25+ Gboko Traditional Marriage Attires

Gboko traditional marriage attire is highly representative of the peoples’ cultures and traditions. We highlighted some of the factors which contribute to this. Want to find out? Keep reading!

Gboko, Benue State Nigeria

Gboko is a very busy town in Benue State, North-central Nigeria. After Markudi which is the state capital, Gboko is the state’s headquarters for commercial and administrative purposes. Much importance is given to the town from amongst other towns in Benue State because it is where the palace of the highest traditional ruler of the Tivs (Tor Tiv Palace) is situated.

The town of Gboko is home to very beautiful locations, industrial complexes and companies for sightseeing, tourism and exploration. The landmass of Gboko lies along the route going from Katsina-ala to Makurdi. Most people residing in Gboko are the Tiv people, while others are migrants and dwellers from various other tribes across the country.

Gboko Traditional Marriage Attires

Food crops and commodities like yams, rice, beans, cassava flakes, and vegetables are transacted in large quantities in Gboko; more reason why the town is very productive.

Sceneries and Landscapes in Gboko Land

1. Mkar Hill

Mkar Hill is the tallest and most prominent mountain in Gboko. highest. The Hills fall towards the east, creating a beautiful perspective from there. Mkar Hills being the highest mountain is fully secured and convenient for anyone who wishes to tour the location either by mountain climbing, sightseeing or picnicking.

2. J.S Tarka Tomb

J.S Tarka Tomb is a monumental tomb built in Gboko East LGA, specifically at the J.S.Tarka Institute for Political and Strategic Studies in honour of J.S. Tarka. He was the traditional ruler of Tiv extraction for a long time, a political leader and a senator. J.S. Tarka had strong ideologies which contributed to the emancipation of the Nigerian people. He died in 1979.

3. Tor Tiv Palace

Tor Tiv Palace as we already noted is where the ruler of the Tiv people sits. After renovations at the Palace were completed on April 8, 2021, it has been a referenced architectural masterpiece for tourism.

The new Tor Tiv Palace featured the Tiv traditional colours which are black and white. Other symbolic Tiv cultural symbols and elements were added to the designs and finishings of the palace to create a historical appeal. The culture and tradition of the Gboko people were largely represented through this architecture. The palace is a definite place to visit if you should visit Benue state, Nigeria.

Notable Persons From Gboko

Gboko people

Some of the high-profile personalities from the town include:

Joseph Akahan, Timothy Anjembe, Edward Anyamkyegh, Bishop William Avenya, Raphael Ayagwa, Iyorchia Ayu, John Dyegh, Otekpa Eneji, Sibi Gwar, Dominic Iorfa, John Kpera, Mike Mku, Francisca Ordega, Moses Orkuma, Kunle Remi, Anthony Shimaga, and Farida Waziri

Gboko Traditional Marriage Attires (Photos)

1. Tiv Traditional Attires

The Best Traditional Wedding Dresses in Gboko, Benue

Like we already stated, Tiv people are densely populated in Gboko land, hence the Tiv traditional attires is part of the ones found in Gboko.

2. Other Gboko Attires

Gboko Traditional Attires
traditional wedding held in Gboko land
Gboko, the traditional seat of Tiv nation in Benue State

Traditional Marriage Attires
Gboko female traditional marriage attire
Gboko male traditional marriage attire
Second outing traditional marriage attire
Traditional marriage Attire for couples
Traditional marriage attire For Ladies
Traditional marriage attire for Gboko
Traditional marriage attire

Wedding Ceremony at Tiv In Gboko,Benue State

Stunning and dazzling Bridal Looks for Gboko Bride.

Gboko Bride In Beautiful Red Traditional Wedding Attire With Beads

 Traditional marriage attire to inspire you

Gboko, Benue, Nigeria
Gboko Traditional Marriage Attires
Gboko family in traditional attire
Gboko bride
Bridal outfit in gboko land
Marriage ceremonies in Gboko land
Gboko outfits for couples
Black and white tiv wear
Gboko Traditional Wedding Attires

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