Fugu Styles For Ladies

Fugu Styles For Ladies are the traditional wear of northern Ghana women. Fugu or smock is commonly confused with Batakari, but they are not the same.

The culture of the people of Northern Ghana extensively includes their traditional wear (which is the fugu; their local dishes and food; and other forms of entertainment such as their dance and music.

Many Ghanaians still regard the batakari as the fugu or smock, but in 2015, a national “Batakari Day” was announced and launched at a ceremony at the offices of the World Bank Accra, Ghana.

Even to date, some people still do not know that the traditional wear of the people of northern Ghana is not the batakari but the fugu. Some Ghanaians also confuse fugu with kente.

These confusions are quite understandable because the smock fabric can be used to style a batakari and the Kente fabric looks similar to the Fugu.

Is Fugu or Smock The Same As Kente Fabric?

Kente is a very expensive fabric in the Ghanaian market and is worn majorly to ceremonial events. It is more expensive than most fabrics because they are handmade and uniquely patterned.

Though the prints and patterns of the original Kente can be replicated on cotton, satin, and silk, among other fabrics, the main Kente fabric still holds its original value and essence to the Ghana people.

Most of the replicas of Kente fabric are made by Chinese companies to improve the vast spread of the material. However, the Kente fabric used by big high fashion brands on their several international runway events is the original and unadulterated Kente fabric.

Are Fugu Materials the Same As Batakari?

Batakari is a flowy sleeve shirt made from smock fabric. The clothing style is often styled with embroidery at the neck part and the waist may be gathered to give a nice fitting to it.

The main design of the Smock fabric is woven in long strips and then hand-sewn together. There are various colors that these fabrics may come in but not many colours per cloth.

So now we’ve cleared that the Fugu is not the same as Kente or batakari, let’s see some pictures of the Fugu Styles For Ladies that we’ve been talking about.

Fugu Styles For Ladies: Pictures

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