Latest Ankara Styles for Ladies With Big Tummy

Are you lookng for the Latest Ankara Styles for Ladies With Big Tummy? then you understand It is not just about getting the Ankara material or getting it made by a stylist, it is also very important to consider the body size of who is going to use the cloth. For slim people, the Ankara styles could be made nice and fitted to bring out the shape of the lady.

For the plus-sized people, one has to ensure the style to be made fits perfectly with the latest Ankara styles for ladies with a big tummy. It is not about the beauty of the style of the cloth, it is about how well it fits on the body of the wearer.

To make this easier, the list of beautiful Ankara styles for ladies with big tummies has been compiled here for you. For plus-sized ladies, it is advised to put on Ankara styles that would hide the big tummy or make them look good in the style. It is quite natural or normal (better said) for ladies to have a big tummy, which could be caused by a number of reasons with maternity inclusive. It could also be due to the eating habit of the lady in question. Big body size can also be a result of heredity, it could be passed from the parents down to the child.

To stop this plus-sized growth, a lot of ladies do things that could have a negative impact at the end of the day. Some use slim tea and other organic products to control their belly size, some get registered in a gym center. At the end of the day, all these things don’t work as expected due to a lack of consistency. If you are a plus-sized lady or a lady with a big tummy, the best thing to do is to relax and feel comfortable with your body type. It is not a death sentence nor is it a bad thing. 

You can put on dresses that would look perfect on you regardless of your body size or tummy size. You just have to know the right type of clothes to put on and how to wear these clothes to fit perfectly. Everyone deserves to look beautiful rocking a well-made Ankara dress. Do you have issues picking the right dress because of your tummy size? Then this is the right article for you to read. Below is a long list of styles for ladies with a big tummy.

Latest Ankara Styles for Ladies With Big Tummy

Wrap Dress

Due to the fact that this lovely style has a front closure made by wrapping one side across the other side, it has been said to be very good at hiding the big tummy and has been said to be a perfect fit for ladies with big tummy


Kimonos do very well in hiding the big tummy. They are known to usually be a perfect fit for ladies that fits into this category. Jackets also play very important roles as kimonos. They are also widely used during cold weather.

Flare Shirts

This also fits and goes well on ladies with a big tummy. This does not decide the shirts to be worn. Check out 20 Latest and Trending Ankara Flare Short Gowns

Ankara Long Dresses

You can wear long gowns to hide the big tummy also. It is better and more preferable to use loose-fitting dresses. One could also get an Ankara maxi gown as they are also a source of attraction. Check out the Trending Ankara Straight Long Gown Styles (40 Gorgeous Designs)

Shift Dress

These shift dresses are without an exactly defined waistline. They just look good on the body and they don’t even bring out any shape or figure this feature makes them very good and reliable for plus-size bodies and big tummies because it conceals the big tummy.

They are known and have been seen to be of a short length or a mid-thigh length. They are better used in leisure times or informal places.


A peplum is a free-flying design that can be made on a dress. A peplum can be attached to the dress; top or skirt. It is known to be an over-the-skirt dress that is attached to another dress to help minimize the waist and highlight the hip. It is also very good for hiding a big tummy and can be used on both formal and informal occasions.Check out the Latest Peplum Ankara Skirt And Blouse Styles.


This blouson could be in the form of a jumpsuit or a dress. They are usually a very good fit for ladies with a big tummy. It is a draped flowing silhouette like a blouse with a tucked waistline.

They help define the waistline and also give a slimming effect. They make one look slimmer than one actually really is. It is also known to be very good at hiding the big tummy.

Loose Tops

This is a perfect style for ladies with a big tummy. This is because it does not show any sign of a big tummy as the tops are free and do not even show the body shape. An attractive neckline or a drape could be added to these dresses to beautify them and make them look very nice.


There you have it, the Latest Ankara Styles for Ladies With Big Tummy. While you work out and diet to reduce your tummy size or lose weight generally, nothing stops you from still looking gorgeous in Ankara styles. This article we believe has introduced you to the Ankara Styles that will do just that. With change in trends, this post will be updates accordingly.

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