Top 10 Fashion Blogs in Nigeria (2024)

Blogs are platforms to showcase trending updates, just as the fashion blogs in Nigeria many other professions use this to show updates related to their services.

To further reveal what a brand produces content is created around it be it pictures, videos, articles e.t.c. then published on a blog. The content being created could be educated content, haircare, healthcare, family life, clothing, and fashion.

The fact that fashion in Nigeria has now been taken to the next level gives the Nigerian fashion industry a massive audience and this is the reason why we have numerous fashion blogs in Nigeria.

Most Nigerians love fashion, it is an African thing and mostly loved by women, as far as beauty and aesthetics are concerned then you have them searching the internet.

Top 10 Fashion Blogs in Nigeria

As Nigeria is the largest African country in the world in terms of population there is no doubt millions of people from Nigeria alone will be searching for fashion content and as Nigeria still retains the top spot for fashion and entertainment in Africa you also see other Africans searching for new styles in Nigeria.

Now that there are huge searches for fashion some Nigerians have taken the opportunity to create a blog around it and today we have successful Nigerian fashion bloggers making waves in Nigeria, Africa, and globally.

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In case you are a fashionista, you developed a love for fashion and you want a platform that will always keep you updated about the latest fashion trends in Nigeria then this list will do you much good. Below we have the top fashion bloggers in Nigeria for you to follow.

Top 10 Fashion Blogs in Nigeria

#1. Bella Naija

Bella Naija Fashion Blog tops the list of top 10 fashion blogs in Nigeria, the blog initially started as a gossip blog and later on transformed into a fashion blog. This was a nice move as the blog started getting massive traffic from fashion lovers, they did their best to also give updated content, trending fashion and styles, and also aside from the general fashion they do publish Bella Naija also have a bridal fashion section called “Bella Naija Weddings” while the general fashion is called “Bella Naija Style”.

You are being served with the Aso Ebi Bella styles, the latest and trending Owanbe and Traditional outfits, and many more.

Bella Naija Blog has a huge archive of articles, pictures, magazines, videos e.t.c. on various fashion styles, the blog also has a lot of interviews with celebrities.

Bella Naija is one of the most successful fashion blogs in Nigeria with over 500 million monthly impressions, most websites and blogs also reference Bella Naija on relevant fashion posts. You can visit Bella Naija Blog via and also on Instagram @bellanaija.

#2. Madivas

For those who love seeing fashion pictures in high-quality Madivas in the best blog to visit, this blog has an uncountable collection of styles with updates every hour.

Madivas houses a very huge collection of Aso-Ebi, Night Wears, Corporate wear, Bridal wear, and other fashion pictures. To further serve their visitors better Madivas also publish content on hairstyles, skincare, food and diet, lifestyle, health, and many more.

Visit Madivas via, you can also go to your mobile app store to download Madivas on your Android device.

#3. Jadore Fashion

This is another top-ranked fashion blog in Nigeria, this blog is owned and operated by Stella Uzoamaka a fashion lover. One thing you will love about this blog is that it is a personalized blog centered on Uzoamaka Stella, she publishes the latest styles, daily outfits, travel, culture all centered on happenings in her life.

This is a very interesting blog as you get daily updates on wear, shoes, bags, and many more. She is the real definition of a fashion blogger. Visit Jadore blog via for the latest fashion updates.

#4. One Nigerian Boy

If you are a man who loves fashion you must be worried as most on the list are women-centered, this is one fashion blog that focuses on men’s fashion styles, a fashion blog known by Men in Nigeria who are fashion lovers, all thanks to the owner Terrence Sambo who is a famous and successful Nigerian fashion blogger.

On One Nigeria Boy blog you get daily updates on men’s fashion ranging from, tops, trousers, shoes, caps, ties, wristwatches, and so on, not stopping there the blog also has some women’s fashion included on it and also general African Styles. Visit the blog via

#5. Fashion Engineer

This is no doubt one of the most visited fashion blogs in Nigeria as you get fashion video tutorials on it, the blog is used to educate its visitors on trending fashion styles, beauty tips, skincare, make-up and makeovers.

Fashion Engineer grabs fashion in totality and it is one of the best fashion blogs in Nigeria you can always visit and not get disappointed.

#6. My Glamosphere

The top ten best fashion blogs in Nigeria wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning My Glamosphere, a top Nigerian beauty and makeup blog owned by Omobola Bolaji who happens to be a professional makeup artist and also a fashion stylist with many years of experience.

For those who love makeup and are willing to learn more about how to makeup then this is your best bet, you learn everything you need to know about makeup and also get daily fashion tips that will upgrade your fashion sense. Check out what My Glamospher has in stock for you via

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#7. Natural Nigeria

This is a beauty blog that focuses on everything natural about you, it is a haircare blog for Nigerian women, after visiting this blog within a few days you must have transformed into an elegant and beautiful Nigerian Woman.

For those that have given up on their hair, used different applications on the hair without good results, you want to follow Natural Nigeria Blog, there are numerous proven natural haircare contents on this blog, contents, and resources that teach you how to take care of your hair, how to style your hair, products recommendations, how to grow your hair naturally and so on. You can visit their blog link at

#8. Style Rave

Style Rave is a popular Nigerian fashion blog that publishes outstanding content on African style, innovative lifestyle, fashion outfits, latest fashion trends.

On this blog, you see a lot of African styles, traditional wears, beautiful and classy attires which will make you wonder about African beauty and crafts. This is a wonderful blog that will keep you glued to your screen. Visit their website at

#9. Sizzelle

This is one of the best fashion content publishers in Nigeria owned and managed by Ebunoluwa Oluwole who is a famous fashion blogger in Nigeria. He has other fashion experts who also publish on the blog.

Sizzelle is a fashion blog in Nigeria that mainly publishes content around skincare, you get all the tips, resources, and products to give you a beautiful skin texture and bring out the hidden beauty in you.

Every skincare product you see on Sizzelle is tested and proven to work so you have nothing to worry about purchasing safe and effective skincare products. Aside from the Original skincare products being advertised by experts on this blog they also teach you tips on homemade skincare products you can easily make and use or probably sell.

#10. Onobello

Finally on the list of the top best fashion blogs in Nigeria is Onobello. This is a must-visit blog for every fashion lover, it boasts huge followers and also an audience and serves the updated latest fashion trends.

One interesting thing about his fashion blog is it never runs out of content, it has a popular weekly fashion event called OB Fashionista where they showcase the latest Nigerian fashion styles, trendy designs, and many more.

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Visit Onobellow via, you can also check their Twitter handle, on Instagram @onobellomedia.

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