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The Eggon tribe are well connected to the heart beans. “Eggon” was coined from the name of the hill where the people lived before they came down to the plain. Both Mada and Eggon Traditional Marriage Attires are quite similar which is why we have detailed both in the same post.

Nassarawa state in Nigeria is made up of many tribes including Eggon, Mada, Fulani, and Hausa. Gwandara, Tiv and Wapan also form parts of the state. From this group, the Eggon people are the major tribe and are densely populated in Kaba, Nassarawa state, Nigeria.

The Eggon People of Nassarawa State

Heart beans of eggon people

Marriage among the Eggon people is somewhat expensive because of the financial requirements placed on the prospective groom. Heart beans also known as “ebiekpemre” in Eggon, are one major item that cannot be overlooked at any Eggon traditional wedding. And as such, the groom-to-be must present the beans to the family of his intending bride.

The heart beans are not only used at Eggon Traditional wedding ceremonies but also on any special occasions of the Eggon ethnic group. Presentation of these beans to the bride’s parents by the family of the groom at the traditional marriage is called “algo ugu”. This word in Eggon translates to clan food. It is considered as such because it is the whole clan of the bride’s parents that will gather to either accept or reject the beans.

Before the beans can be accepted, it has to be prepared with a specific recipe using a large quantity of palm oil and black beniseed or sesame seeds. The quantity of beans to be brought varies but in most cases, 5 – 10 basins of 50 kilograms each of the beans are accepted. The bride price and most often, the quantity of the beans is relative to the background of the Eggon lady,

The beans must be present to make the ceremony colourful and the whole clan members of the bride and the groom are expected to participate in this.

Mada People in Nigeria and Cameroon

Eggon, Alago & Mada
Traditional Marriage Attire

The Mada tribe originated in the Nigerian Plateau region and some of them migrated to Cameroon. Some are located in Western Cameroon along the border with Nigeria. They are also one of the ethnic groups in Nassarawa state, Nigeria. Based on religious beliefs, most Mada peoples are Malikite Muslims.

Their native language is also called Mada, while their land is mountainous and tropical. Despite the constantly changing society around them, they have maintained their cultures and traditions. This includes their marriage traditions and attire. However, some of the Mada do not wear any clothes and a few decorate their skin with tribal marks which result in scars.

Traditional Marriage In Mada Land

Mada bride

The different forms of marriage in the Mada society are betrothal by parents, elopement marriage, marriage by exchange, marriage by inheritance, and forced or captured marriage.

Mada society is patrilocal, which means that newlywed couples live together with the groom’s family. The Mada marriage ceremony involves the payment of a bride price by the prospective groom to the girl’s family. This price can be money, wine, or animals. In a case where he cannot pay, he has to perform a bride service. Here, the groom has to do agricultural work for the girl’s family.

Another form of marriage by the mada people where no bride price is needed is seen when two families exchange girls for their sons in marriage. Polygamy (having multiple wives) is common among the Mada. However, the first wife is regarded as the “chief” wife and has authority over the other wives.

Eggon Traditional Marriage Attire + Mada Bride Outfits

Marriage in Mada Society

The Eggon People of Nassarawa State and the Significance of the Heart

Eggon Traditional Marriage Introduction Feast

The Eggon People
The Eggon tribe of Nasarawa State

Eggon Traditional Marriage ceremony

Man in a traditional ceremonial costume of the Eggon culture

Mada Eggon bride, Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

Eggon Bride

Eggon Traditional Wedding Introduction & Negotiations
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Wedding Wear in Nasarawa-Eggon
Eggon Traditional Marriage attire
Eggon Traditional wedding attire
Eggon Traditional Marriage Attire: Stylish Alago and Mada Brides
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