Top 30 Online Fashion Stores in Nigeria

Online fashion stores in Nigeria are now rampant due to the introduction of eCommerce websites. These fashion stores offer cheap and affordable clothes and as such, you might not want to shop in-house after trying their services. Shopping online helps you to avoid long queues and waiting for making a perfect fit of your clothes. 

Shopping online is now the best place to get your clothes and Nigerians have been utilizing this opportunity. Although not all of these online fashion stores offer quality fashion products or accessories. For the sake of this publication, we’re explaining the top online fashion stores in Nigeria. 

These online stores have all it takes in providing everything you either a designer outfit or casual wear. They have them in varieties of designs. 

Top Online Fashion Stores in Nigeria

This list contains the top Online Fashion Stores in Nigeria that has all the clothes needed for every gender. 

The 5K Shop

The 5k shop is an online store that sells female clothes. Their products range from female clothes, dresses, shoes, accessories, Ankara, and varieties of tops. Their services are online and also they have a physical store that caters to female outfits in Lagos and Abuja. 

As the name implies, everything that’s sold in this store is starting from 5k upwards. You are entitled to a good-looking outfit for just a minimum amount of ₦5,000. 


Payporte is an online fashion store that caters to women’s clothes and attire. Their products are both online and in-store. They are very much affordable because they believe in making sure every lady is seen. Their products are aimed at making women presentable to the outside world.

They sell jeans, suits, sleeves, dresses, skirts, and many other products. They give you their product for a very affordable price you might not get elsewhere. This store isn’t just present in Nigeria. They cut across the UK, USA, and China. 


Konga is a store that has varieties of products for you. You can get men’s clothing, women’s clothing and also children’s clothing. For ladies, they offer products like Kimonos, playsuits, lingerie, accessories, sleepwear, Islamic clothes, blazers, and many more products that suit the womenfolk. 

For the menfolk, Konga offers products like trousers, suits, nightwear, jeans, undergarments, socks, and many more products.


This store is the best plug for accessories, jewelry, and purses. The amazing thing about this fashion store is that they accept payment at the delivery points so you don’t have any reason to be a victim of fraud. Their fashion products are of high quality at low prices. 

You get everything you seek on their website. The beautiful thing about the website is that it offers a simple and convenient shopping experience. 


Jumia is the best online shopping store across the country. This website is popular because they offer clothes and accessories at the best available prices.

You find varieties of fashion products on their website as well as a clothing fabric. You are entitled to a wide variety of fabrics; it all depends on which one you think shuts you best. 

They sell different brands like Zara, H&M, and other brands you can think of. They also allow you to shop from a local retailer at a very affordable price. 


Bentigos is a big online retailer that sells apparel and accessories in different ranges to millions of Nigerians. The company has a warehouse on Plot A12 on the Gbagada-Oshodi Expressway. Their men’s products are watches, sunglasses, belts, wallets, etc. Their women’s clothing is skirts, dresses, tops, hoodies, jeans, etc.

Instyle Fashionistas

This website sells British fashion products or goods. They create a platform to ensure that purchasing is easier for their buyers or prospects. Their collection includes male and female clothes as well as accessories. 

The beautiful thing about the website is that every month you get to see new products that’ll catch your fancy. They have children’s clothes and as such, it’s the best place to shop for your family’s clothes. 


This website is the best online store to buy cheap and affordable clothing. They have the latest products like she’s, bags, clothes and accessories that suit your pocket and class. They also have a wide array of clothing that fits your budget. 

Miskay Boutique

Miskay Boutique is a fashion store that has women’s outfits. On their website, you ha e variety of styles to choose from. They are based in Lagos, Portharcourt, and Abuja. 

This website also has a 5k outlet in which everything is sold there isn’t more than ₦5,000. 

David Weg

David Weg is a top store that sells male-oriented fashion products. They are known for producing, marketing, and distributing men’s apparel or accessories. 

They sell cufflinks, ties, hats, wallets, collar pins, men’s suits, designer shoes, dresses, etc. 

You can get any product that is meant for men on this website. 

Ajebo Market

Ajebo Market is a marketplace for products like T-shirts, jeans, polo, vest, jersey, and many other products. Their products are mainly for male folks. Any product you purchase from them is of high quality and affordable. 

They have a wide collection of shoe designs and brands that’ll catch your fancy. Feel free to contact Ajebo Market because they have all you want. 


