Top 10 Best Make-Up Schools in Lagos [Top Picks]

Do you need to enroll in the best makeup school in Lagos Nigeria? We’ve carefully selected the top best make-up schools in Lagos State stating their achievements over the years, courses offered, contact addresses, and everything you need to know about each one of them.

Make-up is an expression of art mainly to beautify or enhance one’s look and this is being practiced right before civilization and still in existence in this century of ours though much more sophisticated compared to the olden days.

Most people do see make-up as a woman thing, though it is mostly used by the female gender it is also being used by males just that there is a particular limit where the men reach in making up. Everybody always wants to look good when it comes to fashion and style and then we think of a makeover to look charming.

Top 10 Best Make-Up Schools in Lagos [Top Picks]

Aside from that, make-up is also used by the fashion industry, movie industry, modeling industry, bridals, personal and many more to enhance the beauty of their staff, client, models e.t.c.

One cannot just wake up, buy make-up kits (make-up brush, foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick e.t.c.) and start making up, it takes some level of professionalism to do it right and this is where the make-up schools come to play. Make-up has now graduated to a profession worthy to be studied in schools as it is now part of our everyday life.

So, for upcoming make-up artists or those already in this field but wish to upgrade their skills then the top 10 make-up schools in Lagos come in handy.

As we all know Lagos state is the center of Excellence, the main city in Nigeria where everything happens, Lagos houses the top best in all industries that operate in Nigeria and it won’t be an exception having make-up gain grounds in Lagos.

Selecting the top best make-up schools isn’t an easy task as Lagos state has many make-up schools that have been consistent over the years and also with a lot of popularity in the Nigerian Make-up industry but we narrowed the top 10 based on many variables.

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We have numerous make-up schools in Lagos and also all over Nigeria but we have taken our time to select the best 10 makeup schools for your sake as it is a very lucrative industry to dive into, you will never regret being a make-up artist if you know what to do. Knowing what to do begins from the school of make-up you learn your skill from.

Top 10 Best Make-Up Schools in Lagos (+ Tuition)

For the bride on her wedding day or party lovers everyone cannot resist the urge on doing some makeover, to make this more quality packed and perfect we now have make-up schools and below are the top best makeover schools in Lagos State.

#1. House of Tara Make Up School

First on our list of top 10 best make-up schools in Lagos State, we have “House of Tara Make-up School”, this school is owned by Tara Fela Durotoye and established in the year 2003.

The House of Tara Make-up school offers different courses in make-up ranging from basic beauty class, advanced make-up, theatrical make-up class, professional make-up class, refresher make-up, and also personal make-up class.

At House of Tara Makeup School, you get the chance to learn at a very reasonable tuition fee of around ₦128,000 to ₦250,000 depending on your course of choice and this usually pans for between 12 days up to 2 months.

On completion of your course, you are issued a certificate which shows you are a product of the school and this is enough proof that you are well skilled in the make-up industry.

You can visit House of Tara Make-Up School at No 22A, Omotayo Ojo Street, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

#2. Zaron Makeup Training School Lagos

This is another fast-growing makeup school in Lagos with top-notch makeup training, it is an international cosmetic brand with its makeup branch here in Lagos Nigeria, and has trained a lot of top makeup artists in Nigeria.

The main goal of Zaron Makeup is to educate aspiring makeup artists and over a few weeks upgrade them to professional makeup artists.

Zaron Makeup Training School also offers other fashion services like tying of gele, skincare likewise other aesthetic courses.

If you watched the previous Big Brother Naija Show “Shine Ya Eyes” you should be familiar with Zaron Makeup Training School as they are co-sponsor of the show and also contributed a lot to the show also gave makeup items to housemates.

Zaron Makeup School Fee is around ₦125,000 and span for three weeks from 9 am to 2 pm from Mondays to Fridays, you are also open to their professional training program where you receive makeup products of over ₦50,000 and other benefits like photoshoots, Fashion Shows, Makeovers and many more.

To visit Zaron Training school, they are located at No 9, Alhaji Kanike Close, Ikoyi Lagos.

#3. Make-Up Designory Mud Nigeria

This is another Make up school topping the list of best make-up schools in Lagos State, Make-up Designory Mud was established in 1997 and over the years has had numerous accomplishments.

MUD Nigeria gives upcoming make-up artists comprehensive theoretical and also practical make-up training in all the various fields or courses of make-up.

You can enroll in any of their 2-12 weeks courses which will give you all you need to know about make-up artistry and also expose you to the latest trends in the industry.

MUD Nigeria has trained over 1000 make-up artists over the years through their offered courses in high fashion trends makeup, beauty makeup, bridal makeup, airbrush makeup, studio makeup, beauty essentials and many more.

To enroll as a student of MUD Nigeria you need to purchase an application form which costs 5,000 this is subsequently applied towards your tuition and the full tuition is around ₦150,000 – ₦350,000 based on your course of choice.

