Top 10 Best Shoe Making Companies in Nigeria

Are you seeking the best shoe manufacturing companies in Nigeria? In this article, we have listed the top 10 best shoe making companies in Nigeria with their contact details.

You must have heard about popular brands like Nike, Addidas, PUMA, Charks, New Balance and Skechers, they are globally famous shoe brands. These shoe making companies are the ones dominating the global shoe making industry alongside some other local manufacturers.

Could you believe we have many shoe making companies in Nigeria? Nigeria has quite a good number of shoe making companies which makes it compete with other African countries in this line of business.

Top 10 Best Shoe Making Companies in Nigeria

As we know, there is much quality in products which are locally made compared to the imported ones. We have a lot of shoe making companies in Nigeria that have been making the country proud over the years and up till this moment.

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Without further ado, let us take you through the top 10 best shoe making companies in Nigeria so in case you want to buy Naija to grow Naija you can easily hit them up through their displayed contact details. Aside from that, you may have a special reason why you want to reach them, just read along.

The 10 Best Shoe Making Companies In Nigeria

Here are the top ten best shoe manufacturing companies in Nigeria:

#1. Hesey Designs

Hesey Designs is one of the best shoe making companies in Nigeria established by a young lady popularly known as Odiete Eseoghene who is a professional shoe maker and is also into the production of bags, purses, apparel, and other fashion accessories.

She started at a very young age, she is a fashion entrepreneur who graduated from the university not quite long. Since her involvement in the Nigerian fashion space she has won numerous awards.

Her product was worn by Sir Richard Branson who is the CEO of Virgin Atlantic, this was seen on him while unveiling the Virgin Atlantic new uniform at the 30th Anniversary of Virgin Atlantic event which took place in London.

Hesey Designs leveraged technology which makes it easy for the company to distribute its products through its official website, e-commerce websites, stores, and many more.

#2. T.T Dalk

Another top shoe manufacturing company in Nigeria is T.T Dalk, this is a company that solely redefined the face of the Nigerian footwear industry by producing classic, elegant and trendy footwear for men, women, kids and also unisex footwear.

T.T Dalk is founded by Temilade Osinfade who happens to be the current director of the company. The quality products that are being produced by this company over the years have been seen to be very appealing to both existing customers and new customers. The brand was started when he was in college and as we have it he is now one of the best shoe manufacturers in Nigeria.

You can find T.T Dalk footwear in online stores and also in various Nigerian boutiques. This company has also moved beyond the shores of Nigeria as it has gained international recognition.

#3. K.Aspen

Another big wig in the Nigerian shoe making industry, K.Aspen started shoe production due to the fact that Nigerians are in dire need of locally made products which are usually of higher quality than the imported ones. Within a few years of establishment, K.Aspen has massively grown to be a leading shoe making company in Nigeria, all thanks to the beautiful designs and quality materials used to produce the footwear.

If what you need is well-designed leather footwear that is available for both men and women then K.Aspen is your best shot.

#4. Haus of Hercules (HOH)

This is a popular shoe making company in Lagos State, the company is into various designs of footwear and also fashion accessories. The company was established in 2010 which means it has been in existence for over 2 decades producing top-notch shoe designs in Nigeria.

Haus of Hercules (HOH) is owned by Christopher Jeje who is a revered designer who has gone far in the Nigerian shoe manufacturing industry to the extent that he has been able to showcase his products both locally and internationally.

The company has a different range of product collections like brogues, toms and moccasins, loafers, oxfords, and many more.

#5. 313 Eko

313 Eko is an indigenous shoe manufacturing company established in 2010 by Bamigbola Taiye. Over 2 decades of massive shoe productions with quality and nice designs the company has moved from just being a Nigerian shoe-making company and has secured a spot among the best shoe making companies in the world.

#6. HOM Shoes

This is a classic female shoe manufacturing company in Nigeria that is well known for the production and distribution of unique female slippers, handcrafted slides specifically made to give you a nice fitting. They make use of quality and high-end materials like suede, leather, and also our African Adire.

HOM Shoes has a lot of attractive designs with nice touches, their suede and adire mix is one you will love to have, the hope of every fashion-loving woman. For an elegant and stylish look which will make every eys set on you then you want to secure some shoes for yourself. Mind you, though we said it clearly that HOH Shoes basically focus on female shoes, that is true but they also have some male shoes snd some unisex footwear.

#7. Kene Rapu

For the African style designs, you can never go wrong with Kene Rapu. Kene Rapu is a prominent shoemaking company in Nigeria that specializes in Ankara Shoes. The company was established in 2011 by Kene who is a Nigerian fashion designer and entrepreneur. She came up with a dream of being the owner of one of the best shoe manufacturing companies in the world and her brand has been established on that with numerous awards and recognitions.

She was able to promote the made in Nigeria footwear industry through her talent, skill, and hard work using only locally sourced materials to design and make nice sandals, slippers and other types of footwear.

#8. YiLi Footwear

This is a company influenced by the Nigerian heritage as it was basically established so as to provide top-quality footwear for the African people. The company has been able to achieve its aim which is to reduce the purchase of footwear from other countries.

YiLi Footwear now makes the best leather shoes which have varieties of designs, you can get their products from anywhere in Nigeria be it on the street, in the markets, inside Lagos Traffic, just name it.

#9. Mona Matthews

Mona Matthews was established in 2002, since then it has become one of the best shoe-making companies in Nigeria which the shoe manufacturing industry of Nigeria can attest to. They lay so much emphasis on big sizes of shoes and this makes them very unique from the rest.

When it comes to quality shoes made with local raw materials then Mona Matthews is the brand to go with, they have most of their products made with Suede and high-grade leather.

#10. Ethnik

The list of the best shoe companies in Nigeria wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning Ethnik. This is a top-quality shoe brand in Nigeria that basically promotes the culture, heritage, and the nation manufacturing prowess. They have been at the forefront in the Nigerian fashion industry and even working tirelessly to start producing aso oke and making it easily accessible to everyone.

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With culture and tradition in mind, Ethnik has been able to blend the modern designs with the African taste thereby making their products loved by Africans and also loved globally.

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