How To Wear Midi Skirts: 20 Stylish Feminine Styles

Everyone wants to look as stylishly feminine and pretty as possible. This is why we wear skirts and dresses for fashion shows, barbeques, and meetings at work.

But just a few know how to wear midi skirts and make them your best outfit of the day. You need an outfit that makes you feel great and this is of course where the problem starts – how to wear a midi skirt with style?

Midi skirts have become much more than just a piece of clothing. It has become a huge trend in fashion and has made its mark as one of the most stylish outfits for women.

This versatile garment can be worn for parties, for the office or to go out in town. We have detailed some tips you should consider when wearing a midi skirt with style.

Whether you’re going to a concert or just hanging out at home, you would find the best tips on how to wear midi skirts like your favorite fashion icons.

How to Wear Midi Skirts Stylishly

How to wear midi skirts
how to wear a midi skirt

You’ve probably always wanted to wear a midi skirt and thought it was pretty complicated, uncomfortable, and expensive to do so. But you’re wrong. Midi skirts are versatile, easy to wear, and stylish. It’s also a comfortable way to wear skirts – especially if you have big hips. I hope this article helps you learn how to wear a midi skirt in style.

For the midi skirt and little black dress styles, a classic blazer style is perfect for adding some authority to your feminine attire. There are a number of midi skirt options that can flatter any figure type.

For petite figures, try a mini-length skirt with a peplum or bell-shaped bottom. The ruffled tiers add both flair and volume to your figure. If you’re looking for how to wear a midi skirt that gives you comfort, opt for an A-line dress instead.

This longer style skims the body slightly without emphasizing curves or bumps. For those with larger figures or fuller bottoms, midi skirts and shorts are perfect. We love skirts with frayed edges and thick strap belts; they will help balance out your curves.

Here’s how to wear these trendy and popular pieces of clothing:

1. High-waist midi length madras plaid skirt

how to wear a midi skirt
Plaid midi skirts

If you’re searching for a feminine style, then inspire yourself with this look.

2. Cheetah print skirt with Nirvana tees

how to wear a midi skirt
Animal print midi skirts

Midi skirts are the perfect way to achieve a chic yet trendy and fashionable look while staying in tune with your personal style.

3. Floral print midi skirt

how to wear a midi skirt
Brown printed midi skirts

4. Flower print midi skirt with lace top

how to wear a midi skirt
Thigh slit midi skirts

A midi skirt is a great option to consider on a hot sunny day. There are many ways to wear this style with different tops and bottoms. You can also style it up with heels or flats.

5. Flared midi skirt and sleeveless knit top

how to wear a midi skirt
Bold flory print midi skirts

Whether you opt for a bold colored midi skirt with a heeled boot or a more muted neutral tone to compliment your favorite sweater set, make sure you have at least one of these options in your closet for the season ahead. You’ll find that you reach for it time and time again.

6. Citrus print skirt

how to wear a midi skirt
Fruity pink midi skirts

7. Summer style cotton skirt

how to wear a midi skirt
Orange midi skirts

Midi skirts come in a variety of styles and lengths, so be brave and go bold.

8. Work wear styles of midi skirt

how to wear a midi skirt
Monochrome midi skirts

In the past women were only using them for casual use but now they are really picking up on style. You can never go wrong with a simple black, white, or burnt brown midi skirt.

9. Patchwork design midi skirt

how to wear a midi skirt
Blue midi skirts

10. Denim skirt style

how to wear a midi skirt
Jean midi skirts

Midskirts are a fantastic, modern option for autumn and winter. They’re feminine, they’re flattering, and they can be dressed up or down to fit just about any occasion.

11. Olive green turtleneck top on woolen skirt

How to wear midi skirts
Light midi skirt

12. Casual beach outfit: Thigh slit floral skirt

How to wear midi skirts
Dotted midi skirt

13. Puff-sleeve white blouse and pencil skirt

How to wear midi skirts
White and pink midi skirt

A belt can be helpful in creating an hourglass shape if you have an athletic build, but don’t wear one too high as that will stretch out your torso.

14. Embroidered blouse and white denim skirt

How to wear midi skirts
White midi skirt

15. Elastic waist midi length sabin skirt

How to wear midi skirts
Floral midi skirt

16. French-style midi skirt

How to wear midi skirts
Print midi skirt

The easiest way to wear a midi skirt is to pair it with another bottom in the form of jeans. If you’re going for a more dressed-up look or if your event is business-related, it’s best to pair a midi skirt with a blouse and/or jacket.

17. Plus size midi skirt

How to wear midi skirts
Black midi skirt

Being plus size is not an excuse for not knowing how to wear midi skirts stylishly.

18. Parisian style skirt and bralette

How to wear midi skirts
Pink midi skirt

19. Universal Standard python print skirt

How to wear midi skirts
Black and Yellow midi skirt

20. Vintage style linen skirt for a neutral summer

How to wear midi skirts
Cream-colored midi skirt

Conclusion: How to wear midi skirts

Whether you’re looking for a wardrobe alternative to your favourite pair of jeans or you want a new outfit idea in the warmer summer months, the midi skirt fits the bill. If you’re not sure how to wear it, don’t worry.

By incorporating this versatile piece into your wardrobe, the number one concern that should be addressed is finding one that suits your style and body type. This will save you time and clothes in the long run, while giving you various ways to wear your new favorite skirt.

Hope you found how to wear a midi skirt in style?

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