50+ Stunning Tiv Traditional Marriage Attire

The traditional looks of the Tiv nation are not just spectacular but also stylish in many forms. The black and white stripes of the Tiv wrapper are a perfect definition of a classic in culture. The Tiv traditional marriage attire is normally made from the tribe’s native wear known as “A’nger”. In marriage, both the males and females can rock this Tiv attire. You can style the fabric into casual outfits that best suit your taste and personality.

Tiv is an ethnic group in Nigeria largely based in Benue and Plateau State. Their regions extend to Taraba and Nassarawa states. Are you a Tiv bride or groom looking for fashion inspirations for your traditional wedding attire? Then get ready, these styles are blazing hot right now and would definitely get you the looks you deserve on your big day.

Traditional Marriage In Tiv Nation

Tiv traditional marriage attire

Before Nigeria became westernised, the Tiv people engaged in exchange marriage. Here, two men from separate families would exchange their sisters in marriage to each other. The children birthed from this marriage now become double cousins. There is usually a middleman or representative that hands the bride and mediates the exchange between both families.

Tiv traditional attire

Forms Of Marriage Among The Tiv People

Tiv traditional marriage dressing


This is the original marriage form practised by the ancestral fathers of Tiv land. Here, two families exchange their daughters or two sisters are exchanged as wives to the men.

Traditional marriage attire for Tiv couples


Courtship or dating in Tiv land is known as Iye. A man finds a woman that he is in love with and courts her in the normal way. He can visit her home and present gifts to her family if they accept such. The man may pay the woman’s bride price and they get married afterwards or in some rare cases, the woman may elope with her lover.

Tiv traditional marriage decoration


Marriage by bride price. In this form of Tiv traditional marriage, the man and woman to be wedded would court each other for some time (Iye), after which the family of the man goes to see the woman’s family. It is here that the bride price is paid, plus, other gifts and items are presented to the family of the woman.

Tiv traditional marriage system


Marriage by capture. In some remote parts of Tiv land, the man or his family snatches a girl and keeps her as their wife.

Black and white Tiv Traditional fabric for brides


Church marriage in the Tiv nation is done after Kemen (Traditional Marriage)

Tiv traditional marriage dressing

Tiv Traditional Marriage Attires

The Tivs’ traditional attire known as A’nger or A’nger U Tiv translates to white and black stripes. Though changes can be made to the outfit to be worn for the traditional marriage, you would hardly find any couple in Tiv nation that did not put on an outfit with black and white patterns. Even if the wedding theme is not specified to be black and white, the bride and groom’s attire would feature these colours as they are the most important elements of the wedding.

Aside from the traditional outfit designs, there are varieties of accessories to complement the Tiv bride and groom looks. Traditional marriage in Tiv, Benue State is not only about the fabric, the occasion is made interesting with displays of the people’s culture and heritage.

Tiv traditional wedding attire

At the wedding ceremony, you would get to see people perform different styles of the Tiv traditional dance. Plus, you’re likely to be served the cultural foods of the Tiv nation. Where this is not possible, you would at least partake in the Tiv traditional cake coated in white and black icing.

Tiv traditional marriage cake
Tiv traditional wedding cakes

Traditional Tiv Dressing For The Groom

The male attire of a couple in Tiv traditional wedding can be a print agbada made from A’nger with a traditional cap. Though option in Tiv weddings, the groom can hold a staff as a symbol of authority, masculinity, and as head of his new household.

Tiv traditional wedding pictures
Tiv traditional outfit for wedding ceremonies

Tiv Traditional Wedding Ideas For The Bride

The female attire is a dress made into Komole from Aso-oke which has the regular black and white stripes of A’nger. The Komole is paired with a shawl – Ipele, that is left to fall downwards from her shoulder. As an alternative to the Komole, the Tiv bride can wear a white or black blouse, the wrap an A’nger around her waist.

A headgear was known as ‘Gele’ or a simple hair scarf is worn to cover the hair. To spice up the accessories, the bride may draw heena styles on her hand and legs for more stylistic appeal.

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