Fascinating Types Of Men’s Fashion Styles

There have been lots of evolutions in the fashion trends for men, from the classics and retros between the 1800s and 1980s down to the modern street styles and formal ensembles.

From these different types of men’s fashion styles, we have the classics including stilyagi, western style, and beatnik outfits, retros including goth, punk, and hippie; along with other trendy fashion picks and even the aesthetic print styles from the coasts of Africa.

62 Types Of Men’s Fashion Styles

As you read through, you would get to draw inspiration from both the oldies and modern fashion styles. Some of them include:

A. Men’s Classics

Cool and crisp well-fitted clothes are the symbolism of men’s classic fashion wears. Most of the staples are fashioned to blend with the skin tone and with great attention to detail.

Shorts won’t find their way into the wardrobe of a man who wants to dress classy. The trouser length is always on point while the shirts and jacket buttons are worn correctly.

1. Stilyagi

Stiyalgi - Men's Fashion classic

Stilyagi is a bold statement fashion apparel that took form from Western and American fashion styles in the fifties. Typically, the ensemble features gaudy shirts, ties, tight pantsuits, shoes made with rubber soles, high hairstyles, and penciled mustaches

2. Western Style

Men's Fashion styles

To Wear a Western-style fit for men, you have to keep it simple while incorporating hats, boots, bandanas, and long-sleeved shirts into the overall look. Pearl snap fasteners and elastic waistbands are western fashion accessories that encapsulate the appeal for men.

3. Cowboy Fashion Styles For Men

Cowboy fashion style

Cowboy fashion is essentially western-style in a wanton type. A blend of felt fedora or cowboy hats, Western design shirts, cowboy boots, blue jeans fastened with leather belts and ornate buckle is all you need to include the Western culture fashion in your styling

4. Beatnik Men’s Fashion Styles

Beatnik fashion

Beatnik style for men includes straight wide-legged cigarette pants, turtle neck sweaters, berets, and horn-rimmed glasses. As the men wore their beards in goatee styles, the women wore tight slacks and black leopard prints that allowed them to express their sexual freedom.

5. Old School Classic Fashion Styles For Men

Old school fashion wear

Loose-fitting shirts with upstanding collars and flared trousers were timeless fashion classics of the 1800s. Towards the 1960s and 1970s, jeans and velvet vests became widespread and hippie aesthetics began seeping in. In modern-day fashion, the old-school classic piece has gotten more casual with vintage inspos.

6. Military Fashion

Military Fashion

Camo is not the only military style for men. Other fashion pieces that started in the military include the trench coat, aviators, crew-neck t-shirt, bomber jacket, chinos, pilot’s watch, white shirt, and desert boots.

B. Men’s Beach Bum

With summer around the corner, you’ll need cool clothes in breathable options such as cotton and linen. Shorts, short-sleeve shirts, and apparel that trap lesser odor than synthetics and also don’t get ruined when sprayed with saltwater are the choicest picks.

1. Boardshorts


Board shorts are men’s swimwear made in cool color-blocked styles. You can wear them casually and as swimwear since they are made with materials that dry quickly like string polyester or nylon.

2. Button Down Shirts – Hawaiian Shirt

Button Down Shirts For The Beach

For cool island vibes when on vacation, you can wear the pale-colored Hawaiian shirt. There are also wild and crazy styles for people on vacation, mellow guys, and druggies.

3. Short Shorts

Short Shorts

Men’s shorts are getting shorter plus the short shorts have gained their place in the trends. In the 1930s, men’s short shorts were referred to as hotpants. Occasionally, cargo shorts look sleek and modern when paired with simple tees and statement sneakers

4. Light Pants and Swim Shirt

Light Pants and Swim Shirt

This is a more beach-appropriate staple for when you wouldn’t be swimming. The sleeves help to protect your skin from skin cancer and tan.

5. T-Shirt And Swim Shorts

T-Shirt And Swim Shorts

Hiking, swimming, and having fun on the beach would be more fun in simple tees and swim shorts.

C. Athleisure For Men

1. Trainers

Trainers - Mens fashion trends

You don’t need to live in the south to sport some Nike kicks. Some of the trendiest trainers right now are Nike x Jacquemus Air Humara LX, Adidas x Craig Green Squash Polta Akh trainers, and Nike Tuned 1 Essential Brixton trainers.

