Stylish Traditional Ethiopian Netela (2024)

The Traditional Ethiopian Netela is a scarf made from two layers of cotton which are thin and delicate to the consistency of gauze. It has colorful edges known as tibébé which partly frame the faces of the wearers.

The Netela is worn by both Ethiopian and Eritrean women of all ages, both young and old around their hairstyles and dresses. The scarves which are similar to a white veil are worn as part of their religious cultures to church and public gatherings.

In Ethiopia and Eritrea, Netela or Netsela is a name given to a piece of woven fabric with colorful patterns at its borders. The fashion accessory is a women’s wardrobe item that sometimes finds its way to the men’s

The technique used for making the traditional Ethiopian Netela is the Ethiopian cotton spinning process. It is the same method that is used for spinning cotton into Gabi and Kuta cultural clothes.

The long flowing skirt of the habesha kemis dress is a representation of the love and pride of Ethiopia. It marks both the feminine and strong sides of an African woman.

With the numerous ways that you can rock your Netela, we thought to share some pictures that you can take inspos from. Keep scrolling!

Traditional Ethiopian Netela: Pictures

Ethiopian dress, Ethiopian clothing

Ethiopian Netela Scarf
ethiopian traditional netela
ethiopian textile patterns

Ethiopian Dress / Habesha Kemis የአበሻ ቀሚ
habesha kemis

Ethiopian Traditional Netela

Netela fabrics ideas | ethiopian

Ethiopian white netela

حجاب اربعین Twitterissä: "Ethiopian
modern habesha dress

Ethiopian clothing, Ethiopia
ethiopian kuta

Ethiopian Traditional Dress -Chiffon
ethiopian traditional dress

habesha dress | Ethiopian clothing

Ethiopian Traditional Clothes

Ethiopia traditional Netela Scarf

worshippers celebrating Fasika

Large Rasta Clothing Ethiopian Scarf

Ethiopian Traditionally Dress

Ethiopian Traditional Netela
pattern ethiopian netela
traditional ethiopian gabi
ethiopian netela scarf
clothing ethiopian netela

Tennage Ethiopian Christian pilgrim

Textiles of Ethiopia: Netela and Gabi
Women's Beautiful Traditional

Ethiopian Netela Dress

Cream and Blue Hand Woven Habesha Kemis

Ethiopian Traditional Netela

netela | Äthiopische hochzeit

Christian pilgrims celebrating Easter

Traditional Habesha Dress With Netela


Ethiopian/Eritrean traditional
ነጠላ ጋቢ
habesha netela
traditional ethiopian scarf
traditional ethiopian Netela
Netela Images

Gabi (clothing)

Textiles of Ethiopia: Netela and Gabi

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