Gucci Stores in Nigeria: Locations & Contact

Do you care to know the location and contacts of Gucci Stores in Nigeria? The need to diversify has been stated since fashion has become a must in Nigeria, particularly among this generation.

Gucci House has redefined luxury for the twenty-first century under the new vision of creative director Alessandro Michele, solidifying its place as one of the world’s most coveted fashion houses.

Gucci products are unparalleled for their quality and attention to detail. Gucci is redefining a fully modern approach to fashion through its influence, innovation, and advancement.

The Kering Group owns Gucci. Kering is a global luxury conglomerate that oversees the growth of a number of well-known Houses in the fields of fashion, leather goods, jewelry, and watches.

Gucci is an Italian company, but because Nigerians are so enamored with their items, they decided to branch out and distribute to our country as well. Gucci is one of the world’s most prestigious designer labels. And if you’ve ever seen the double G on a piece of clothing, an accessory, or a fragrance, you’ve probably seen something from this well-known Italian luxury house.

Seeing the double G doesn’t necessarily mean it is a Gucci product as the brand is well known every other fashion designers are copying the brand logo so as to sell their own stuff too, to avoid getting a fake Gucci in Nigeria we have taken our time to list out all Gucci Stores in Nigeria.

The brand is one of the most well-known fashion brands in the world, and in this piece, we’d be discussing the stores in Nigeria where the finest Gucci products can be bought.

Gucci Stores in Nigeria


This is a leading online store in Nigeria for various products. Jumia is reputable internet store where you may purchase a variety of Gucci items. The majority of these Gucci goods, however, are perfumes. There isn’t a single other Gucci product on any of these two platforms. Some of the common Gucci perfumes usually found on these platforms are: Oud intense perfume, For Woman Edp, For you and so on.


Being one of the most popular online stores in Nigeria, Konga deals with a variety of Gucci products. However, much like Jumia, Konga basically sells Gucci perfumes too. These perfumes are however costly with prices ranging from twenty-five thousand naira upwards.


This is also a well-known internet retailer in Lagos that is frequented by the majority of Nigerians. More Gucci goods are available here than on Jumia and Konga. On the Obeezi portal, one may find Gucci-designed sneakers and shoes. On this platform, you may also find clothing apparels. Some of the Gucci products found on this platform are: Gucci men’s tracksuit, Gucci’s Unisex socks, Gucci supreme high-top sneakers beige and so on.

Ajebo Market

This is another reputable online site where you may purchase Gucci apparel, shoes, and wristwatches. Some of the Gucci products on sale on this platform include: Gucci tracksuits, Gucci leather belts, Gucci sneakers high and low, Gucci polos, Gucci bracelets and so on.


Jiji is merely a marketplace for Gucci product resellers. Gucci is not a partner of this platform. This platform is used by a variety of sellers to promote their products. This isn’t to argue that the items they sell aren’t replicas. When dealing with such well-known Gucci merchandise dealers, one can only be cautious because as well as we have original products, we also have fake ones too.


OLX is an online marketplace where people from all over the world, not just Nigeria, may advertise their things for sale. Gucci products are accessible for resale on this platform.

Some Other Gucci Stores

  • Gucci Store at Inoyo Havens Estate, Ajah – Lagos State. Phone No: +234213323336
  • Gucci Store at Eti-Osa, No 19, Admiralty Way, Eti-Osa Lagos State, Nigeria. Phone No: +23491537430
  • Gucci Store at Ikeja, Oregun Ikeja Lagos Perfume House. Phone No: +23438992069.


This piece has discussed the major Gucci-selling platforms in Nigeria as well as the popular platforms where these products are available for sale. It has also been pointed out that these Gucci products available for resale may be fake. One method to avoid buying fake products is to keep an eye on their prices.

Most Gucci products are expensive, so if you find someone trying to sell one for a significantly lesser price, you might be buying a fake. However, some of these resellers have grown astute, and will sometimes sell counterfeit goods at the same price as the genuine article, so you must be cautious while using these sites. Always endeavor to double-check the authenticity of these items because some of these sellers sell counterfeit Gucci items.

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