Mind you, you as a student needs to have your student kits available, you can pay at least 50% of the fee as without your kits you cant be allowed to study, you can then balance up mid-way. You can visit MUD Nigeria at No 12B, Fatai Idowu Arobieke Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State Nigeria. Also, you can visit their official website at

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#4. Sisi Valisimo Makeover

If you have been gambling with make-up over the years without getting it right Sisi Valisimo Makeover is your best shot, this make-up school specializes in training individuals to become professional makeover artists.

They have various courses which you can choose from ranging from personal makeup, theatrical makeup, bridal makeup e.t.c.

Aside from the make-up school Sisi Valisimo Makeover also made it on our list of top 10 best fashion schools in Lagos, Nigeria which means they have what it takes to be the top best in Nigeria so you have a lot to gain when you opt for this School.

Within a few weeks, you should be an expert or pro in the art of makeovers, utilizing different splash colour to bring out hidden beauty. They also have well-organized interactive and personalized training which will expose you to different application techniques, editorials, runways, advertising, colour theory, and so on.

Their 2 months of training cost ₦15,000 which also includes your make-up kits, their basic to advance training costs ₦250,000 which also includes your makeup kits. Then finally they offer a 6 months basic, advanced and also professional make-up training which will cost you ₦450,000 with your make up box included.

Sisi Valisimo Makeover school is located at No 13, Yaya Abatan Road, Ogba, Lagos State Nigeria, their official website is

#5. Bmpro School of Makeup

Bmpro is a well-known makeup school in Lagos State, owned by Banke Meshida Lawal, she established Bmpro school of makeup in the year 2015.

The school has a lot of courses for you to choose from ranging from basic makeup to expert and professional. At the end of your training with this school, you should be a confident and certified makeup artist.

Aside from training individuals on how to become professional make-up artists they also have their cosmetics production company boasting of over 100 different types of cosmetics in the Nigerian market.

You can visit Bmpro school at No 13B, Aworo Road, Ikyi Lagos State and their official website

#6. Taries Beauty School

The top 10 best makeup schools wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning Taries Beauty school. This is a school founded in 2009 by Mrs. Tara Adesemowo who is a popular beauty therapist, a renowned one in Nigeria.

With Taries Beauty School you are exposed to different courses in fashion, beauty, runway, face painting, bridal, artistry makeup and makeover, special effect, and many more.

Taries Beauty School tuition ranges from the regular course which costs ₦135,000 which you can pay up in two installments 70% and a balance of 30%. As a graduate of this school you will be given certification for completing the program.

Once done with the training you are to pay a sum of ₦10,000 which will cover your exam, photoshoot and also your certificate. You can visit Taries Beauty School through their address at No 1, Ajayi Road, Off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja Lagos.

#7. Evolve Make-Up

This is another well-rated make-up school in Lagos Nigeria, Evolve is a beauty school that has been operating for years in Lagos state, this school has a good reputation as far as beauty and make-up is concerned.

You must have heard about Lola Davies, she is a professional beauty expert, a respected and renowned makeup artist who has been in the business of enriching her students with the needed knowledge to bring the beauty out of their clients, the most interesting thing about this makeup school is while learning you enjoy it.

Evolve Makeup school is located at No 97 Falolu Road, Off Akerele 101283, Lagos State Nigeria, phone number +2347032540174.

#8. Elo Make Up

This is one of the best and most affordable makeup schools in Lagos Nigeria. This school is known to be at the forefront in the Nigerian Beauty and Makeup industry.

For aspiring makeup artists who intended to broaden their knowledge about make-up, this is your best bet, you will be equipped with the necessary information about makeup, practical training and in the end, you have your exam of which you will be a certified professional make up artist.

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#9. Jaga Beauty

Jaga Beauty has been on for decades and it was owned by Ngozi Atta, the school was established in 2007 and is now rated as one of the best makeup schools in Lagos State.

Here you learn the skills and techniques associated with makeup which will enable you give the best makeup service to your clients. Just like other top makeup schools in Lagos this school has also produced a lot of popular makeup artists in the country.

Jaga Beauty School address is No 3D, Alhaji Masha Road, Adeniyan Ogunsanya Bus Stop, Surulere Lagos State.

#10. The Unviel Institute

This is a cosmetics and make-up school which was established in 2003 in Lagos State. The school has over the years trained numerous makeup artists who are now professionals in the makeup and beauty world.

The owner of The Unveil Insitute is no other than Bunmi Oyeniyi Lasaki who is a well-known and well-respected makeup artist and beauty expert.

Just like some of the schools we’ve mentioned earlier, this school is into the production of unique and world standard makeup kits, cosmetics, and beauty products in general.

As a new student, you have a lot to learn which will pave way for you once you are done with your training, you will be taken from basics to the professional level and on the completion of your training you will be given a certificate which shows that you are a professional makeup artist.

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