40 Nigerian Blouse And Wrapper Styles

Blouses and wrappers are an integral part of Nigeria’s culture. Despite the diverse ethnic groups in the country, these clothing styles are common. Blouse and wrapper styles are among the ways that Nigerians express their vibrant cultures and traditional clothing styles. The blouses may be plain or in the same material as the wrapper. While the wrappers are crafted creatively to serve as a representation of the Nigerian people.

Why Nigerian Women Tie Wrappers

40 Nigerian Blouse And Wrapper Styles

Cultural Significance: 

For a long time, Nigerians have always been known to tie wrappers as a way of marking their cultures. The way the Igbos, Hausa, and Yorubas of Nigeria differ from each other. The Igbos wear mainly george wrappers and blouse, the Yorubas are known for their iro and buba, while the Hausas wear a kaftan and wrapper. All these styles are unique in their own ways and are aesthetically pleasing. Each outfit also carries deep cultural symbols and tells a story of ancestral traditions and values.

Fabrics and Materials:

The fabric worn by each ethnic group is also a marker of their diversity. Traditional Nigerian fabrics, such as Ankara, Aso-Oke, Adire, and George, are often worn as wrappers for each culture. Ankara, is very popular, versatile, and affordable, hence, not characteristic of any culture. Aso-Oke is a handwoven fabric and is particularly reserved for special occasions and celebrations. These fabrics enhance the looks of the wearers while celebrating Nigeria’s textile heritage.

Design Variations:

The varying designs on each wrappers allows for individual creativity and personal expression. The blouses are commonly tailored into different sleeve lengths, necklines, and embellishments. There are puffy sleeves and off-shoulder styles, round necks and V-necks, and lots of other endless designs.

Embellishments and Accessories:

Nigerian blouse styles and wrappers come with intricate embellishments which further enhance their beauty. These embellishments can be embroidery, beading, sequins, or lacework. To accessorize your outfits, you can wear headscarves, gele (a traditional Nigerian head wrap), necklaces, and bangles to complement and complete the look.

Ways to Tie Wrappers with Your Blouses

There are many ways to tie your wrappers stylishly, but the blouse and wrapper outfits in Nigeria have taken much dominance that they are considered the only way to do so. In this post, we pictured 40+ fascinating images of fashionistas donning their blouse styles for wrapper effortlessly.

From lace fabrics and George styles to Ankara and Aso-oke patterns, you’re sure to find options for all body forms that you would love in this post. Stay with us!

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Lovely Blouse & Wrapper Styles

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