Latest Gele Styles For Ladies

Do you have a wedding event coming up that you must attend but you are having a bad hair day or want to switch things up with your head fashion? These awesome Gele styles for ladies are your definite pick. Don’t know how to wear one? We’ve got you covered. Our lookbook is a perfect definition of Gele inspiration redefined. Let’s ride in!

What Does Gele Symbolize?

The significance of a gele in traditional attires dates back to its historical origin. Years back in Africa, Gele headwraps were worn by women to show their marital status. If a woman patterns her gele to the right, it shows that she is married. But if done to the left, then it means she is single.

It was also used to show a person’s social status because Gele styles made with high fabric prints depicted a person of royal birth or from a rich family while another done with regular and inexpensive Fabric types showed that the lady may be from a poor or humble background.

Even as it is a symbol of cultural identity for our forefathers, it is now a mode of fashion that is trendy in and out of season. Gele styles are no longer worn by women to show class differences or societal status but to look stylish on different occasions.

Why You Need To Wear A Gele

African Gele Styles

Regardless of the layers of makeup, you put on, and the fit that was put in to perfect your outfit, your ensemble would not be complete if your head was left out of the preparations. When attending a traditional event whether as a wedding guest or officiating as an Aso Ebi, prepare your mind to style a Gele.

Yes, it’s not compulsory, but what better way to complete your boogie melanin-drip when your hairstyle or wig is up to fashion than accessorizing with a sleek Gele headwrap? I’m not thinking of any, You? I guessed so. Since we’re both going for the Gele fashion styles, let’s look at some adorable ways to slay in Gele.

Choosing The Best Gele Styles For You

Side-Twisted Fan Gele - Hot Gele Styles to Try on Your Next Asoebi

The commonest Gele style for ladies is the Pleated Gele Style. This involves tying the head wrap around the head and knotting the scarf to steady it on the head. Then making pleats progressively towards the top of the head in multiple layers.

When picking styles of headdresses that you like, also ensure that the pleats, knots and designs to be styled would fit the shape of your head and personality. Some like very large Gele while others prefer minimalistic patterns, whichever one you like, we’ve got styles for you to take inspiration from.

When you don’t want to wear a head wrap or hair scarf but also don’t want to leave your hair down, these latest Gele designs for ladies measure up as the choicest options. What more an autogele!

For autogele, you don’t have to spend hours standing in front of the mirror to make the perfect pleat. You only have to grab your head wrap, slide over your head, and then lock it into a knot behind or in front of your head to keep it from falling.

We know this sounds like the way you tie a hair scarf, but have you considered methods to switch up the heat of your hairscarves? To make it easier for you we also listed the names of these latest gele styles. Don’t take our word for it? Look at the styles yourself, we’re certain you’re going to love them

Types Of Gele Styles


Now you know why you need to start tying Gele headwraps, here are some awesome Gele styles that you should slay in for your next wedding event. You can rock these styles as a celebrant or a guest. These head tie styles are so trendy that you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on them. Let’s get right in!

Based On Fabric Type

  1. African Print Head Wrap
  2. Ankara Gele
  3. Aso-oke Gele Styles
  4. Bazin Gele
  5. Brocade Headtie
  6. Damasc Gele
  7. Jubilee Headwrap
  8. Sego Gele Design
  9. Silk Satin Head Wrap

Based on Pattern of Knots, Pleats, and Styling

  1. Avant-Garde Africa Headwrap
  2. Flowery Umbrella Design
  3. Infinity Pleats Gele Pattern
  4. Knotted Headtie
  5. Pleated Gele Style
  6. Pleats Overload For Gele
  7. Perfect Rose Style
  8. Rose Gele (Ascot Gele)
  9. Side Rose Gele Style
  10. Wide Flower Design
  11. Side Knot and Side Fan
  12. Side-Twisted Fan
  13. Center Fan Gele
  14. Triangle Gele
  15. Bow-tie Design Gele

Moving into further details, here is a lookbook of the latest gele styles that would take your classic head wraps to the next level.

Pictures Of The Latest Gele Styles for Ladies

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