2. Skater Style

Skater Style

The fun part about the skater-style fashion for men is that there is so much versatility to the casual looks that can be styled. Most commonly, skaters wear baggy clothes, cargo shorts with large pockets, oversized t-shirts, skate shoes, and basically grunge outfits and teen fashion clothes.

3. Surfer


Surf style men’s ideas are basic fashion wears such as flannel shirts, shorts, tees, and cool comfortable solid outfits.

4. Country Club Men’s Fashion Styles

Country club for men

Country club outfits for men can be button-down shirts or polo shirts with collars. The shirts are neatly tucked into the pants to give a neat and non-sloppy appearance, plus, they can be long or short-sleeved. Vests, windbreakers, and sweaters can be layered over the shirts in colder climes.

5. Chav

Chav fashion style for men

Chav fashion is athleisure wear used as a derogatory term for low-class clothing. The style is available in options from Burberry, Victoria Beckham, Adidas pants, and Nike Air Max Tn.

6. Biker

Biker fashion wear for men

The bad boy look can never look badder without leather jackets and dark sunnies. The one featured in the picture above is a biker-style fashion for athleisure. The more refined version of the biker style fashion for men would be a denim biker jacket with large flaps that run across the chest and a minimum of three zipper pockets in front.

D. Retro Fashion Styles For Men

retro fashion for men would include odd combinations of black ties, shoes, socks, hats, and neckwear in bold colors and patterns. The shirts are loose with one or two chests and are always tucked in with high-waist pants and a simple leather belt or suspenders.

1. Emo Fashion Picks

Emo fashion style

Emo guys wear dark and tight-fitting outfits such as black jeans and tees with an emo band logo on them. The Emo subculture can be easily spotted in guys wearing large studded belts, fingerless gloves, horn-rimmed glasses, wristbands, messenger bags, and striped socks.

2. Psychedelic Fashion Wear

Psychedelic fashion

Psychedelic clothing is all about the colors and strange patterns indicative of a person who has an addiction to taking psychedelic drugs.

3. Glamrock Outfit

Glamrock styles

Glam rock is a bohemian fashion style worm by nothing men and women who like rock and roll. The concept of glam rock fashion for men is for the guys to wear flamboyant clothing that used to be mainstream in the 70s, especially among musicians.

4. Vintage Styles

Vintage fashion for men

To Dress vintage style as a guy, you can make any of these fashion picks: peak lapel jackets for more formal occasions, retro shirts and modern leather jackets with wide pants, bowling shirts, and faded blue jeans, bomber jackets as casual wear for cold weathers, or a reverse collar shirt with trousers in warm climes.

5. Hippie Fashion Style for Men

Hippie fashion

Hippie clothing is often loose attires made with cotton and hemp fibers. Male hippies wear robes and skirts specially designed for males. They grew their hair long and left out the fussy styling.

6. Gothic Clothes

Goth fashion for men

Gothic fashion style for men features dark, antiquated features that are often homogeneous and genderless. The dress style is popular among members of the Goth subculture and is marked by dyed black hair, dark-colored clothing, radical hairstyles, and dark lipstick.

Cybergoths wear majorly leather or fabric vests, having taken inspiration from the early Batcave/post-punk days. The fishnet tops that accompany the style were inspired by Romantic Poets or vampires.

7. Punk Styles For Men

Punk Styles For Men

A male punk typically wears denim or leather jackets over a simple T-shirt. The bottoms are commonly black jeans fastened with bullet belts and silver stud belts.

While the shoes can be converse, Doc martens, or military-style shoes. The overall clothing, hairstyles, body modifications, cosmetics, and jewelry, of men that identify as punk guys are all signatories of the punk counterculture.

8. Bohemian Fashion Outfits For Men

Bohemian Fashion Outfits For Men

To pull off the bohemian style as a man, ditch skinny jeans and tailored outfits, then go for baggy cuffed trousers, loose shorts, and trousers. If you mist wears jeans, they have to be loose and relaxed. For the tops, opt for a loose button-up shirt with intricate patterns and florals. The buttons don’t reach up all the way and can be layered with outerwear like unbuttoned vests, jackets, and cardigans. Loafers and slip-ons are regular footwear, paired with scarves, bracelets, and neck beads.

