Super Cool Ankara Smocked Dress Styles

The Ankara Smocked Dress Styles are trendy because of the way it snugs tightly on the body, creating a curvy figure. Another interesting part of the dress is that you can wear them with or without a bra without worrying if the neckline would slip down the bust.

Want to flaunt your jaw-dropping structure and alluring shapes? Go for the smocked dress

How To Make Ankara Smocked Dresses

Smocked dresses or even smocked tops can be made by gathering sections of Ankara fabric with a smocking thread and making parallel stitches on the cloth.

The smocking thread is elastic and is used with a regular cloth thread such that each thread faces one side of the fabric. As the smocking thread draws the material into gathers, the regular thread helps to restrain the stretch, thus creating a decorative pattern on the fabric.

Ankara Smocked Dress Styles: Pictures

Ankara Smocked Dress Styles
Ankara Smocked Dress Styles
Ankara Smocked Dresses
Smocked Dress in African Ankara Print
Smocked Ankara Dress
Ankara Smocked Dress Styles
Ankara Smocked Maxi Dress
Pretty striped sundress Simple yet lovely Square neck Smocked bodice

Beautiful Smocked Ankara Dress With Slit

Smocked Outfits
Ankara Smocked Dresses
 Ankara Off Shoulder Dress

Handless Ankara Print Smocked Dress
Halterneck Ankara smocked dress

Off-shoulder Ankara Print Smocked Dress
Ankara Smocked Dress Styles
Off Shoulder Ankara Print Smocked Dress
Spaghetti strap Ankara Print Smocked Dress
Ankara Wax PrintPink and blue Fit and flare Bodycon Elastic Smocked Dress
Ankara Smocked Dresses

African Ankara Style Print Cotton Women Long Smocked Maxi Dress
Ankara off shoulder Elastic gown.
Ankara Smocked Dress
Ankara Smocked Dress Styles
Ankara Smocked Dress
Ankara smocked skirt
 Dress in African Ankara Print
Ankara sleeveless bandeau maxi dress with elasticated top
Ankara Smocked Dress Styles
Ankara smocked styles

Ankara Smocked Dress with Flower

Ankara Smocked jumpsuit With Flared Sleeves

Ankara Smocked Dress With Flared Sleeves

Trending Ankara Smocked Dress Styles You Can Rock
Ankara Smocked Dresses
Latest Ankara Gown Styles
Girl Ankara Dress Designs
 dress mini dress for all women
Ankara Smocked Dress Styles
Smoking Gown for Ladies

Ankara Smocked Dress
Ankara smocked backless dress
Ankara blue smocked dress
Ankara Smocked Dress
 all smocked monostrap ankara dress

Ankara Off the shoulder Smocked Maxi Dress, African Print Dress
ankara smocked dress selection
Ankara Smocked Dress Styles
elastic bodycon ankara dress
smocked elastic ankara dress
short ankara dresses
smoky gown smokey ankara styles
pencil elastic ankara dress

High fashion has become representative of stability in unstable places; that allows you to have a voice in the world stage.

Hailey Gates
stylish ankara short dresses
smoking thread ankara styles

I look at culture, and I see what the kids around me are wearing, and I see a particular style. I understand the space between fashion and streetwear.

Virgil Abloh
teenage girl ankara styles
beautiful ankara long gown styles
smocked elastic bodycon ankara dress


Ankara smocked gowns are slowly becoming one of the faves in women’s fashion industry. They can be adapted to blend well with almost all body types. If you’re looking for an outfit that will complement your curves and silhouette, consider opting for a smocked dress. Whether in Ankara or any other fabric pieces, a smocked gown can be quite functional.

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