Fashion Belts For Women: 10 Cute Options

Are belts still fashionable? Well, I’m glad you asked. I’d say it’s fashionable only if you make it fashionable. Meanwhile, belts never go out of fashion so I think you might want to rephrase that, “how can you make fashion belts for women even more fashionable?”

Belts are staple accessory pieces that allow for easy transition and total variance. They last for years when properly cared for but if not, may break and become worn out. Fashion belts are used to give proportion to your outfit while making the perfect fashion statement.

You might be tempted to ask, “What are statement belts and how do you style them?” As we advance in this article, we’d get right to it. Also, you’d find out the best fashion belts for women to shop for and how to wear belts with your fave outfits.

Types Of Fashion Belts for Women

The different types of fashion belts to shop this year include:

1. Wrap Belts

fashion belts

Wrap belts are worn on a dress or skirt and blouse and allow one to embrace their femininity while looking girly girl.

2. Western Style Rhinestone Belts

types of fashion belts

If you are more into the classics and steampunk styles, you would love rhinestone belts. These are statement belts that come off as edgy and usually tend toward large buckle belts.

3. Canvas Belt

Fashion belts for women

You can wear a canvas belt with suspenders or braces. Once the colours and patterns match, you’re good to go.

4. Braided Leather Belts

fashion belts

You can pair a simple black dress with a vibrant and bold brown leather belt. This would take your style from ordinary and boring to alive and instant fun.

5. Branded Belts

how to wear belts

You can show your love for labels without being loud or ostentatious.

6. Statement Belts Buckle

types of fashion belts

Belts with multiple buckles or chunky buckles give your outfit a super chic look.

7. Thin Belts

how to wear belts

The women’s fashion belt that a wardrobe must-have can be worn when the code is elegant and poised.

8. High Waist Belts or Large belts

Fashion belts for women

You can style closely all your dresses with this fashion belt

9. Chain Belts for Women

Fashion belts for women

The recently trendy fashion belt for ladies cannot be left out of this list.

10. Belts Bags

how to wear belts

Belt bags can be worn as fashion belts for women and is a definitive wardrobe staple for when you need to carry some essentials without taking a purse.

Different Outfits for Wearing Fashion Belts

There are varieties of ideas when it comes to wearing belts very comfortably, to say the least, and when you know how to wear them right, you might as well wear them everywhere every day.

Any woman who doesn’t wear fashion belts chooses so based on personal choice and not because of the trends. Over here we have how to style fashion belts:

1. Pants or Trousers

To make your belt stand out when wearing pants, you should pick a belt colour that is easily visible so that it highlights your waistline and accentuate your hip curves. A crop top with a slim belt on high-waisted denim is sure to make you look a few inches taller.

2. Bodycon Dresses, Bandage Dresses, or Figure-hugging Dresses

When under a dress, an hourglass shape can be attained with a bold belt against the thin belt. The only downside here is that bold belts make one look shorter. Thin belts on the other hand do the opposite, it lengthens the body frame but does not make the body shapes look pronounced.

3. Flared Gowns or Triangle Skirts

types of fashion belts

Wrap-style belts are very fancy belts for dresses. They can help with wind control for your dress when it’s airy outside but you want to wear something similar to the wind.

To keep your underwear private when in public, a fancy wrap belt would be a great idea. Whether it’s a maxi dress, midi-length dress, or mini dress, you can always pair up a belt with it.

4. Jumpsuits

Fashion belts for women

You can wear fancy belts with jumpsuits paired with strappy heels and a clutch for a dinner. You can substitute your clutch with a shoulder bag or handbag for more formal events.

Where Can I Buy Fashion Belts For Women

There are lots of places where you can shop for fashion belts on a budget including Amazon, Shein, Vogue, Elle, and NastyGal.

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