9. Rave Style

Rave Style

For a rave or techno party, you can wear Kandi and comfy shoes, then accessorize with rave glasses, bandana, face masks, and fanny packs. Looser-fitting T-shirt or tank tops in neon colors made of breathable fabric would also do.

E. Music Genre Fashion Styles For Men

1. Rocker Style

Rocker Style

A rocker man can wear black jeans or flared pants or bikers, a grey or white shirt, and a black leather jacket. The rocker clothing style was inspired by a rock n’ roll attitude

2. Indie Fashion

Indie fashion styles

To dress like an indie guy, you would have to first grow your beard out, then wear a shirt and jeans or knit sweater and pants. Step into converse shoes to delve into the fashion wells of the 1980s musicians

3. Heavy Metal Style

Heavy metal fashion styles

Metal men like other music genres are unique with a typical metalhead outfit that includes black band tees, tight black pants, denim, and sneakers. Accessories like jewelry, hats, and belts are totally welcome to the look.

4. Hip Hop Fashion Inspo For Men

Hip Hop fashion

Everything about hip-hop fashion is entertainment from the iconic timberland boots and oversized white t-shirts to the obscure Kangol caps. Kanye West, Travis Scott, Pharrell, Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, Future, The Weeknd, and Stormzy are notably the best dressed in hip-hop fashion according to fashionbeans.

5. Disco Clothes

Disco fashion

The 70s fashion for men includes the 70s Disco Fashion Disco Funk, Disco 70s, and Moda Disco Style. Men’s disco outfit spans from ’70s casual to flashy clubwear and most disco dancing dudes will go for more retro designs such as bell-bottom pants, disco shirts, and big waist belts.

F. Men’s Street Wear Fashion

1. Minimalistic

Minimalistic fashion for men

The Minimalist type of men’s fashion styles involve reducing the colors used in an outfit to such fashion that the clothing takes a fashion-forward and dramatic look.

2. Scrumbro


Scumbro fashion style involves wearing expensive, designer clothing in a sloppy and unfashionable way such that a poorly put together effect is created.

3. Normcore


Normcore is a fashion style that became popular in 2014. Normcore wearers choose clothes that are functional but do not distinguish them from others by what they wear.

4. Basic Bro Style

Basic Bro Style

Basic bro as a fashion style involves items such as cotton tail shirts that drape over athleisure shorts with built-in underwear.

5. Rugged Fashion Wear

Rugged Fashion Wear

Rugged Style Ideas for Men are timeless and gritty pieces that don’t make an extra effort to look stylish and edgy. These would include accessories, boots, canvas jackets, lumberjacks, and anything denim or leather in a plaid style.

6. Regular Street Style

Regular street style

You can look your best in street-cool fashion styles for men with a vintage sweatshirt and classic sneakers

G. Aesthetic Styles

1. Soft Boy

Soft Boy

The soft boy aesthetic style of men’s fashion is geared more towards displaying the more sensitive side of a man in clothing like oversized vintage long sleeves, sweaters, striped shirts, vintage windbreakers, bowling shirts, denim jackets, and regular pants.

2. Artsy


Artsy is a fashion style for men with common traits of masculine aesthetics with an emphasis on male-oriented activities like sports, technology, and rough outdoor work.

3. Nautical Fashion

Nautical Fashion

Nautical styles are fashion clothing worn on a boat. The style involves lightweight shirts, stylish pants or shorts, and a pair of dope shades.

4. Hipster Men’s Fashion Styles


Men’s hipster clothes include skinny or slim-cut jeans, washed chinos, graphic tees, flannel shirts, cardigans, hoodies, denim shirts, or thick-knit sweaters. The pants are worn cuffed to show off socks and ankles.

5. Eboy

Eboy fashion

Dressing like an Eboy or electronic boy would mean wearing outfits accessorized with chain belts, beanies, jewelry, chunky rings, and pierced ears. The boy aesthetic is influenced by modern internet-driven pop culture, emo scene cultures, 90s skateboarding, goth, and punk.

