Latest Ankara And Jeans Combo Styles

Jeans are very common casual staples but with a touch of Ankara, you have a unique style statement. These Ankara and jeans combo styles are some of the fascinating designs currently making waves on the Gram right now.

Are you a fashion designer or a tailor looking for Ankara jean combo styles to take inspiration from to recreate a fabulous masterpiece? Or you’re a fashion enthusiast with an interest in African print fabrics, especially Ankara, and would like to add a new style to your collection.

You would definitely want to style these gorgeous looks as you scroll through. Let’s get in!

Ankara And Jeans Combo Styles

Jeans with a touch of Ankara are one of the easiest ways to get away with wearing jeans all through the week without looking like it. These combo when done correctly can take you anywhere you want, from home to work, church and even weddings. The appropriateness of your outfit at any setting largely depends on the dress’ styles and features. Here are some of the Ankara and denim combination that can fuel your fashion fire:

1. Signature Ankara and Jeans Shirt Dresses:

The Most Recent Trends In Ankara Jean Combo Styles For Ladies
Short Jeans with Ankara Pocket Design For Ladies
Best Ankara tops on jeans
Ankara patches Short Gown Styles
Short Shirt Jeans Gown With Ankara Designs for Ladies

A long sleeved jeans and Ankara combo looks pretty good for work and church, considering its elegant and modest details. you can wear it with heels or flat shoes to adapt them to these settings. And if you like to get in on all the comfort you can reach, try out some lace-up sneakers and you’re in for a treat.

A short dress made with a combination of jeans and
Ankara Style, Stylish Jeans and Combination of jean and ankara
Gorgeous Ankara Mixed with Jean Styles for Ladies
Ankara and jeans trouser combination styles
Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles

When you want to seal an eye-catching effect, a shirt dress in jeans with a touch of Ankara can be quite functional. If you’re not a fan of long sleeves or if it would be too hot at the setting you’re heading for, you can switch the long sleeves for shorter sleeves that match your vibe.

2. Ankara Sleeves & Jeans Dress:

Ankara Jean Dress Styles For Babes
Plain jean Gown Styles

Do you ever get tired of wearing the same ol’ straight sleeves, here’s an easy way to try something new without much effort. You can combine your jean dress with Ankara bell sleeves to make a solid fashion statement on the go. You can choose to glam it up with a few accessories, or wear it that way in casual settings.

3. Ankara Scraps with Denim Dress:

Latest Ankara and jean combination
Office Jean Gown with Ankara Design
Ankara patches Gown Styles
Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles

Got a few strips of Ankara fabric left from your last styling? That surplus fabric and remnants can be put to good use when you think of creating an Ankara and denim combination. Regardless of how few the remnant fabric is, you can still create something that can take your dress from a 2 to a 100.

Awesome Ankara and Jeans Combination to Enhance Your Style
Short Jean Gown with Ankara Touch at the Sleeves

You can add the fabric scraps around the sleeve hemline of your dress or use it to pattern the sleeves instead. You can also use it as a borderline for the hemline of your dress, especially if the jeans dress is too short.

Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles For Ladies Who Wants To Stand Out
Trending Ankara and Jeans Combination Fashion Styles
Plain Gown with Ankara patches
Official Long Jean Gown with Ankara Touch

Alternatively, you can style the scraps on the dress to create lovely patterns. If your fabric scraps are so little, you can add the patterns as strips of clothing over your dress. But if you have an ample amount of fabric scraps left, you can cut out lovely designs from your Ankara fabric and layer it over your denim dress.

latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles
dark denim delicately decorated with several eye-catching ankara details like pocket
Overflowing Ankara Gown with Jean
Ankara Styles: Latest Ankara Jeans Combo For You
Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles

Other ways you can add strips of fabric onto your Ankara and jeans combo is by styling the fabric to serve as your dress’ pockets, as a suspender for your long sleeves, as a headwrap, along the neckline of your dress, or even as a stylish figure-defining belt.

Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles
Trending Ankara Mixed with Jean Styles for Girls
Ankara and Jeans
ankara top with jean skirts
Ankara Jean Combo Styles
Latest Ankara and Jeans Combination Styles for Guys
Latest Ankara and Jean Combination Styles for Boys

Your kids too deserve to look good in their Ankara and jeans combination. It’s not all the time that they should stick to wearing their favorite pair of denim or party wears, you can create a stunning switch with an outfit that combines Ankara with denim. And no, it’s not for the girls only, you can style the perfect ones for your boys as well.

Latest jeans and ankara combination
ankara with jean
Jean Gown With Ankara Patches
Jeans dress styles

Whether it’s a shirt and trouser style, shirt and shorts combo, a blouse and skirt, a romper style outfit, or a casual dress, ensure that the outfit matches your child’s size and complements their figure without looking too big or feeling too tight.

4. Full Ankara and Jeans Combination:

Awesome Ankara and Jeans Combination to Enhance Your Style
Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles
Jean Gown With Ankara Patches
Ankara and Denim

When you want to go all in to combine Ankara and jeans, you will need more than just Ankara fabric scraps. Creating full ruffle sleeves in the cold shoulder style can take up more than a yard of fabric, depending on the volume you want on your dress. The neckline and side strips won’t take up much fabric, yet they are a great addition to perfecting your denim dress.

Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles
Trending Ankara Mixed with Jean Styles for Ladies
Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles
Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles

5. Ankara Top and Trouser Combo:

Latest Ankara tops on jeans
best denim and Ankara designs
Stylish Ankara and Jean Top and Trouser

Crop tops, peplum tops, and Ankara shirts, are the trendy top styles that you can fashion into the Ankara and jeans combination. They are easy to wear and suitable for casual and corporate settings. A crop top may not be ideal for work, but you can certainly wear a peplum top with Ankara trousers to work and some semi-formal events like weddings and parties.

Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles
Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles
Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles
Ankara on Jean Trouser combo

6. Ankara and Jeans for Family Photos:

Jeans gown
Trending Ankara with Jeans Fashion Styles for Couples
ankara and Jeans Combo Styles
Trending Ankara Mixed with Jean Styles for Ladies
Styles for jean material
Latest Ankara Jean Combo Styles

Getting prepped to make memories with your friends and loved ones? Your Ankara and denim wear can come in handy. Considering the minimal effort required in their styling, they can make your photoshoot less tasking to create. And even if the plan wasn’t a photoshoot, you can always pop in front of the camera to create a snapshot in your jeans and Ankara dress.


Ankara and jeans can be lovely outfits to wear either separately or when they are styled together. With the perfect style that matches your personality, you are sure to steal some glances with your fascinating dress.

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