Markets Where You Can Buy Jeans Cheap in Lagos – [Best Picks]

If you are in need of quality jeans then we have listed the best markets where you can buy jeans cheap in Lagos. Èkó – Lagos State is the commercial city of Nigeria and it is also the most popular city in Nigeria and this comes with a lot of benefits.

In Lagos State, you have options, based on your personality or financial class you can make selections that fit you and your budget.

As the commercial district of West Africa, there are many job opportunities likewise there is competition in every sector as every business firm is looking out for the best way to service their customers so as to stay relevant in the industry.

Mind you, while some are trying to give the best to their potential buyers/customers some are there to reap you off by selling substandard goods at a cheaper rate with just a little difference from the amount you will get the quality ones. So in Lagos, you have to “Shine Ya Eyes.”

Markets Where You can Buy Jeans Cheap in Lagos - [Best Picks]

In Lagos you meet every tribe from every corner of Africa, this implies that you are likely to see different things that will open wide your imagination, the hustling spirit of Lagosians is compared to none.

Mind you, if you cannot make it in Lagos then making it somewhere else may be difficult or even impossible, that is why we have people buying and selling to make ends meet and here you have the opportunities mentioned earlier which make you choose based on budget.

Buying designer clothes is the new trend as Student comes from every part of the country even people from neighboring West African countries to buy their wears in Lagos – always a well-planned shopping.

Do you want to look flashy as a student? Do you want to look smart as an office worker? Do you love looking good? Then Lagos markets are the best place to get your wear, for the benefit of you that is looking for markets where you can buy Jeans cheap in Lagos we have meticulously make the top best selection of Lagos clothing markets for original wear in this article.

Mind you, the information that will be revealed in this article will not be so palatable with the so-called Slay Queens, Slay Mamas, Nigerian Big Boy, Abuja Big Boys, Port Harcourt Big Boys and even the Lagos Big Boys.

It is a secret they have been keeping away from you, after buying their designer Jeans and wears from the markets below then flaunting it on social media to make you feel bad, you too can put on the best designer jeans at a cheap price with the quality intact.

Let me also remind you that these markets fits into any category of wears you need be it corporate wears, corporate casuals (Jeans, t-shirts, beach wears e.t.c) that on a norm cost around 7,000 Naira to 10,000 Naira from boutiques, you won’t believe you can actually get them new for as low as 1,200 Naira to 2,000 Naira.

We have numerous clothing markets in Lagos State but for the sake of our readers who are interested in buying cheap Jeans in Lagos we have prepared and published this article.

Markets Where You can Buy Jeans Cheap in Lagos

Jean wears

Below is the list of markets where you can buy cheap Jeans in Lagos:

1. Balogun Market

Balogun market is one of the best markets to buy cheap jeans in Lagos, in short, this is the biggest cloth market in Lagos State. If you have saved enough money for clothing shopping then you do not want to get it wrong, your best bet is the popular Balogun market, you will find boyfriend jeans sold in large quantities at an affordable price.

2. Yaba Market

This is one of the best clothing locations in Lagos state and also the right place for Jeans shoppers. You get your new and quality jeans at an extremely cheap price. Mind you timing is essential in buying wears from Yaba market, you don’t just go there at any time you wish, the best time to get the cheapest and varieties of designs is when you visit Yaba market in the early hours of the morning and also late in the evening.

3. Oshodi Market

This is the most popular market in Nigeria, even in the far North they know about Oshodi and with the transformation done by the Lagos state government has placed the market at the top.

Oshodi market is one of the biggest markets in Lagos and believe me it is one of the best places you can get quality wears. If you also want to buy quality OK wears popularly known as Okirika Jeans that you can pair with your ankara, then thus market should be among your top picks.

4. Suru-Alaba Market

Cheap jeans in Lagos

This is also one of the best places in Lagos to get cheap jeans, you can get yourself a piece with as low as #500, sounds unreal? I couldn’t believe this until I visited the market to confirm this. Jean wears are extremely cheap in Suru-Alaba and you too should go get some nice wears for yourself.

5. Katangua Market

This is a very popular market in Lagos Nigeria, a place strictly for wears, here you can buy original designer wears, Jeans, office wears, casual wears of any kind e.t.c.
On every Monday you get new arrivals which are known as Bails likewise on Wednesday and Fridays. The tip is if you really want to have the opportunity of getting the best is to go early.

Katangua market is also known as bend down select market, if you have a wait pain then you do not want to visit this market as nobody will put the clothes on a hanger for you, you have to bend down to select your choice. It is located at Super Bus Stop, Abule Egba.

6. Tejuosho Ultra-Modern Market

Cheap jeans

All thanks to the Lagos state government for the renovation of this market, the market has been in existence for a donkey of years and is one of the go-to place for those who want to buy clothes.

Here you have various sorts of jeans and even you will be confused on which one to pick. Tejuosho market is one of the best markets where you can buy original jeans at a cheaper price in Lagos.

7. Aswani Market

This is a perfect market for low-income earners and believe me after your first shopping in this market you will look like a high-income earner, this can also win you some income opportunities because looking good is a good business.

Aswani market is a popular market in Lagos state and has been in existence for years, here you will get various jeans, original wears and this is the cheapest market where clothes cost around #500. For authentic original wears Aswani is your best bet.


Markets Where You can Buy Jeans Cheap in Lagos

We all need to look good be it to work, school or even at home when doing nothing, it shouldn’t be that only a particular set of income class people should enjoy good wears, once you can make some savings for yourself then go get yourself the best treat in any of the markets listed above.

If you love this article kindly give it a share through the social media button, if you think we missed a market that ought to be on this list kindly make use of the comment section. Thanks.

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