H. Casual Fashion Styles For Men

.1. Business Casual

Business casual men's fashion styles

Business casual pants for men are casual jeans pants, chinos, tailored wool trousers, cotton dress pants, suit pants, linen trousers, and dark wash jeans.

2. Ivy League Fashion For Men

Ivy league

The complete Ivy league essentials: Tops – Button-down shirts or plaid shirts, tweed or herringbone sport coats, camel hair polo coats, cardigans, crew neck or v-neck sweaters. Bottoms – corduroys, Khaki or earth-toned chinos, and wool trousers.

3. Preppy Men’s Fashion Style

Preppy style fashion for men

Preppy clothes for men are Oxford shirts, navy blazers, rugby Jersey, cable sweaters, and chinos.

4. European Clothing Fashion Styles For Men

European clothing for men

European trends in men’s fashion are known for their versatility. You can dress the look down with teed and trainers or suit up the look for a formal ensemble.

5. Dark Academia Fashion Style For Men

Dark Academia

To dress in a dark academia style, you need to pay attention to ensure color coordination between the scarf and sweater vest.

6. Geek Fashion for Men

Geek fashion for men

Geek style is all about looking fresher, dapper as f*ck, and profresh. To recreate the look, you can start with adding nerdy details to your outfit, then make a few tweaks with accessories to switch things up.

7. Smart Casual Fashion Styles For Men

Smart Casual

Formal smart casual is easy to style and way powerful with a jacket, tweed or blazer, collar shirt, flannels, needlecord trousers, or chinos for the britches.

8. Mod Fashion for Men

Mod fashion

Mod fashion is more than Italian scooters and parkas. It extends to include Harringtons types, button-down Oxford shirt, Clarks desert boots, and indigo selvedge denim jeans.

I. Suit Style Fashion For Men

1. Official Attire For Men

Official Attire For Men

To style the formal dress code for men, you would have to wear tuxedos, dress shirts, and dress shoes. Oxford shoes and a bow tie make good compliments for the look while ensuring that the overall framework looks polished.

2. Black Tie Dress Code

Black Tie Dress Code

Black tie attire is a dress code made up of a dinner jacket, matching trousers, a pleated white shirt, a bow tie, and black formal shoes. You can also wear fishnet socks, a cummerbund, or a waistcoat.

3. White Tie Dress Code

White Tie Dress Code

White tie attire is more traditional than black tie. To style a successful white tie dress code, you would need a jacket or tailcoat that reaches behind the knees with matching dress pants, a pre-tied bowtie, and a shirt without studs or cufflinks.

4. Business Formal Clothing for Men

Business Formal Clothing for Men

Business formal attire for a man refers to a dark-colored suit which can be gray, blue, or any other dark hue, and a tie lacking bright colors or complex designs.

5. Cocktail Attire

Cocktail Attire

Men’s cocktail attire is made up of single-breasted jackets or double-breasted suit jackets. A three-piece suit with a waistcoat is also acceptable but looks more formal and might appear stuffy.

6. Professional Suit Style Fashion For Men

Professional Suit Style Fashion For Men

Professional business suit ideas for men include Terno Casual, Celebridades Fashion, Fitted Suit, and Slim Fit Suits all in one pattern- a suit, shirt, tie, and dress shoes.

7. Semi Formal Dress Code

Semi Formal Dress Code

Regardless of your age group, you can totally style a semi-formal dress code for occasions that are a bit below the formal edge.

8. Wedding Guest Outfit For Men

Wedding Guest Outfit For Men

To look great at any wedding occasion, opt for smart blazers, trousers, bow ties, and wedding shoes.

J. African Fashion Wears

African male native wears add glamour and glitz to a Fashion ensemble with aesthetic prints and patterns. Here are some trendy fashion fits typical of an African man’s wardrobe.

1. Mesh Attire For Men

Mesh Attire For Men

2. Kaftan Fashion for Men

Kaftan Styles for Men
Kaftan for Men

3. Plain Material Fashion Styles for Men

Plain Material Styles for Men

4. Senator Fashion For Men

Senator Styels for men

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