Isi Agu Styles For Women

Are you still in that era where it was believed that isi agu should be a man’s wear? Whether you are or aren’t, these stunning isi agu styles for women would largely convince you of how ladies are donning them.

The lion head fabric or the isi agu fabric has great symbolism to the traditional Igbo man and while it hasn’t lost any element of its significance, women are now patterning the fabric to suit their taste.

It began with couples wearing isiagu attires for wedding ceremonies and now it has become an outfit worm for various occasions. It doesn’t even have to be an Igbo setting and most certainly, you mustn’t be Igbo to wear Isi Agu.

There aren’t fashion rules to styling Isi-agu for ladies and if there were, we are currently breaking those rules with the bold statement looks we’ve pictured in this post.

Ready to make a fashion statement with Isi-agu that goes overboard on dressy, alluring and elegant? Of course! You are sure to get inspired by one or more of these styles.

New To The Isi Agu Attires? No Worries!

Isiagu dress - traditional dress

Just in case you’re new to the Igbo outfits, here’s a brief description of what the isiagu attires indigenous to the Igbo people is about.

The Isiagu is the attire of the Igbo tribe in Africa. The fabric has a unique texture and design similar to the Dashiki material. The peculiar attribute of the isiagu attire is that it has a lion head design spread around it.

Isiagu is worn traditionally by Igbo men and royals who have been conferred with a chieftaincy title. Isi-agu means lion head when translated from the Igbo language. By virtue of the lion image, it shows the bravery and strength of the Igbo man.

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The unique fabric design has grown quite popular, stretching among and beyond the fashion scene in southeastern Nigeria. The original isi agu material which used to be a velvet fabric is now fashioned from cotton material.

Regardless of the material that the Isiagu fabric is fashioned from, men and women alike are rocking the outfits and because we can’t get our eyes off the glam, we’re getting it to you.

Here are some moments stylish and elegant women slayed and slicked to the uttermost extents in isi agu attires. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of mermaid dresses and ball gowns, you’d definitely find styles that suit your taste over here.

Isi Agu Styles For Women Look-Book

Isi Agu wedding dress

isiagu styles for women
isiagu styles for women

A pop of blue with a blend of isi agu makes a perfect piece of the Isiagu pie. Don’t have a wedding coming up? You can still rock this gorgeous ensemble with your baby girl. Though you should really see a Traditional weddings in Igbo land, its so colourful

Isiagu styles for baby girl
Latest Isiagu Designs
Isi Agu styles for ladies traditional marriage
Black Isiagu Material

Isiagu Fashion: Ladies Stun in Igbo Bridal Style Inspirations

Isi Agu attire for ladies - igbo traditional wedding
Isiagu material

When you don’t want to fit in to the lacey trends, go for a full isi agu dress that adorns your curves and points out the edges.

Isi Agu 4 Women - african fashion

There’s a thing about queens and ball gowns but over here, we don’t have a queen, we have the entire palace. This bridal look is just perfect for any Igbo traditional wedding attire. And of course with good taste comes a price

Black Isiagu
Isiagu wrapper and blouse

Wearing an isi agu dress is not enough, pair the attire with beads and traditional accessories to look lush and lux.

Isi agu Ankara Styles - White isiagu
Stunning Isi - Agu Styles For Women
isiagu styles for ladies

Latest Isi-Agu Styles for Men and Women

With your wedding day coming up and the anticipation for your big day gets your head blank, here is your style inspiration to get you in the liveliest spirits. Even if your wedding dress should cost you an arm and a leg, it should be the talk of the village and a beauty to behold so you can contain all the excitement taht will be coming your way.

 Latest Isi Agu Material Styles for Ladies, Men and for Traditional wedding
Isi-Agu for both men and women

Latest And Trendy Isi Agu Styles For Men, Women and Kids

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