Women Power Suit Fashion Guide

Women Power suits are dress forms that conveys an air of confidence to the wearer. It is not like the regular pantsuit that you can wear to any place and in any vibe you feel like tapping into.

If you’re looking for a clothing that gives power to a woman, then you can go for the women’s power suit styles. The outfit is patterned like the conventional suit with an elegant jacket, a pristine blouse underneath and matching pants.

The difference between the power suit and the regular suit is that the power suits are more like an armor and the style began in the 80’s as a fashion movement.

Since its origin, women’s power suits have taken different forms and modifications that you cannot entirely spot a current power suit that still upholds the originality of the movement’s attire.

Initially, women’s power suits were fashioned with shoulder pads and suit skirts, such that it reflected the power & confidence of a business woman at her workplace.

Women Power suit were regarded as a need in fashion in the 20th century because the period was more like a Male Predominant Era, and women wanted to share in the same authority, power, and importance as the male folks through their formal wears.

In other to stand out, they began dressing like men to demonstrate the Sense of Power & Pride in Womanhood, thus the women’s power suits.

Women Power Suit Fashion Guide

For the love of good looks, we prepared this women power suit fashion guide to assist with your styling, hence giving your outfit the full power it deserves. Below are some of the tips for wearing the perfect women power suit.

1. Selecting the Right Bottoms

To enhance your professional look, stick to structured wool trousers or chinos in a matching Jacket color. Keep in mind to choose a trouser type that compliments your body shape. However, you can wear any trousers style you feel like, be it high waist or low waist.

Skirts you can wear with your power suits should be appropriate for the work environment. It should have the modest length of the skirt, not too long or too short.

The skirt should not restrict your movements especially when walking, climbing stairs, or sitting in meetings. A-line or pleated skirts are best worn in professional environments.

As long as you feel comfortable in your bottoms, especially if you have to wear them for long business meetings, go for it.

2. Playing with Layers

The layers you can put on your suit depends on the style of the power suit and the occasion for which you are dressing for.

A collared shirt under a formal blazer or jacket works well for business meetings. You can try out long sleeve shirts made from pure cotton or chiffon to amp your professional look.

Sheer tops and blouses also look good with the suits at casual events and meetings, but not at formal gatherings.

A cropped top with an oversized style power suit are perfect pairs and something you will want to rock. Layering a lacy bra top or a turtleneck sleeved blouse looks good on anyone.

You can mix and match designs such as a blend of contrasting trousers and jackets to give you a unique look. Pairing bright colors increases the accent of the movement you’re wearing and can instantly elevate your fashion statement.

This variety form of patterning also keeps you at the top of your fashion game from among your peers.

3. Choosing the Right Shoes

To ace your looks in a power suit; make sure you conquer the event or meeting with the perfect pair of shoes. Heels give girls the right amount of power they need to keep the glances on them.

To wear your power suit in a bossy and stylish statement, go for pointed-toe pump heels . Too much height do not always look good on women’s power suits. A decent 4-inch heel looks both comfortable and professional at a work environment.

If heels do not always feel comfortable for you, opt for lace-up classic brogues, classic flat shoes or simple canvas shoes. They will give you the comfy element you need for your suit at the workplace.

4. Accessorising the Fit

You can choose to let your suit shine or modify the look with an elegant piece of jewelry. Depending on the event you would be attending, you can go from minimalistic jewelries to large and bold ones.

For business events and formal occasions, dangling earrings and a shiny necklace looks good. You can skip accessorising with rings and save up your finger for your wedding ring.

If the tone is business casual, then a minimalistic look will work best with 1 or 2 rings in hand. The necklace and earrings should not be too flashy.

Even if its a casual setting, a classic yet minimal pair of earrings will look great with your power suit instead of the large and bold shiny ones. You may wear an elegant necklace or chain to pair with it.

Again, a classy but not-too flashy bag would compliment your power suit look at any event. Instead of the oversized hand bags and slouchy backpacks, go for a small sized bag or a well structured medium size bag to take up your essentials.

A belt bag across your waist is more polished in act than in thought. Rock this style when yph want to explore the casual side of the power suit or when you want to embrace the style fully.

5. Dressing Your Suit Down

We know that women’s power suit stands for gender equality, but even at that, you still want to ass a feminine touch to your look. Accessories come in handy to complement your outfit and improve your appearance. While doing that, keep in mind that subtle is sleek and doing too much will leave you looking like a clown.

You can wear your power suits from the office to a night out when you dress it down. There are many different approaches you can take to styling your power suit, and dressing it down is certainly one that will stick. When wearing a power suit casually, you can pair the fit with a plain tee and sneakers.

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