Top 10 Best Textile Companies in Nigeria

We have listed the top best textile companies in Nigeria for those who need the information. The Nigerian Textile industry has seen a drastic growth over the years and this has been so right from the olden days’ traditional methods of clothes production.

Fashion is one special thing Africans and most importantly Nigerians take seriously, this has enabled the country’s fashion industry to thrive and be known as one of the driving forces behind the African fashion market.

In this century everything is being upgraded and modernized, the Nigerian fashion industry isn’t an exception to this new development and so we have a large market for this with many companies and business owners competing to be ranked among the top best textile companies in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Textile Companies in Nigeria

To achieve a feat like this in a country of over 210 million people with numerous businesses and industries in it isn’t an easy task but some have been exceptional over the years and this is why they made it up on our list of top 10 best fashion companies in Nigeria.

The listed companies offer premium quality products and a lot of them do export their products abroad.

Without further ado, join us as we reveal the top ten best textile companies in Nigeria.

The 10 Best Textile Companies in Nigeria

#1. Sunflag Nigeria Limited

Sunflag Nigeria Limited was established in 1961 and kickstarted its operations immediately, since then up till this moment Sunflag has been at the top ranking as one of the best textile companies in the whole of Nigeria and West Africa with state of the art facilities which gives it the opportunity to compete in the global fashion space.

This apparel company is known to produce the best quality products spanning from ginning, spinning, weaving and also finishing of the products before being distributed.

In 2009 a ginnery was commissioned as an effort to expand beyond the value chain, cottons are grown in the northern region of the country which feeds the spinning mills located at Ikorodu in Lagos State thereby producing poly-clean cotton used for the production of high-quality products.

Sunflag also boasts of spinning units of over 4,500 modern open-end rotors and is also rated as one of the best modern textile plants in the world. With all these, there is no doubt about how efficient this company is.

They are the producer of the majority of fabrics, lace, warp-knitted fabrics, and other clothing materials in Nigeria with the latest computers which handle the dying and printing aspect even the finishing of the textile products.

The company also specializes in the production of towels, mattress cover, bedsheets fabrics, African prints (Ankara and Aso Ebi in different varieties), and many more.
Sunflag Group Nigeria Limited office is situated at Plot 333, LSDPC Odogunyan Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria, you can also contact them via +2347013487482.

#2. African Textile Manufacturers Limited

This is also one of the best textile companies in Nigeria and also in Africa established in 1980. The African Textile Manufacturers Ltd basically specializes in indigenous African textile products. They have their factories and mills located in Chalawa Industrial Area in Kano State situated on 25 hectares of land which is still expanding till today.

In January 1998 the company started its textile productions and has since been one of the best in the country with modern warehousing facilities and state-of-the-art mills.

African Textile Manufacturers Limited has a subsidiary of its company in the Agro-Allied field which sees to the growing and production of the raw materials needed by the mother company, the Agriculture company name is Dala Agricultural and Allied Products Ltd. The company makes sure there is more than enough ginned cotton for the textile company.

Its head office is situated at No 55, Fagge Takudu, Kantin Kwari in Kano State and you can reach them via their telephone lines +2348091310771 or +2347063518900, +2348025745020, and +2347035557754.

#3. United Nigeria Textiles Plc

Among the best and world-class textile companies in Nigeria is the United Nigeria Textiles Plc, and just like the already listed textile companies in Nigeria this company also produces its own raw materials spanning from grinning, completing, spinning, and also weaving.

The United Nigeria Textile company boast of poly-cleaned cotton production used of quality spinning and having quality finished products.

This is a Lagos-based textile company boasting of high-end textile finished products. It is situated at No 1, Davies Steet, 2nd floor Untl House, Marina Lagos State, Nigeria. You can reach them via their telephone at +2347037793652 or +2348034022715.

#4. AFPrint Nigeria PLC

You must have heard about AFPrints Nigeria, it is one of the most popular textile companies in Nigeria since when it was established in the year 1964. They have their facilities situated at Isolo Lagos Nigeria.

They are one of the top producers of African prints, Casual Unisex wears, underwear, and many more. Due to the fact that the raw materials used by AFPrint are being produced locally by the company, it was able to have a child company that specializes in the production of edible oils made from their cotton crops.

#5. Femro 3 Nigeria Limited

Femro 3 is one of the best textile companies in Nigeria that specializes in the production of Screen printing materials, T-shirts, Jackets, Fabrics of different kinds, and many more.

The company was established in the year 1985 and since then has served millions of Nigerians even extending to other neighboring countries in West Africa.

Femro 3 is located at No 2, Ozoka Street, Opp Felix Egbamuno Street, Satellite Town Lagos Nigeria. Their phone contact is +2348023166180, +23418534602, +23418534604 and +23418534605, Website:

#6. Da Viva Fashion Limited

Da Viva is one of Nigeria’s top fashion industries, they are into the manufacturing of textile products and the production of African fabrics with exotic designs. The company utilizes themes, designs and colours from the top best designers.

They also produce bags, accessories, fashion garments and different fashion concept produce. With 100% cotton, they were able to produce the best textile products, there is a lot of ready-made and finished products for fashion lovers to choose from.

You can contact Da Viva Fashion Limited via their telephone at +2348150482854, +2348062272598, and +2348029539360; likewise via their website

#7. Dangote General Textile Products Ltd.

Dangote as a brand is known to be offering the best top quality products all over Africa and its textile industry will not be an exception. Dangote textile company is also one of the best textile companies in Nigeria that produce African prints of various designs.

You can reach them via their office at No 1, Alfred Rewane Road, Falomo, Ikoyi – Lagos Nigeria. Their telephone lines are +23414480815, +23414480816, +23414630316.

#8. Reddi2Wear

Nigeria seems so lucky to have Reddi2Wear among the list of textile companies in the Nigerian textile industry, this company is into the production of tracksuits, school uniforms, table mats, t-shirts, pillowcases and other important textile products.

Their product stands out amongst others as they produce top-quality materials for fashion lovers, you can never get it wrong with Reddi2Wear and this makes it to be ranked among the top 10 best textile companies in the country.

#9. Atlantic Textile Manufacturing Company Ltd.

This is another Lagos-based textile company that has been serving Nigerians for years. With top-quality raw materials, the company is able to provide the best textile finished products from cotton yarns, grey bafts, and also African prints.

If you are a retailer interested in buying quality materials Atlantic Textile is your best bet as they distribute within Lagos and outside the state. Their office is located at Ilupeju Lagos State.

#10. Haffar Industrial Company Ltd.

Last but not least on our list of best textile companies in Nigeria is Haffar Industrial Company Limited, the company has been in the business of producing high-end quality textile products for over 15 years since it was established.

If what you seeking is dye products, lace embroidery, Agbada, Ankara wears and yarns then this is a sure bet for you. They provide you with top-rated acrylic yarns and different sorts of sewing threads.

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