Xtamaliy is a fashion store that sells women’s products or accessories like jumpsuits, dresses, tops, and jackets. They have varieties of collections for women and their clothes are the best for women of style. 

Russul’s Boutique

This Boutique is best for men’s dresses, shirts, trousers, shoes, watches, and other numerous products. This website provides coupons for discounts on their website. 

For every Textile they sell, they provide a size chart or exact size description. 


BobosClothing is a store that offers the best when it comes to suits. The store is fantastic for providing men’s clothing. They sell shoes, leather, blazers, wedding ties, casuals, jeans, etc. 

Their fabrics are of high quality and they produce the best designer suits. You can reach their website at 


This is an online fashion store that sells kids-oriented products. They are situated in Lagos state and they have a wide collection of kiddies’ clothes.

They Sell boy’s and girls’ clothes, toys, shoes, backpacks, learning tools, lunch boxes, etc. They sell products for kids from 12 months to 15 years. 

On their website, you can search for different products and brands. Their prices are cheap and reasonable.


DafunShop is an online retailer that sells children’s toys, games, books, apparel, and educational materials. They have a retail and wholesale package for people who want to buy in bulk from them and resell. 

Their products are cheap and they sell varieties too. 

Ruff n Tumble Kids

This online shopping store is known for designing, producing, and selling children’s clothes. Their products are of high quality and they meet international standards. They sell their products online and they also have an in-store location in Lagos state. 

They sell for boys, girls, and teenagers. They have a wide array of children’s clothing you can choose from and select from. 


Babybliss is another well known best Online Fashion Stores in Nigeria for selling children’s clothing. They sell clothes, baby diapers, baby gear, toys, etc. Their products can cater to a child from baby to adolescent years.


This fashion store is known for selling men’s and women’s clothing. Their products are of high quality and at affordable prices. 

They sell T-shirts, polos, bags, kaftans, corporate wear, agbada, and many more types of clothing you can think of.


LagMall is known for selling men’s, women, and children’s clothing at a very affordable price. They are popular and their services are much more affordable. 

You can always get a good deal on products from LagMall. 


BasMall sells a wide variety of products. Their products are of high quality and their prices are relatively cheap. You can choose your choice from the list of products available in this store. 


Newbee is one of the online shopping stores mainly for children’s needs. You can get baby needs for an affordable price and they’ll be deliveing to you in the comfort of your home. 

The good thing about this website is that you can pay for delivery so you have nothing to be afraid of. They are genuine for shopping children wears.


Garmsport is a fashion entity you can rely on for your clothes and accessories. They offer discounts for every cloth you buy from them.

If you’re buying for the very first time, you’re entitled to a 10% discount on any of their products. 


Kaiglo is a well-known online fashion store for men and women. You can shop for your clothes at the best prices and at an amazing deals.


TheShopVille offers children’s clothes, children’s accessories for babies, toddlers, kids, and mothers. You can get everything you want for yourself and your baby in one place. They sell brands like Huggies, Johnson and Johnson, Tommie Tippie, Madela, Fisher-price, etc.

They are reliable and their products are of high quality. 


Obeezi is one of the best Online Fashion Stores in Nigeria for mainly men’s clothing. They sell shoes, wristwatches, etc. You can make payments online or at the point of delivery. You enjoy 10% off when you make the online payment option.

If any product doesn’t meet what you saw, you’re free to return the product within 7days. 

Mobos Fashion

Mobos Fashion is one of the top Online Fashion Stores in Nigeria in which their clothing meets international standards. They sell blouses, skirts, jackets, tops, pants and many other accessories. 

They have their brand known as Victoria Robert; the brand is designed in Nigeria and produced abroad. Their products suit women of class. 


Dressrite is an online fashion store that allows you to shop without hassle. You can lick your orders or request your order to be delivered to you at your doorstep. The store is a division of Digisil Nigeria Limited.

You can install the mobile application on your phone and stay up to date with trendy clothes and clothing. 

MrP Nigeria

This store sells for virtually everyone. They sell both casual and formal clothing for both men and women. They also have a mobile app that makes you abreast of trends and their other products. 


This store is amongst the leading Online Fashion Stores in Nigeria to get children’s clothing and accessories. You can get high-quality and affordable children’s clothes, shoes, etc. 

They offer a size guide that the helps you pick the right products for your kids.


Having read the top best Online Fashion Stores in Nigeria, you can’t go wrong shopping f on any of them. These stores sell for men, women, and kiddies. You can either shop from. They are online or visit their in-store. 

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