50 Efik Traditional Wedding Attires

The Efik traditional attire is so distinct from that of other Nigerian cultures. It’s quite easier to mistake an Igbo bride for an Edo bride because of their outfits and beaded accessories are worn. But with Efik brides and even the groom, you’re sure to spot the tribe. Our main focus in this post is the Efik traditional wedding attire. If you have an Efik-themed wedding coming up or you know someone that does, get right in as we show you the regal styles flaunted by the Efik tribe.

Who Are The Efik People

Before going fully to show you the bridal outfits, we tabled a couple of common questions usually asked when people are searching for the right picks of their Efik traditional attires. They come in the following headings.

Calabar Bride In black Onyonyo Mermaid Styled Traditional Dress, Staff and Hair Comb

Are Ibibio And Efik The Same?

The difference between Efik and Ibibio is found majorly in their language. The proper Efik language has more literary standards and is thought in Nigerian schools. But, the proper or central Ibibio language is the major dialect cluster of the Cross River and has more native speakers than the Efik language has.

Where Are The Efik Found?

The Efik are primarily located in southern Nigeria and western Cameroon. Within Nigeria, Efik is the dominant ethnic group in the present-day Cross River State and Akwa Ibom State. The Efik speak the Efik language

Traditional Efik Attires

Efik Bride In Gold Off Shoulder Onyonyo Dress, Wig Combs, Jewelry and Decorated Staff

How Does An Akwa Ibom Bride Dress?

Quite often, the Akwa Ibom Traditional Wedding Attire for the bride is a blouse and double wrapper, with headgear tied in different forms.

How Do Akwa Ibom Men Dress?

The traditional attire of Akwa Ibom men features a top hat or beaded native cap, and a long piece of cloth called Okpomkpomon tied around the neck which drops down to the lower trunk. Some men may decide to wear bowler hats or other colourful indigenous to other tribes.

What Do Calabar People Wear?

A typical Calabar man would wear black European bowler hats paired with traditional garments and matching footwear usually to keep it comfortable and elegant.

Efik Traditional Wedding Attires

Beautiful red Efik Traditional Onyonyo Wedding Dress

What Is The Traditional Attire For Efik Women Called?

There are two main native wedding wears common to the Efik women. These are Ofod Ukod Anwang and Onyonyo.

Ofong Ukod Anwang is a colourful two-piece attire consisting of a large skirt that drops down from the waist down to the knee and a blouse that covers only the bust. The stomach and shoulder area are then covered with beaded body adornment as seen in the picture below.

Efik Bride In Gold and tiger print Onyonyo Dress, Decorated Hair, Coral Beads and Staff
Ofong Ukod Anwang for Efik brides

The other Efik traditional attire for women is the “Onyonyo”. A Victorian-style dress or ball gown made from lace fabric and worn majorly by brides at their traditional marriage ceremonies. The picture is shown below.

Efik Bride In Beautiful Traditional Onyonyo Dress and Decorated Staff
Onyonyo of the Efik tribe

Efik brides also wear hand and leg gears known as Ekpa Ku Kwa and hold a well-decorated staff. Their necks are adorned with coral beads while their hair is plaited up in an “Etinghe” style and designed with over-the-top hairpins.

Efik Traditional Attire For The Groom

Where are the Efik found?

The Efik Traditional wedding attire for the groom is a white chieftaincy shirt known as Usobo by the Efik people. The main idea of this chieftaincy shirt is that it’s long and loose enough to cover the upper trunk. Also that it is decorated with ornaments or embroidery.

In addition to the Usobo, Efik men wear beaded jackets, beaded shoes and top hats. Around their neck, they hang a long piece of cloth known as “Okpomkpomon” to elevate the looks of their cultural ensemble.

More Pictures Of Efik Traditional Wedding Attires

Calabar Bride In Red Onyonyo Dress With Coral Beads and Decorated Hair
Efik Onyonyo Dress With Traditional Wig and Combs
Beautiful Purple Satin and White Efik Traditional Onyonyo Dress With Wig and Combs
Efik Bride In pink Onyonyo Traditional Wedding Attire
Calabar Bride In Onyonyo Traditional Wedding Attire
Beautiful Red and Gold Efik Bridal Dress and Hair
Efik Bride In Gold Traditional Onyonyo Dress and Wig
Efik Bride In Beautiful Red Peplum Onyonyo Dress With Comb Wig and Staff
South South Bride In Efik Traditional Wedding Attire
Bride In Efik Onyonyo Traditional Wedding Attire
Beautiful Blue Efik Onyonyo Dress With White Beads and Hair Combs
Calabar Bride In Red Lace Efik Onyonyo Traditional Dress, Bridal Wig and Staff
Calabar Bride In Efik Onyonyo Dress With Wig and Combs
Beautiful Calabar Bride In Red Efik Onyonyo Dress, Wig Comb and Matching Staff
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