Prices of Men’s Suit in Nigeria(Collection & Cost)

A saying goes thus – looking good is a good business, we have to agree with that and this is why we have the Prices of Men’s Suit in Nigeria listed in this article, with some carefully selected collections with their prices for you to make a nice selection from. Remember, the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed!

The western outfit seems to outrank other types of wear in the world although every tradition with its attires is unique and must be respected. The suit is one of the most preferred wears globally, especially for office, and quality events like marriage, dating, dinners, professional meetings, and many more.

In the religious line, most religious leaders also make use of suits like the pastors and some other clerics from the major religions of the world. Likewise the political leaders wear the safari suit styles to most of their appointments.

you would also find the trendy fashion suits making its ways to the wardrobes of some of our favorite celebrities. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is one of our favorite fashion icons when it comes to wearing suits

A lot of attention is placed on suits as it is suitable for almost every occasion and looks simple and at the same time, attractive bringing out more beauty you never knew is embedded in you, you sure want to look corporate.

Now you will agree with me that suit is a must-have in our various wardrobes most especially for Nigerian men it makes you stand out and at the same time creates a good impression of yourself also giving people who see you a positive impression about your dress sense.

How much are men’s suits sold in Nigeria? You must be thinking about the price maybe that is why you are yet to get yourself one, having one shouldn’t cost much even with the top quality fabrics being used, you can get yourself a fitting suit that looks like your second skin. If your choice is actually a suit made with the best materials at a pocket-friendly price then you are in the right place. Continue reading this article to know more about suits and also make the best choice.

Prices of Men’s Suit in Nigeria [Around 30K]

The price of men’s suits in Nigeria ranges from 18,000 Naira to around 50,000 Naira to be on the medium, though you get more costly suits in Nigeria based on who you are buying from as we have ready-made suits in Nigeria likewise suits from dressmakers and the price varies. Although, with 18k you can get decent men’s suits in Nigeria be they already made or from dressmakers.

Below are the top quality and meticulously selected suits in Nigeria within the range of 30,000 Naira:

Round Collar Suits

For round collar suits in Nigeria, you can never get it wrong.

Price Of Men's Suits in Nigeria - Round Neck Collar Suit

This suit fits all-purpose events like formal and semi-formal outings be it office, church or other religious gatherings, dating, dinner, and so on, it is usually a suit made with a round collar and no lapel that is where it got its name from. It has more than three buttons from the neck down to the bottom.

This kind of suit has the record of calling people’s attention towards you, don’t be surprised if all necks start turning when you are on this outfit, the negative side of it is that you hardly find suck suit readymade from boutiques or other fashion display shops. Your best bet is to get a professional fashion designer to craft this out for you.

Tuxedo Suits

Tuxedo Suits in Nigeria is a very attractive suit to behold, it looks classic and shinny, if you are a Lagos-based you must have come across the Tuxedo suit in Lagos and even in top cities like Abuja, Port Harcourt, and the rest.

Tuxedo suits in lagos

Its popularity is growing day by day and it is now one of the best choices for Nigerian men who love suits. This is a befitting suit for events like weddings, dinners, and semi-formal events making you look smart and attractive, you can steal the show with this suit.

Tuxedo suits are mainly made in the color blue, black, and off-white with satin or grosgrain facings on its lapels also has just one button mostly.

Double-Breasted Suits

Double-Breasted Suits: Prices of Men’s Suit in Nigeria

What a beautiful suit! This is a very different suit design with double buttons symmetrically attached to the suit on its front view. It is quite unique and somehow different from the regular suits.

Its front flaps overlapped and are always buttoned up and this means a suit of this design cant to be worn to the office or places where you may need to pull off the suit or just to undo the buttons a little, you have to be picky about where to put on this kind of suit e.g. when there is a cool weather condition.

This suit can cost high for like ₦80,000 depending on where you are buying from and also how you got it maybe from a ready-made store or through dressmakers. You can also get it for as low as ₦22,000 – ₦30,000 with top quality so do not be bothered about those that have a cost higher than 30K.

Single-Breasted Suit

This is much more common than the double-breasted suit and also one of the most used men’s suits in Nigeria. In one sentence this is what is called the Nigerian conventional suit.

Single-Breasted Suit

The suite features a line of buttons usually around two or three and in some, you may find one button that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best suits in Nigeria.

This suit goes well with any work environment and could be used for other formal events. Unlike the double-breasted suit, the single-breasted suit can easily be unbuttoned or partially unbuttoned probably by one button. This can cost you as low as ₦17,500 – ₦ 30,000.

Blazer Suits in Nigeria

Blazer Suit Nigeria

Blazer suit is a simple suit which you can get its ready-made version, you can also get one made for you by your designer of choice and the most interesting part is that Blazer goes with any form of trousers, you can rock your regular trousers or even jeans and you still steal the show.

They are a casual form of suits that can also be used in the office and in any other events be it formal or non-formal.

Blazers are made with fabrics of solid colors with metal buttons attached to them though they can come in any form of a button. For your blazers to last longer, we would advise that you wear them less frequently and dry clean them appropriately.


Now you have more than enough to choose from, it is usually cool to get a fashion designer to make your Nigerian Suit for you, with this you can see the quality of materials that will be used and also your measurement will be taken so that you don’t end up having beautiful suits that will only be there in your wardrobe as decoration.

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