
Natural Hair Braids For Black Girls

5. Yarn Braids For Black People

Yarn braids are so sleek, they offer protective elements to your hair follicles and maintain the integrity of your scalp. They help your hair grow longer as you explore varieties of styles and patterns with the extensions. Yarn braids can last for as long as three months.

Shocking? Yes. But contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t keep yarns for that long on your hair if you are really after protecting your hair. The longer you leave yarn or wool on your hair, the more immense the damage you’re causing your hair.

To make yarn braids, you can use as many as 20 strands for making a single braid in which there would be roughly 40 braids; and 8 to 10 balls of yarn for the entire hair. This estimate would depend on your hair mass, the hairstyle you want to make, and most importantly, your hair budget.

Yarn braids on short hair
Yarn braids styles
Yarn braids with natural hair
Yarn braids with beads
Yarn braids

6. Dookie Braids

Dookie braids are thick and voluminous box braids made to hang freely from the hair. They last between four to six weeks on average if properly maintained. This maintenance would include trimming away rough extensions at the side, smoothening the edges of the scalp and properly hydrating the scalp to ensure that it is always healthy.

dookie braids men
dookie braids natural hair
dookie braids
dookie braids hairstyles
dookie braids styles

7. Crotchet Braids For Black Women

Crochet braids or latch hook braids can be made by crocheting braided hair extensions into already braided hair. The natural hair can be made into box braids or cornrow braids depending on the style to be created. The crocheting is done with a latch hook or crochet hook and is considered to be a hybrid of traditional braids similar to weaves.

Crotchet Braids styles
Crotchet Braids in Nigeria
Crotchet Braids curly
Crotchet Braids twists
Crotchet Braids

8. Goddess Braids For Black Women

Contrary to what the media presents it as and what most blogs put out, goddess braids are not thick cornrows! Yes, we have the goddess cornrow braids which are made bigger with extensions and raised high away from the scalp, however, goddess braids are regular box braids whereby few strands of the extensions are made to hang freely from the braids and coiled out. Goddess braids can last for between four to six weeks.

Goddess Braids styles
Goddess Braids With Curls
Goddess Braids hairstyles
Goddess Braids With attachment
Goddess Braids With beads

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